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Here it is my long-awaited morning, it finally came, I probably didnt wait for the morning since childhood to see the holiday under the Christmas tree on January. The call, this is Slava, I have a special melody on it so that I know when he calls, and when others. I'm driving up to pick you up. No, don't go to the place, I'll come myself.

He went to choose a place, and I went to the pharmacy for prezics and vazilin, suddenly he did not take it.

Well, if you want, then come on, chat with her dick in a group sex, we can easily organize with her. When she is weak on the front end, it is unlikely that you will offer her a group sex, she will not rise. I accepted the invitation, it was quite appropriate and it was interesting for me to fuck his wife.

As a real friend, he gave me this opportunity and together with him his wife, I too, fucked it off. Out of friendship, no offense, he set her up for me, I gladly inserted my dick into her funnel.

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It was very LOUD. because after alcohol and a sleepless night my head ached like hell. During the night of meditation, I had thought of everything, and not all thoughts were rosy-beautiful.

The room was small and without windows, like my little room. Chains, collars, gags, in a word, all the objects of slavery hung in perfect order on the side wall. In the middle was a thick polished wooden pillar, rigidly attached to the floor and ceiling. I dismissed the thought that it was a support for the upper floors immediately when I saw wide leather straps located at the bottom, in.

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And Igor was in no hurry, five minutes later we drove up to our house, he pushed his wife aside, put on trousers and said, Let's. Drag your drunk husband home. They pushed me aside, I pretended that I hardly understood what they wanted from me and we went up home.

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As well as the fact that this someone does not constitute a real threat to the family. Just a sudden fornication. But the bell rang. At first I tried to find evidence, to catch her at some point - to no avail.

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Tanya gave in with joy, lifted her ass and the job was done. Then the guy lowered his pants, as if in front of a nurse preparing for an injection in the ass and. Forcefully poked his standing penis somewhere between the girl's buttocks.

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