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DIY Birthday Crown

We&#;re getting a birthday over here today! Well, two birthdays.

DIY Birthday Crown

Two babies + two first birthdays = two first birthday crowns. See how good at math I am?

First and foremost, these crowns are pretty jank. But I so don&#;t care. They&#;re janky cute. Cutesy jank.

Two jankies + two cutesies = six proseccos. See how good at math I am? Don&#;t answer that.

Since the day they were born (orrr, a few months ago), I knew I wanted to make simple felt crowns for their first birthday. It&#;s a mother&#;s dream. That and high waisted jeans, but that&#;s for another post. So, just in case you want to make one for your little gremlin, too, here&#;s how!

DIY Birthday Crown

Step one: royally piss off your child by wrapping a tape measure around her head. Truth be told, that&#;s a giggle, even though it looks like she&#;s about to tear into my jugular. While we&#;re at it, can we please just lick, I mean look at that belly?

DIY Birthday Crown

Step two: remember that it&#;s the dead of winter and ignore Bev&#;s incredibly pasty arms. Then measure three inches in height on a large strip of felt. (color of your choice! i chose cream and mustard. but we&#;ll get to the mustard part in a little bit. and no, it has nothing to do with diapers. what is wrong with you?)

DIY Birthday Crown

Both of their heads measured right around 18 inches, so I made a little chalk dot at the inch mark, to leave room for overlap, And hello, error. That&#;s step three, bee tee dub.

DIY Birthday Crown

Step four: cut your 3&#;inch strip!

DIY Birthday Crown

Step five: right in the middle of the fabric, make a dot every two inches, making the marks for the base of the crown peaks. Crown valleys? I don&#;t think that&#;s the way you say that. At all.

DIY Birthday Crown

Step six: keep remembering to look past the hideous ghostly hue of Bev&#;s hands, and cut your crown peaks. Zig zag. Zig zag. You get it.

DIY Birthday Crown

Step seven: if you can&#;t find the color of felt that you want, you paint! I wanted mustard for Will, and cream for Nat, so here I am painting Will&#;s crown. I just did one coat, and here in a bit you&#;ll definitely be able to tell. You can see right through it in parts. It&#;s a little gross. But see, a huge part of motherhood is forgiveness, right? Well, that and prosecco.

(that&#;s just your basic acrylic fabric paint rawt thar.)

DIY Birthday Crown

Step eight: after you wrap the crown around your baby&#;s head to make sure it has a good snug fit, lightly coat a couple of edge inches with fabric glue, and slap her together. (gently slap. actually don&#;t slap at all. just place. like, gently place.)

Also, I just painted one side, as you can see. <&#;- lazy pants. But feel free to get fancy and paint both sides if you want!

DIY Birthday Crown

After a couple of hours of drying, you&#;re ready to go into the world and be worn, little crowns!

DIY Birthday Crown

Okay, also, they totally cried when they ate the cake. I&#;m not sure if it was the huge blob that was overwhelming to them, or was it the sugar? I have no idea. They ate a few bites, and then waaaaaaah. We died laughing. And then refilled our prosecco, natch.

DIY Birthday Crown

Oh, my darling William. You and your mullet completely slay me.

DIY Birthday Crown

Oh, my sweet Natalie. Your mischievous sassy pants will forever keep me giggling. And slightly scared.

I actually have more thoughts and reflection (that word makes me sound serious) on motherhood that I&#;ll share later this week, and then I prooooomiiiiiise it&#;s back to food next week.

But for now? A few party outtakes.

Birthday gifts made with naturey things from my back yard

Gifties! Since it&#;s a winter party and we couldn&#;t be outdoors, I brought the outdoors in. Isn&#;t that so P. Allen Smith of me? We kept it simple with a toy each, and then something to share. A goat-skinned drum, a tiny purse made from a Mexican blanket, and a wooden stick with jingle bells on it. Happy pants everywhere.

First Birthday Collage

We had a couple of our best friends over, sipped prosecco (have I mentioned that yet?), snacked on crackers and cheese and baked mozzarella sticks. Then Aaron made these Chicken Parmesan French Breads for dinner! It was delicious, simple, way fun, and perfect.

