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Farmhouse bathroom faucets are available in multiple shades, sizes, and finishes. Depending on the type of decor you have in your home, it can impact the rustic bathroom sink faucet you purchase. We listed some of our favorite farmhouse bathroom sink faucets for sale below. There are different styles to choose from in a wide price range. Keep in mind, you want to find a faucet or multiple faucets that will fit your vanity and the sink in your bathroom.

Farmhouse Bathroom Faucets


KAIMA 8 Inch Bathroom Faucet Widespread 2 Handle 3 Holes Bathroom Sink Faucet Golden 0 300x360
KAIMA 8 Inch Bathroom Faucet Widespread 2 Handle 3 Holes Bathroom Sink Faucet Golden 0 300x360

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Rustic Laundry Sink and Faucet, Galvanized Steel, Outdoors or Indoors

Rustic galvanized steel laundry sink and faucet. This galvanized steel sink and faucet is perfect for any rustic kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, outdoors, a greenhouse, or workshop! Galvanized for durability and rust prevention, it is made to last and can be used indoors or outdoors! The faucet is 14"w and 21" high and has standard 0.5" plumbing hook ups that can be attached to existing plumbing. You have your choice of red and blue handles for hot and cold, blue, red, black or green. The sink is 22"w x 15" front to back, and 10" deep. The standard 2 3/4" drain comes with a strainer and 1.5" plumbing hook up or upgrade to a 4.5" drain with strainer for bigger jobs. Ships for FREE to the US! Message me for any custom modifications!

Plumbing drain kits and water lines can be added to your order. I recommend adding at least the water supply lines because they fit our faucets perfectly and any new installation will require them and any remodeling is a good time to replace lines that have been worn over time. Our drain kits perfectly fit our sinks and come in either white or chrome and it includes everything you need for a standard sink drain installation. The universal sink drain kits are flexible and perfect for any application and so useful to position toward the back to hide it or increase cabinet space! It includes a standard 1.5" flexible tailpiece, J bend, and outlet piece. Pair the drain kit with water supply lines for a discount!


Add Character to Your Bathroom With Rustic Faucets

March 18th, 2019
Rustic Bathroom Faucet

Despite how much a bathroom faucet is used, it’s still a great opportunity to be an outstanding element in your bathroom design. Obviously, faucets need to be functional but they’re also a subtle way to set the tone for the rest of the room.

There’s a wide variety of bathroom faucets on the market today, from formal faucets to enhance a Victorian-style room to contemporary faucets that fit in with a modern space.

But for bathrooms that need something off the beaten path or where the designer is looking for something truly unique, a rustic-style faucet can be the perfect accessory. Rustic bathroom faucets have character, dimension and interest totally apart from their function.

Rustic Bathroom Faucets Designs

Our Instagram is filled with talented designers who have used Watermark faucets to create stunning oases that will last a lifetime. We chose to feature 11 rustically-chic lavatory faucets to help you find the one perfect fit for your project.

1. Single Hole



📷: @nicoleforinahome

Single hole faucets are perfect for bathroom designs where the faucet can’t spread out and take up too much counter space. This single hole faucet has dual levels, one on either side of the block, along with an industrial style-spout. While it doesn’t take up much physical room, it makes a big visual impact when combined with the edgy, artistic wallpaper.

2. Rich, Antiqued Finish



📷: @donnadufresnedesign

There are a lot of ways you can add a touch of rustic character to a room. The shape of the faucet is one way, but sometimes it’s the finish that speaks the loudest.

This plain, sleek, widespread faucet has an antiqued finish that helps this room bridge the gap that is rustic-modern design. Rustic modern is one of the hottest transitional trends, blending sleek surfaces with weathered finishes for a deep, rich style.

3. Wall Mounted Spokes



📷: @sarah.tombaugh

Wall mounted faucets automatically gain attention simply by their unique positioning in the room. Add a polished black finish and a spoked-wheel handle and this faucet becomes a work of art. The wheel has an old-fashioned, yet industrial vibe to it that pairs well with the patterned floor, creating a slightly playful look to the room.

4. Flat and Sleek



📷: @designbossgina

One way to create a gorgeous, unified design is to repeat similar shapes over and over throughout the room. This bathroom pulls off a sleek, elegant look to great effect doing just that.

The clean, wall-hung vanity is matched by rectangular handles, wall art, mirror and faucets. The faucets come perpendicularly out of the wall, which adds a little contrast to the other rectangular shapes, while their antiqued finish pairs up perfectly with the rustically textured mirror and wall paper design.

5. Exposed Pipes

Rustic Bathroom Sink Faucet


📷: @treasurbite

Wall hung sinks are frequently used in small spaces because they help the room look larger. But, a wall hung sink also exposes its plumbing below. So, when faced with a loft-style bathroom, why not make the pipes look intentional?

By using a pipe-style faucet in a finish similar to the actual pipes below, it makes the design look like an intentional statement about industrial bathrooms. Add in angle stops that match the faucet handles and you’ve added polish and character in a new and interesting way.

6. Sleek Side Placement



If you want a rustic look that still has an elegant feel, opt for a Gooseneck faucet. They have an elegance that is rarely matched by other styles, which makes this faucet with its low, flat handles and tall gooseneck an instant attention getter.

Paired with a rustic, oil rubbed finish that picks up the darkest of the wood grain, this faucet stands out from the rest of the room, providing you with both an elegant and rustic feel.

7. Soft Circular Style



📷: @a_pieceof_d

Repeating many shapes in one small area makes one big impact. In this bathroom, the round vessel sink and mirror find their match in the round, flat handle of the faucet. To make sure that the handle is seen, its wall placement just off center from the other two circles, adding just the right amount of contrast and interest to the design.

By utilizing wood for the countertop, terracotta for the bowl, concrete for the handles and a dark brown finish for the faucet and mirror, this bathroom proves that rustic can be simple and beautiful.

8. Rustic Pipes



📷: @tylerelizabethkaru

Many of the most successful designs blend disparate styles together into one, new design. This bathroom is another example of transitional design, blending rustic components into a more modern space.

The faucet is the ideal finishing touch for the room. It has an antiqued finish that both complements the sink and stands out from the colors of the wall behind it, while the industrial style helps play up the more modern sensibilities seen in the mirror above.

9. Gaining New Height



📷: @tokerudinteriors

Tall faucets have a lot of versatility, allowing the user to fit more beneath them. They also take up a lot of visual space, which helps them have more of an impact on the design.

The most interesting thing about this faucet, however, isn’t its height: It’s the handles and the escutcheon on the spout. All of them have a matching, rustically hammered texture that begs to be touched and turned.

10. Industrial Charm

Rustic Bathroom Faucet


📷 @karenbwolfinteriors

There are many ways to play up the industrial pipe aspect of a faucet, but few of them do it as interestingly as this faucet. The bridge style puts a focus on the jointed pipe pieces, while the valve-style handles complement the piece perfectly. The color and style add contrast to the backsplash tile, putting more focus on the sink area.

11. Contrasting Shapes



📷: @jmw.interiors

The spoked-wheel handles on this wall faucet are interesting and playful all on their own. But, set against a rectangular stone tile wall, they take on new interest and add depth to the space. This contrast is the perfect “off note” for the area, keeping the design exciting.

Up Your Faucet Style Game

Rustic-style faucets add a lot of character and interest to the bathroom and bring attention to the sink area for its looks and not just its function. Consider adding this interesting element to your bathroom design to get more out of the entire space.

Need help finding the right faucet to fit your design? Follow us on Instagram or submit your own installation photos to get featured on our feed!


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