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Lucas Luggage Review (Does Price Equal Quality?)

Last Updated: September 28,

Lucas Luggage Review

Lucas Luggage is a brand that sells affordable luggage.

So, if you are in the market for something that won&#;t empty your wallet, then these suitcases are worth a look.

Which is why we decided to review them really.

They have a pretty wide range of suitcases to choose from, including both softshells and hardshells. As well as a few other types of bags, which we won’t really talk about in this review.

Below I will go over the quality of these suitcases, in an attempt to answer the age-old question – does a low price tag necessarily mean low quality?

At A Glance: Our Favorite Lucas Luggage

In my experience, it usually doesn’t. But that largely depends on the brand you are buying and just how low that price is. So, let’s check out some of these Lucas Luggage suitcases and see just how good (or bad) they are.

The Softshell Suitcases

There aren&#;t too many softshell suitcases, so we&#;ll start with them. All of them are available on Amazon for a bargain, so you&#;ll definitely want to check out their prices if you like any of them.

Top Pick

Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Originals

Lucas Designer Luggage Collection - 3 Piece Softside Expandable Ultra Lightweight Spinner Suitcase Set - Travel Set includes 20 Inch Carry On, 24 Inch & 28 Inch Checked Suitcases (Black)

This collection includes three suitcases – a 20” carry-on, and 24” and 28” checked bags. All of the suitcases can be purchased separately, or as a three-piece value set. Getting the set instead of individual suitcases would save you at least $50, which is not at all bad.

They are all made of polyester, which is not the ideal material for luggage since it is not very durable. And I have to say this; the external pockets are made of a slightly thinner material than the rest of the suitcase, which just makes them look cheap. But that’s the biggest issue I have with this luggage.

All three of the suitcases are equipped with the same features. And those include double spinner wheels, a telescopic wheel handle, a fully lined interior with several pockets and elastic tie-down straps, as well as two external front pockets. If you’re mostly worried about the organization of your stuff, then these suitcases are a really good choice.

Their names claim that they are ultra-lightweight, and they aren’t even lying. The largest suitcases max out at lbs, which is pretty awesome. I mean, we’ve seen carry-ons that weigh more than this Lucas Luggage suitcase, so I’m pretty satisfied with their weights. You can check out the exact weights of all three bags in the product info boxes below.

And keep in mind two things; the dimensions refer to the dimensions of the suitcases including the wheels and the handles. Their bodies are obviously slightly smaller. The other thing to note is that the capacities listed refer to the original capacities of this luggage.

And that’s important because every single one of these suitcases has an expandable capacity, which will give you additional 12 liters. Not bad Lucas Luggage.

Check the links below to see the Ultra Lightweight Originals suitcases on Amazon:

Product Information

  • 20” Ultra Lightweight: Dimensions: 7 x 21 x 14 inches,Weight: lbs
  • 24” Ultra Lightweight: Dimensions: 8 x 24 x 16 inches, Weight: lbs
  • 28” Ultra Lightweight Originals Suitcase: Dimensions: 30 X 18 X 11 inches, Weight: lbs


Lucas Luggage Sport Upright Suitcase

Lucas Luggage Sport 4-Piece Expandable Wheeled Upright Luggage Set (Blue)

This is a particularly interesting suitcase collection. For one thing, there are so much more than suitcases – they’re also duffel bags and backpacks, all in one. And if you are a fan of this design of a luggage, then the Sport suitcases might be the right choice for you.

This particular collection also comes in a value set, which includes three suitcases and a regular duffel bag. But keep in mind that the inch suitcase is only available in the set for now.

So, what about the features? Well, they’re pretty much average. You get in-line wheels, which means that you will have to tilt this luggage to get them rolling. And that could cause some sore arms the next day, especially if we’re talking about the largest bag.

Other than that, these suitcases also have a telescopic wheel handle that locks into an extended position, a single packing compartment with tie-down straps and a large pocket, a separate front compartment, and a small external pocket.

In terms of organization, they are a pretty decent choice. Plus you get the compression straps on the outside of your suitcase, which will come in handy if you don’t really use the entire capacity of the suitcase. Just tighten them up nicely, and all of your stuff will stay in its designated place.

The entire Sport collection (except the duffel bag) also has an expandable capacity, which will give you 2 more inches of packing space. That’s particularly useful for all of you who often come back from trips with more stuff than you initially brought. Overall, they’re not the most premium suitcases, but they are certainly interesting enough to make you want to try them out.

Check the links below to see the Sport Upright suitcases on Amazon:

Product Information

  • Lucas Luggage Sport Upright 21”: Dimensions: 21 X X inches, Weight: 7 lbs
  • Lucas Luggage Sport Upright 29”:Dimensions: 29 X X inches, Weight: 10 lbs


The Hardshell Suitcases

There’s something really interesting about Lucas Luggage&#;s hardshells. Apart from the two distinct collections that we’ll talk about, there are also several other hardside suitcases with the exact same features.