Oh yeah, the cake. This was the cake recipe that I used. I will say, it overflowed a bit in the baking process, but we all know what kind of baker I am. Er, baker I&#;m not. Also, per reader suggestion, I used cleaned out tuna cans for the baby-size smash cakes. BUT, two of the cans were those newer kind where you pull the lid off, so they had a slight rim on the inside. That messed up one of my cakes. Babies don&#;t care though.

So that was it! Today&#;s their actual birthday, so I think we&#;ll eat leftover cake for breakfast, wear crowns, open birthday cards, watch Robin Hood times, and take kazillions of photos.

One year old, man. They did it. *I* did it. I wonder if I have any prosecco left?


Much to our amazement, the two newest members of the Project Nursery family will be turning one within the next few months—my son Everett&#;s birthday is first at the end of October, and Melisa&#;s sweet Emmy is next in December. So to distract us from the realization that our babies are soon to be, well, not babies anymore and to get us in party planning mood, we went searching the gallery for first birthday inspiration. And while the party details never disappoint, it was the adorable faces of the tiny guests of honor and their festive accessories that had us oohing and ahhing this time around. Here are some of the sweetest first birthday crowns and party hats we&#;ve ever seen.

Pink and Aqua First Birthday Crown - Project NurseryA Birdie First Birthday by parker
Birthday Crown from Mosey Handmade on Etsy

Gold Birthday Party Crown - Project NurseryAva&#;s Floral First Birthday by Lauren
Birthday Crown from Love Crush Bowtique on Etsy

Very Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday Party Hat - Project NurseryHarrison&#;s Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday by stephanieroy
DIY Party Hat

Aqua and Gold Party Crown - Project NurseryJune&#;s Winter Nutcracker 1st Birthday Party by julinamarie
Birthday Crown from Brooke Lynn Collections

Chevron First Birthday Party Hat - Project NurseryStrong Man Circus 1st Birthday Party by Lindsey
Party Hat from Sweet Delights on Etsy

Floral Felt First Birthday Crown - Project NurseryLowe&#;s Peach, Mint and Pink First Birthday by Ard
Birthday Crown from Pixie and Penelope on Etsy

First Birthday Party Hat with Pinwheel Topper - Project NurseryNautical 1st Birthday by paigesimple
DIY Party Hat

Aqua and Glitter First Birthday Party Hat - Project NurseryBetsy&#;s Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star First Birthday by jessicaboro
Party Hat from Kutie Bow-Tuties on Etsy

Gray Striped First Birthday Party Hat - Project NurseryRyan&#;s Winter Onederland First Birthday Party by Sarah Rogers Design, Inc.
Party Hat from Sunshine Daydream Creations on Etsy

Gold and Pink First Birthday Party Crown - Project NurseryA Little Sparkle First Birthday by shacosta
Birthday Crown from The Little Anchor Shop on Etsy

For more inspiration or to upload photos from your nursery, big kid or party project visit our Project Gallery!

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DIY Glitter First Birthday Crown

On the morning of Hailey's half birthday, I suddenly decided I needed to do an impromptu photoshoot. I had to post about her being 6 months old on social media, because I was pretty amazed at how fast the time had gone. And, since I had plans to do her half birthday party, I knew I wanted to make her a crown. Unfortunately, I didn't think to do it sooner, so I found myself on the morning of her half-birthday scrambling around the attic to find the supplies I needed. Luckily, it wasn't hard to do and I was able to make the template and the crown within just an hour! Imagine how quick it'll be for you since the template is already made. What can I say except “you're welcome"! (Anyone else get that Moana reference?)

The template contains all the numbers and two different sizes, so you can decide what’s best for your baby/toddler/child/yourself. It also contains directions and a bonus cake topper template! Oh, and it’s totally free. By making it yourself, you’ll save money. It's really easy and you can get everything you need on Amazon (lifesaver!) or save even more money with a trip to your local craft store.

*This post contains affiliate links


My sweet baby girl turned one this past weekend and so, of course, I had to make her a crown for her party! This darling crown can be made in any color of felt and the style is gender-neutral. Easily upload my custom designed .SVG file (for sale in our shop for only $!) into Cricut Design space to customize with your little’s name. Assembly is quick and easy so that you can whip this project out and get back to the rest of your major party planning!

Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!
Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!

