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Meucci pool cues are built with one priority in mind: to give every player more power with less effort. Meucci cues are the most accurate tool ever built for the game of pool! With decades of cue making experience, Meucci Brand pool cues are unquestionably one of the best playing cues on the market today as well as having one of the most recognized brand names in the industry. Meucci cues... an industry leader for decades!


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Meucci Pool Cues

Meucci feature a proprietary shaft taper that delivers the least deflection and has never been effectively copied. Meucci cues constructed of the highest quality hard woods from their own saw mill. Most of the inlays on Meucci cues is still done by hand.

Pool cues from Meucci still feature spliced forearms, while many of his competitors now inlay their points with CNC machines. Wood is processed in his own sawmills and kilns which allows more control over quality. Meucci prefers to make lighter cues that are balanced further to the rear than most other cues, as he believes they play better.

Meucci Pool Cues

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Meucci Pool Cues

Meucci Queue M-1
Meucci Econo 1 Smoke
Meucci Econo 3 Black
Meucci Pool Cue ANW-1
Meucci Hi-Pro 3
Meucci JS-1 Jayson Shaw
Meucci ANW-2 mit Pro-Shaft 12,5mm
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Meucci Pool Cues

Meucci Pool Cues - The Originators of the Spliced Black Dot Shaft

Meucci pool cues are among the best known brands available today. Since the early days of the Meucci Originals, Bob Meucci has been revolutionizing the custom pool cue world with his now classic designs. Many of those designs, include the popular Gambler and Hall of Fame series, are still being made and improved with the modern cue making technologies.

Players that use Meucci cues are loyal and uncompromising when it come to the feel and performance of their equipment. Featuring the low deflection, Black Dot shaft on every model, Meucci's have a hit like no other professional quality pool cue on the market. Smooth and fluid with a unique joint and ferrule design allows for maximum performance with minimum effort.

Don't forget that every Meucci Cue qualifies for Free Ground Shipping in the lower 48 United States! PoolDawg is an Authorized Dealer for Meucci pool cues and billiards products.

  • Meucci MEP04 Pool Cue
  • Meucci MEJSS Extra Shaft
  • Meucci MEJS02 Jayson Shaw Pool Cue
  • Meucci MEJS02 Extra Shaft
  • Meucci MEEC07G Pool Cue
  • Meucci MEEC08B Pool Cue
  • Meucci BMC Casino 4 Pool Cue
  • Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro Shaft V2
  • Meucci Custom Casino 5 Pool Cue
  • Meucci MECAS07 Casino Pool Cue
  • Meucci MECAS08 Casino Pool Cue
  • Meucci MEJSS Jayson Shaw Pool Cue
  • Meucci MESPW Sneaky Pete with Lacquered Wrap
  • Meucci MEHOF06 Pool Cue
  • Meucci MERB05K Pool Cue

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