However, a different color means a different design of the shell, and so none of them look alike. You’ll see exactly what I mean when we get to that section. But let’s kick things off with the Treadlite and Outlander hardside collections.

Lucas Luggage Treadlite

Lucas ABS Hard Case 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase Sets With Spinner Wheels (One Size, Purple)

The Treadlite suitcases look like your typical hardshell suitcases. They have a ribbed shell, which will make any scratches on them less visible. The exterior of the suitcases is made of ABS plastic, which is probably the reason why they aren&#;t at all expensive &#; ABS is often used in affordable luggage because it is less expensive than Polycarbonate.

However, it is also a less durable material, so there&#;s that. The Treadlite collection features three suitcases &#; a 20&#; carry-on, and 24&#; and 28&#; checked suitcases. Those are pretty standard suitcase sizes, so no surprises there.

The entire collection has an expandable capacity and all of them are equipped with single spinner wheels, a telescopic locking wheel handle as well as a couple of grab handles. And you can get them all in a value set, which will definitely some you some $$.

Both compartments of this luggage are fully lined. The top compartment has a full panel zippered divider with a large mesh pocket on it, which is great for organization. The bottom compartment also has a zippered pocket, but it&#;s much smaller than the previous one. And there are elastic cross straps in the bottom compartment, which will keep all your stuff in place.

Overall, the interior of these suitcases is good &#; pretty much what you would expect of any other hardshell suitcase. However, they do lack a few features that you would want a hardside suitcase to have. There are no locks on these suitcases, let alone any TSA locks. 

This is a downside since you want to be % sure of the safety of your items. Especially if we are talking about a checked bag, which is going to be out of your sight for hours on end. Additionally, the option of locking the wheel handle in a few different positions would have been a nice inclusion. But overall this is some good luggage for the price.

Check the links below to see the Treadlite suitcases on Amazon:

Product Information

  • Treadlite 20” : Dimensions: 9 x 20 x inches, Weight: lbs
  • Treadlite 24” : Dimensions: 9 x 25 x 15 inches, Weight: lbs
  • Treadlite 28": Dimensions: x x inches, Weight: lbs


Top Pick

Lucas Luggage Outlander

Lucas Outlander Luggage Hard Case 24 inch Expandable Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels (24in, Outlander Red)

The Outlander collection is very similar to the Treadlite collection. These suitcases also have single spinner wheels, a telescopic wheel handle, two carry handles, and two packing compartments.

The interior of the Outlander luggage is fully lined, with a zippered divider in one compartment and elastic cross straps in the other. There are, however, a couple of differences between these two collections, and we&#;ll talk about them in a minute.

First, you can get the Outlander suitcases in three different sizes &#; a 20&#; suitcase, a 24&#; suitcase and a 28&#; one. And you can get a value set of all three suitcases for less than $! The Outlanders are slightly larger than the Treadlites (except for the largest suitcase), but the difference is barely noticeable.

And these Lucas Luggage suitcases are also lighter than the previous ones, which makes them a slightly better choice. Especially if you&#;re getting them for a flight and you want to be careful about how much you pack in them.

The other thing that differs between the two collections is that these suitcases have reinforced corners. This will make them slightly more durable and allows for better impact resistance. So, even though both the Treadlites and the Outlanders are made of ABS plastic, the latter will do a slightly better job at surviving multiple flights.

Unfortunately, this collection also doesn&#;t feature any locks on the luggage. But at least you do get expandable capacity and a couple of pockets inside the suitcase &#; even though your stuff might not be % safe, it will definitely be neatly packed and organized!

Check the links below to see the Outlander suitcases on Amazon:


Lucas Luggage Hardside Expandable Spinner

Lucas Luggage 3 Piece Rolling Suitcase Set Hard Case With Spinner Wheels (20' 27' 31') (One Size, Stratus Olive)

So, these are the suitcases that I mentioned in the intro. They all have the same features and very similar interiors – the lining is pretty much the only thing that differs. Additionally, all of these suitcases have a composite shell – 90% ABS and 10% Polycarbonate. They are durable, lightweight, and come in a few different sizes – 20”, 24”, 27”, and a few 31” ones.

So, what’s the deal with these suitcases? Well, technically there are 5 different collections – Allure, Stratus, Cosmo, Avalon, and Genesis. But like I said, they have the exact same features, and the only differences are the design and color of the shell. And the color of the lining.

The expandable spinners have two packing compartments. The top one has a zippered divider with a small zippered pocket and a large slip pocket. The bottom one, on the other hand, has a single zippered pocket and a couple of cross straps to keep your belongings in place.