Personalization Made Easy

If you’re on the fence about getting a Cricut, or you need a gentle nudge to make the decision to buy one – our projects are it! Seriously, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can make for your home and your family with the Cricut. From an adorable personalized crown like this to amazing felt flowers and everything in between. It will be your number one crafting tool throughout every season!

Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!
Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!


  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Cricut Rotary Wheel
  • Cricut Fabric Cutting Mat
  • Benzie Wool Felt (9″ x 4″ in three colors; Butter, Blush, Seafoam)
  • Iron-on Material (I used silver foil)
  • Cut Nylon Headband
  • Fabric Glue
  • Our exclusive Baby Crown .SVG cut file available in our shop for only $!
Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!

Create In Design Space

The first step is to login to Design Space and start designing your baby crown! Upload our exclusive Cricut cut file by using the “upload” button on the left tool bar. Locate the file on your computer and select to add it to your canvas. Ungroup the file to personalize by adding the colors of felt and iron-on you’ll be cutting.

To add the name cut-out: On the smallest grey layer, add text to fit and select both the grey shape layer and the added text. Then hit the “slice” tool and slice the text from the shape. You’ll then need to delete both the text and the cut out text layers creating a see-through effect on your canvas. This will allow the last felt color to show through the iron-on to reveal the babies name!

Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!

Let Your Cricut Work It’s Magic

Cut your three felt mats and one iron-on mat. Don’t forget for iron-on designs the backside of the iron-on should be face up and you’ll need to click the “mirror-image” button on the cut screen canvas before cutting, otherwise the name will be backward!

Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!

Weed The Designs

Weed, (aka. remove) all the excess iron-on material that isn’t a part of your design, basically just the letters and outer cut portion. Being careful to leave behind any inner letter pieces!

Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!

Adhere The Design

One of my favorite aspects of using the EasyPress 2 is that Cricut has already created a spreadsheet of heat times and heat temperatures for all fabrics and types of iron-on. So if you’re using foil iron-on on wool felt like we are here, there is an exact setting for that, which happens to be º for 30 seconds, with a cool peel. That’s what I mean by no guesswork. You don’t have to hope that your iron is hot enough or that you’ve held it on the fabric for long enough. Follow this link to find the interactive chart, then simply plug the correct temperature and time per your project into your Easy Press and press away!

Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!

Nylon Headband

The best thing to use as a headband in my book is a pair of nylons! For more info you can visit this post. Cut one nylon headband in half to prepare to glue it into the crown.

Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!

Glue In Layers

Using your favorite fabric glue (I tried hot glue first and it left the felt bumpy and stiff unfortunately) adhere all three layers together, with the headband inside. Gluing them together slightly cockeyed, like I show them laid out on the Design Space canvas and here on my desk, will allow the layers to wrap together and line up perfectly.

Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!

Glue Together

Carefully wrap the felt layers together while the inside glue is still wet, smoothing any interior bumps as you go. Add more glue and secure with binder clips or the like. It only took about 20 minutes to dry and I was able to get rid of the binder clip mark by hitting the crown with a hot blow dryer.

Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!
Make and personalize this felt crown for your babies birthday!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

She left the crown on just long enough for me to snap a few pictures of her in it and for everyone to sing Happy Birthday, which she was both intrigued and a bit freaked by the attention. She’s now reached the age where all headbands come right off… but it was fun while it lasted!

Cut out and make this custom felt baby crown using your Cricut Maker!

As with all our DIY tutorials, if you create one of our projects please send us a picture – We Love Seeing Your Creativity! If you use Instagram or Twitter please use the hashtag #SomethingTurquoiseDIY and it will show up on our Get Social page. Happy Crafting!

DIY Tutorial Credits

Photography + DIY Tutorial: Jen Causey of Something Turquoise // Blue Cricut Maker, Iron-on, EasyPress and Supplies: courtesy of Cricut // Benzie Felt in Butter, Blush, and Seafoam: Etsy // Aleene’s Fabric Fusion: Amazon // Nail Polish: OPI – Withstands the Test of Thyme

Shop The Supplies:

Find the supplies you’ll need for this project from our affiliate links below:


Diy first birthday crown

Do you know the real name of this. Tanya. - Tuneya.

DIY princess crown headband/ DIY birthday headband crown/ princess crown headband

Tight, - stretched out Sergey Valerievich. - Ah. to hell with him, I'll go and try.

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