As their name suggests, all of these suitcases have double spinner wheels and expandable capacity. Additionally, they also have a telescopic wheel handle, reinforced corners, and two carry handles. Still no locks on Lucas Luggage, but you can always get a TSA padlock if you want the extra security.

Check the links below to see the Expandable Spinner suitcases on Amazon:

And since there are a few different designs of the exterior of the expandable spinner suitcase, there are a few different value sets you can get:

Product Information

  • Expandable Spinner 20”: Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 9 inches, Weight: lbs
  • Expandable Spinner 24”: Dimensions: 27 x 16 x inches, Weight: lbs
  • Expandable Spinner 27”: Dimensions: X 17 X inches, Weight: lbs
  • Expandable Spinner 31”: Dimensions: x 19 x inches, Weight: lbs


What To Look For

Luggage Size

Like every other brand, Lucas Luggage makes suitcases in several sizes. They range from 20” carry-ons to 31” checked bags, which is pretty standard for suitcases.

You will want to check the product specs boxes to find the exact size of the suitcase you are looking at. I will tell you all the relevant specs of all the versions of a particular suitcase. All you need to do is make sure you are checking out the right one.

In addition to that, if there are any other differences between two suitcases from the same range, other than their size, I will make sure to point them out.

Softshells Vs. Hardshells

If you know what you are looking for, then feel free to skip over this section.

But if you’re still not sure which option is the right choice for you, I’m here to help. In general, a hardshell suitcase is a better choice if you are looking to get a large, checked bag for airplane travel. There are a few reasons why that is, but the most prominent one is their durability.

Your checked suitcase will get thrown around – if airline personnel were careful and gentle with every single suitcase they handled, we’d all have to arrive at the airport about 6 hours before the actual flight. A softshell suitcase is more likely to break or get squished, while a hardshell one was built to endure the tough love.

On the other hand, if you prefer to travel by land, then a softshell suitcase is perfectly fine for you. In that case, it comes down to your personal preference; do you want one packing compartment or two? Do you care about the external pockets on your suitcase? Are you dead set on buying luggage with spinner wheels?

Those are pretty much the only things you need to figure out, in order to buy yourself luggage that is perfect for your own needs.

Value Sets

Personally, I’m a big fan of value sets. You will save money buying them, as compared to buying individual suitcases. And, with these affordable brands, a set is often just $ more expensive than a single suitcase. This is perfect if you are looking to get more than a suitcase anyway.

Plus, if you’re not sure which size is right for you, you can get a set and try out suitcases of different sizes and see which is the better fit. Additionally, they make for the perfect gifts for your loved ones, because let’s face it; everyone needs a suitcase but doesn’t really like buying one.

If a particular type of suitcase comes in a value set, I will list it in that same section. If you don’t see an option to check out value sets for a suitcase, then that means there are none.

Lucas Luggage Review: What Are The Best Options?

I definitely think that you should consider getting the value sets if you need more than one suitcase. They are much cheaper than individual suitcases, and you will really get some great value for money, whether you are looking to get a softshell set or a hardshell set.

But if you are only looking for one suitcase, then I would recommend the Ultra Lightweight Originals. I think it’s the better one out of the two softshells, mostly because of its spinner wheels and numerous pockets and compartments. The only downside is that it doesn’t look too luxurious – but get it in a colorful design, and no one will be able to notice that.

Out of all the different hardshells, I think the Outlander is the best choice. These suitcases are definitely the lightest, which is always a welcome feature. And they have all the necessities of a good hardshell suitcase – lined interiors, a zippered divider, and a few pockets inside. Along with the spinner wheels and a telescopic wheel handle on the outside.

But honestly, all the hardshells are pretty similar, so you will be fine whichever one you choose. That was just a personal favorite. Be sure to check out the luggage on Amazon but beware – their prices are very hard to resist.


Lucas Luggage Reviews: Don&#;t Buy Until You Read These Facts

Lucas luggage Reviews

My Top 5 Choices of Lucas Luggage

So if you are on a hunt for an incredible luggage that will last you for the rest of your life, then it is time to consider Lucas luggage. Below are my best Lucas luggage reviews to help you decide which suitcase would be most appropriate for your travel style.

1. Lucas Luggage Troy Hard Case (Editor’s Choice)

ricardo luggage reviews

Via Amazon

x 12 x inches



5 years

Our Rating:

Planning for a weekend getaway with your friends? Then this inch Lucas Luggage Troy Hard  is just exactly what you need. I like how spacious this bag is that it can hold all the things I will need for my trip. It comes with two fully-lined compartments which simplify packing and keep your essentials neat and organized. Did I also mention that that this bag is expandable? Great to hold extra souvenirs you’ve shopped.

In addition to its large capacity, this bag is pretty durable too so you can be sure that you will be bringing with you something that won’t break apart. Well, thanks to its combination of ABS and Polycarbonate, its shell has been constructed to provide strength and reliability. Furthermore, since this bag comes in an extra-wide body and being reinforced with handle poles, the luggage is not just strong but stable too.

Now, you might be wondering how easy it would be to keep the bag moving.  I’m sure you’d be glad to know that this luggage will easily glide because of its degree eight gliding wheel system. This means the wheels offer an excellent level of maneuverability so you won’t have trouble moving the luggage in crowded and busy airports. Plus, the handle of the case is also ergonomic and with a comfortable grip which even improves mobility.  It’s pretty lightweight too so you won't be tiring your arms lugging around your luggage, the bonus is you will be able to avoid extra airline fees.

But this doesn’t end here, the bag also features TSA-approved locks which means you no longer have to worry just in case airline officials need to open your bag for inspection.


  • This luggage is expandable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with comfortable grip
  • Comes with TSA-approved locks to meet the international airline standards
  • Highly maneuverable wheels

2. Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Softside

ricardo luggage reviews

Via Amazon

24 x 9 x 16 inches



5 years

Our Rating:

Lucas stays true to their mission of delivering superior travel experience with Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Softside 24 inch. Since its handles are made from aircraft grade aluminum, they are extra lightweight but at the same time maintain the high standard for shock absorption as well as increase strength and durability.

When it comes to maneuverability, its 4-directional spinner wheels are truly impressive. They are very lightweight and is made from % virgin PU material so we can be sure that it will survive long-term wear.

What's even great is the luggage's capacity of about L which can expand to additional 12 liters more. You also don’t have to worry since the design is so concise, you will keep your styling on the go.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Uses 4-directional spinner wheels
  • Uses 4-directional spinner wheels

3. Lucas Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag

ricardo luggage reviews

Via Amazon

x x inches


Doby Polyester

5 years


Whenever you are carrying a bag on a cabin, you need to make sure the one most important thing: your bag should not be overweight or else you will be ruining your entire trip and make it horrible. Of course, we don't want to be paying extra fees at the airport for a simple mistake.

Well, this is one of the many benefits of using Lucas Wheeled Underseat Cabin Bag 16 inch. This bag has been designed to always fit in most airplanes under seats. It is more on the wider side than being tall, making it an ideal cabin bag.

When it comes to the compartments, it also got few nice ones that come in zippered locks. It uses telescoping handle too so you won’t have difficulty dragging the bag around. A combination of polyester and fabric were used for the body of this luggage, giving it a durable feel and comfortable look.

And if you are someone who wants to travel in style, you’d be glad to know that you can choose among three different colors available: red, blue or black.  It also doesn't come with annoying big logos either on its front or side, something that you may not like. This bag absolutely looks classy and decent. The bonus is that its price is pretty reasonable.

So if you are looking for a bag for your next getaway, I highly recommend this luggage from Lucas.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Very durable
  • Comes with a push button that enables one hand mobility


  • Zippers are a little flimsy, they might be vulnerable to damage if you are pulling them too hard

4. Lucas Luggage Air Cube

ricardo luggage reviews

Via Amazon

28 x x 18 inches



5 years


If there’s something I love about this functional Lucas Luggage Air Cube 28 inch Large Ultra, it would definitely be the three available colors, first, there's your regular black and the other unique colors of lavender and royal blue.

This bag has a lightweight construction too and comes with degree spinner wheels so you won't have trouble moving around especially in crowded airports. Its ergonomic handles are amazing too for a comfortable grip that won't be painful to your hand. And if you need some more room, this bag can be expanded up to 6 Liters. Don't worry, you'd still be able to keep your things tidy with the fully lined interior that has organizational pockets.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Expandable


  • Can’t be used as a carry-on bag, there is a carry on version available in the same style and build

5. Lucas Accelerator Collection Luggage

ricardo luggage reviews

Via Amazon

x x inches



5 years


Here’s another luggage that could be your next reliable and durable travel companion. Lucas Accelerator Collection Luggage comes in four different sizes: 22, 26 and inch luggage as well as a inch Carry on Sized Duffel Bag so you can be confident that you got all the space you will ever need for your essentials whether you are up for a week-long travel or just for a weekend getaway.

This luggage comes with a multistage locking handle, so it won't matter whether you are tall or a little bit shorter. It is totally portable too! Lucas equipped this luggage with two wheels. There's also a carry handle which is very convenient. So this means you can roll your luggage from place to another without any trouble or you carry it in your hand whenever you need to.

And since this uses % polyester design, so you can be sure that you are bringing with you a durable piece that is capable to withstand even the toughest travel condition. It has been designed to be lightweight too no matter how many essentials you will stash inside it will still be easy to carry.

Another feature that impressed me most is its useful outer storage pockets where you can safely store your passport, visa or any other travel documents that you might need. I was glad to know that I can quickly and easily access important items without compromising its safety.


  • Equipped with several outer storage pockets
  • Uses % polyester material so it can deliver complete durability as well as style
  • Handle is expandable so it is suited to any users
  • Design is extremely lightweight


  • Doesn’t come with spinner wheels
  • Doesn’t have side handle but top handle only

Why Should You Choose Lucas Luggage?

1. Luggage is available in various sizes

So why should you invest in a Lucas luggage? Well, there are actually so many reasons why. As a matter of fact, it is very easy for customers to think of reasons to make an investment. One of the most remarkable facts, which has totally convinced me, is that Lucas provides a wide variety of luggage sizes.

I'm quite impressed how this company has understood that every traveler is different and every travel would be unique. This is why they are doing everything possible to make sure they will be able to satisfy every consumer. To do this, they provide luggage in a variety of different sizes. Whether you are someone who wants to travel light or someone like me who tends to pack plenty of items, you can always be sure that Lucas will have something that would be appropriate for your unique needs.

2. Very Portable

This is absolutely one of the best advantages when it comes to this product and I’m sure every Lucas luggage user will agree with me. Most of the luggage from Lucas have been equipped with wheels as well as top handles to make sure that you will be able to lug around the suitcase without having so much trouble. Other cases also come with a side handle that I'm sure you will find convenient no matter how you carry your luggage.

3. Comes with Impressive Style

What’s even great is that Lucas doesn’t compromise style for functionality. Who doesn’t want to travel in style, right? While it is not possible with other luggage, Lucas made it sure that you will look amazing during your entire trip. Your luggage will look great, even better.

Final Thought

Overall, it can really be difficult to go wrong with a luggage from Lucas. The stealth construction of these luggage makes the product able to survive frequent travel and rough airport condition. Plus they are super lightweight and yet got the capacity of carrying heavy loads without going beyond the weight limits. So no matter which bag you choose in these five best Lucas luggage reviews I made, I can say you’ve made a great decision.

Though every model is unique and every customer will need to look for a product that will suit their own individual needs, I find Lucas Luggage Troy Hard Case to be the overall best. Whether you will be traveling on your own or with the whole family, you can almost guarantee that this choice will be able to satisfy your needs.

How about you? Which bag do you think would suit you best? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d be glad to hear from you.

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Lucas Luggage: Brand Review and Rating

By Oscar Brumelis | Last Updated

We use affiliate links, and receive a small commission if you make purchases through them. Find out more here.

Thinking about getting a Lucas suitcase?

Well, then you&#;re in the right place because in this post we&#;ll take a look at their suitcases, and determine whether they&#;re a good choice or not.

In this Lucas luggage review, we&#;ll take a look at their durability, customer reviews, warranty, prices, features, and how they compare with alternatives from other brands.

lucas luggage review thumbnail

On CleverJourney&#;s Best Luggage Brands, Lucas gained 68 points and took the 14th place on our leaderboard.

In the affordable price range, Lucas took the 6th place, right after Merax (70 points,) and SwissGear (70 points.)

Here you can see how we determined the full score in detail. We&#;ll go in-depth into each category further down in this article.

Lucas luggage rating explained in detail

The Good

  • Lightweight. Although It Luggage is lighter, Lucas suitcases are still considered pretty lightweight. On average, a carry-on weighs lbs, but the Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry-on weighs just lbs.
  • Affordable. You can get a Lucas carry-on starting at 50$, which is very cheap. They&#;re not the cheapest brand out there, but they&#;re definitely in the affordable range.

The Bad

  • Not for frequent travelers. We wouldn&#;t recommend Lucas suitcases for people who fly more than five times per year. Their durability will be good enough for leisure travelers who travel less than five times per year, and at that rate will last around years.
  • Their warranty is pretty much useless. Lucas support is very hard to get in contact with, the responses are often delayed, the warranty terms are pretty bad, and no shipping costs are covered. So when their suitcases break, it&#;s best to just get a new one instead.

The Verdict

Lucas suitcases are definitely not for people who take traveling seriously. To save some costs, they&#;ve used cheaper materials and made a warranty that&#;s basically useless.

But on the other end, they&#;re priced really cheaply, they&#;re very lightweight, and they come with a bit more features that you would normally get on an affordable suitcase.

They&#;ll be a solid choice for those who are looking for something affordable and don&#;t travel too often.

In the affordable price range, American Tourister (74 points) or Coolife (76 points) would be a slightly smarter choice. But if you&#;ll be traveling frequently, it&#;s even smarter to pay a bit more and get a Travelpro (90 points) or Samsonite (85 points) instead.

Top-Rated Lucas Suitcases

Full Review

Key Facts About Lucas Luggage

Lucas Luggage is a travel brand under 24/7 International LLC. Under the same company, they&#;re operating a few other luggage brands &#; Andiamo, Pathfinder, Ciao, Steve Madden, Nicole Miller, Carribean Joe, Rosetti, and Lily Bloom.

Although there isn&#;t much information about 24/7 International LLC online, it looks like they started operating at around and they&#;re based in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

Judging from everything we&#;ve seen, it looks like they&#;re a private label company. This means, that, while their offices are located in the U.S., everything is made in China, Vietnam, or Taiwan. Essentially, they only design and sell the luggage, and the whole manufacturing process is outsourced.

Their online presence is quite aged, and it looks like their main business model is B2B (Business to business). Essentially, they&#;re selling their suitcases in wholesale to other online and retail stores, instead of directly selling to customers.

It&#;s also worth noting, that they don&#;t have a separate website for Lucas luggage, their only website is, which is essentially a visit card for their business customers.

Reviews (19/30)

On Amazon, most Lucas suitcases have received stars. Compared to other affordable luggage brands, their reviews are very similar to It Luggage, and slightly behind American Tourister.

A lot of their customers are repeat buyers. Some said they&#;ve used Lucas suitcases for a decade now, and they&#;ll continue to stay with them in the future. Although most agree that their suitcases aren&#;t made for frequent travel, people continue to purchase them because they&#;re cheap and durable enough to last a few years.

However, not all of their customers were that happy. Some experienced issues just after a few trips.

Here are the most common issues that people complained about:

  • Sometimes their bags are slightly heavier than advertised.
  • When trying to contact them about the warranty, replies usually take weeks, and shipping isn&#;t covered.
  • The Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry-on lacks proper side handles.
  • The top handle on the Lucas inch Underseater isn&#;t properly stitched and may fall off when carrying too much weight.
  • The Lucas Outlander Hardside carry-on has a nasty toxic smell for the first weeks.
  • The Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry-on tips over when packed full with the expandable zipper open.

But other than that, most people were happy with their purchases.

Quality (12/20)

As you&#;d already expected from an affordable private label brand, their suitcases aren&#;t made for frequent travel.

Their fabric suitcases are made from polyester and their hardside suitcases from ABS. Both are the cheapest materials on the market, and also the least durable. Ideally, you&#;d want to get nylon for fabric bags, and polycarbonate for hardside ones, because they&#;ll be much more durable. That said, you usually won&#;t find suitcases made from these materials priced in the same $ price range.

People were particularly disappointed with a few durability issues on their most popular model: Lucas inch underseat cabin bag. A few people complained that the top handle isn&#;t properly secured to the frame, and the stitching falls apart when the bag is packed full. Also, there seem to be some issues with the zippers, which tend to get faulty after a few uses.

Usually, affordable luggage brands come with pretty bad spinner wheels, which tend to fall apart after a while. Aside from a few rare cases, we didn&#;t notice any issues with faulty wheels for Lucas luggage. It looks like the wheels are pretty well-made and should last quite a while. That said, some people complained that the wheels didn&#;t roll that smooth, compared to spinner wheels from other brands.&

Generally, Lucas suitcases will be durable enough for years of semi-frequent use (five times per year or less.) But if you&#;re a frequent traveler, we&#;d suggest choosing something more durable, like Travelpro, Briggs & Riley, or Samsonite.

Features (12/15)

You&#;d expect affordable suitcases to be pretty basic.

But compared to other affordable luggage brands, Lucas seems to offer a bit more.

Lightweight Construction

We compared the average weight of empty suitcases and found out that the average weight of a carry-on is lbs.

The Lucas Ultra Lightweight carry-on weighs just lbs, and the Lucas Outlander Hardside carry-on just lbs. They&#;re not as light as It Luggage, who offer their lightest carry-on at just lbs, but they&#;re still pretty good. Lucas definitely offers some of the lightest suitcases on the market.

If you&#;re flying internationally, or often have to fly an airline with strict carry-on weight restrictions, saving a few pounds in your carry-on can be invaluable.

Expandable Zippers

Most of Lucas suitcases come with expandable zippers. Sometimes, affordable brands don&#;t include them to save a bit on the costs, but having one is essential if you&#;re an over-packer.

Essentially, the expandable zippers let you expand the suitcase in width by inches, which results in around 25% more packing space. But you should also be aware, that sometimes carry-ons with opened expandable zippers are above the width restrictions for carry-ons, which means that you might have to check-in the bag.

Double Spinner Wheels

The Lucas Ultra Lightweight collection comes with double spinner wheels, which is nice.

Having double wheels instead of regular ones is better because they&#;re more durable, the rubber around the wheels will last longer, and they usually roll smoother. That said, some of their suitcases come with regular wheels, so we&#;d recommend preferably choosing other models who come with eight wheels instead of four.

Basic Packing Options

Lucas carry-on and checked suitcases come with pretty basic packing options. From the exterior, you&#;ll usually find one or two pockets for documents and other quick-grab essentials. And in the interior, you&#;ll usually find one or two pockets for organization, and compression straps for keeping the clothing in place. Nothing too advanced.

However, the inch Underseat Cabin Bag also comes with a detachable hanging satchel for cosmetics and a separate document holder. It&#;s a nice addition because usually, you wouldn&#;t find these features in other underseat bags.

Design (12/15)

When put next to other affordable brands, we think that Lucas suitcases look quite good. It looks like they&#;ve put in quite a bit of effort into the design.

Although generally most of their suitcases look somewhat simple and down-to-earth, some of their models come in colorful patterns that won&#;t get lost between all the other bags on the luggage conveyor belt. For instance, the Lucas Printed Softside spinner looks quite interesting with the colored henna pattern.

They&#;ve also got a few options for the business class, which look sleek and professional. Take for example their hardside inch carry-on, which is available in 18 different variations.

Because Lucas has put so much effort into the design we&#;ve given them 12 out of 15 points in the design category.

Warranty (4/10)

To be frank, Lucas warranty is one of the shadiest ones we&#;ve seen.

First of all, it was incredibly hard to find their warranty details online. Turns out, that Lucas Luggage doesn&#;t even have a separate website, and you have to go to to fill out the form.

Although the warranty terms are quite vague, here&#;s what we could gather.

Lucas Warranty Terms

  • Only manufacturing defects are covered.
  • Airline damage, transportation damage, accidents, and normal use aren&#;t covered.
  • You need a copy of the receipt or invoice.
  • For the claim, you&#;ll also need to find the serial number, which is an digit number that&#;s printed on a label inside.
  • All shipping costs aren&#;t covered, and they&#;ll ask you to send around 15$ by check or 20$ by credit card, based on your location.
  • Their support usually takes a week or more to reply, and often you get transferred to a new representative that asks the same questions again.
  • Usually, the warranty is valid for 5 years.


Essentially, you shouldn&#;t expect Lucas warranty to work. Given how affordable their suitcases are, you should just get a new one instead.

If you do decide to contact their warranty, expect additional fees for shipping, and slow responses from their support.

Price (9/10)

In the affordable price range, Lucas seems to be somewhere in the middle, but gravitating towards the higher end.

Here&#;s what you can expect to pay for Lucas luggage:

  • $ for a softside suitcase.
  • $ for a hardside suitcase.
  • $ for a luggage set.

It&#;s a bit more than It Luggage and Rockland, but not too much. They&#;re priced very similarly to SwissGear, but slightly lower.

When you also take into consideration the durability, features, and other factors, we think that some of their models are more valuable than others. We reviewed only the ones that we think are worth it down below and skipped the other ones which we think aren&#;t priced accordingly.

Individual Lucas Suitcase Reviews

Best Softside: Lucas Ultra Lightweight Inch Carry-On

Lucas Lightweight Inch Carry-On on Amazon

Main specs:
- x 14 x 9 inches
- lbs ( kg)
- Material: Polyester
- Editors rating: / 5

If you&#;re looking for an affordable lightweight carry-on, the Lucas Ultra Light Carry-on is a rock-solid choice.

In design, it&#;s very similar to the It Luggage World&#;s Lightest carry-on. The only differences are that this one is slightly heavier and more durable. Compared to the It Luggage&#;s lightweight model, which weighs only 4 lbs, this one weighs lbs. The difference in weight is quite substantial, but Lucas is better for those who are looking for something roomier and more durable.

In the dimensions, it&#;s slightly above the 22 x 14 x 9 limit in length. That said, from my own experience, nine out of ten times the airlines will let you pass through anyway, as long as the bag doesn&#;t look too massive (and this one doesn&#;t.)

From the exterior, this carry-on comes with two exterior pockets for documents, four double spinner wheels, a retractable handle, and handles on top and left side. And when you open the bag up, you&#;ll find a roomy main compartment with two inner pockets for organization, and compression straps to keep your belongings in place. Not the most advanced setup, but it&#;s fairly good for a suitcase that&#;s this affordable.

Although this bag has an expandable zipper, a few people said that this carry-on tends to tip over when packed full and expanded. So essentially, the expandable feature is useful only if you&#;re willing to hold your bag by the handle to avoid tipping.

We wouldn&#;t recommend this bag for frequent flyers, but we would for infrequent travelers who are looking for a cheap and lightweight suitcase.

Best Hardside: Lucas Outlander inch Carry-On

Lucas Outlander inch Carry-On on Amazon

Main specs:
- x x 9 inches
- lbs ( kg)
- Material: ABS
- Editors rating: / 5

Although Lucas offers a few other hardside carry-ons, we think that this one is probably the smartest choice. The other ones are slightly more expensive, and we don&#;t think that they&#;re worth the price.

The outer shell of the outlander is made out of ABS, which is the cheapest and least durable hardside plastic. Ideally, you&#;d want to get something made from polycarbonate or polypropylene, but because this one is so cheap, you wouldn&#;t really care too much if you&#;d eventually get a crack in the frame. As with all ABS suitcases, this one will have a chemical smell for the first few weeks, but it will come out after a while.

With handles and wheels, this suitcase is below 22 x 14 x 9 inches, which is really good for those who&#;ll be flying internationally.

From the outside, this carry-on is pretty good-looking and comes with four spinner wheels, top and side handles, and a retractable handle on top. And from the inside, the outlander is divided into two equal parts, separated by a fabric sheet in the middle. You&#;ll also find two pockets for organization and an x-shaped cross strap for keeping your belongings in place. If you ever need additional space, this bag also expands by two inches, which results in additional 25% packing space.

Although the outlander is pretty simple, it&#;s got all the essentials. And it&#;s also priced really affordable, which is why we think it&#;s a solid choice for an affordable hardside carry-on.

Best Luggage Set: Lucas Ultra Lightweight 3-Piece Luggage Set

Lucas Ultra Lightweight 3-Piece Luggage Set on Amazon

Main specs:
- 20, 24, and 28 inches
- lbs ( kg)
- Material: Polyester
- Editors rating: / 5

If you&#;re looking for a lightweight 3-piece luggage set, the Lucas Ultra Lightweight set is probably one of the best options on the market.

In total, this luggage set weighs just lbs, which is really light. Its closest competitor is the It Luggage World&#;s Lightest 3-piece luggage set, which weighs only lbs. Although the It Luggage set is slightly cheaper and lighter, it&#;s much less durable. And if you&#;re checking your bags, generally, you want to purchase something durable, because the baggage handlers can get rough. Which is why we believe that the Lucas luggage set is a slightly better choice.

All three pieces are virtually identical, just in different dimensions. All bags are expandable, come with four double spinner wheels, and have the same setup on compartments and handles.

That said, you should remember that this definitely isn&#;t a luggage set that will last decades. Lucas is essentially a private label brand that outsources the manufacturing process in China, so the quality isn&#;t perfect. If you&#;ll be using this set several times per year, you can expect it to last years, which is pretty long for an affordable luggage set.

Most Popular: Lucas Underseat inch Cabin Bag

Lucas Underseat inch Cabin Bag on Amazon

Main specs:
- x x inches
- lbs ( kg)
- Material: Polyester
- Editors rating: / 5

Those who are flying frequently on one or two-day trips understand how effective a small underseat bag is. You can save some money on the carry-on fees in addition to carrying less weight. We believe that the Lucas inch underseat cabin bag is a solid short-term option.

It&#;s priced really affordable, which is why you won&#;t be too disappointed when something breaks. And if you&#;ll be using this bag frequently, eventually it will break. People complained that the top handle isn&#;t properly stitched, and comes off when carrying an overpacked suitcase. Also, a lot of people said that the zippers often get stuck, and sometimes will stop working completely, which is something you have to keep in mind.

But other than that, the bag is a pretty solid deal. It&#;s neatly organized with quite a few inner and outer compartments, it comes with a separate hanging cosmetics pouch, and a separate documents folder. People said that it&#;s just the perfect size for short one or two-night stays with enough room for a few pieces of spare clothing in the main compartment.

Although I prefer a backpack for my personal item, this is a great alternative for those who have back problems, because this bag has two wheels and a retractable handle. That said, you won&#;t be able to fit a laptop in there, so if you&#;re traveling with one, you should rather get a laptop backpack instead.

Best luggage brands in compared in a chart


Lucas Luggage Hard Shell Expandable Suitcase Reviews

At 20 inches the Lucas Luggage hard shell carry-on offers 29 liters of packing space, with up to an additional 2-inches or 15% more space when expanded. If you’re a one-suitcase kind of traveler, the carry-on is a great option because it’ll easily fit enough clothing for nearly two weeks of travel. Of course, for those long trips it’s great to have the security of a carry-on as well as the extra space of a checked bag, and so at 24 inches and with added expandability this sets medium bag is also a great option to own with the carry-on or on its own. At its size, the medium bag offers 60 liters of packing space (not expanded). Finally, the large checked bag at 28 inches offers an impressive 84 liters (not expanded) and on its own can easily pack up to 3 weeks of clothing with room to spare. Other storage features for the suitcases in the Avalon collection include a zipper-divided interior, tie-down straps, a mesh zippered pocket for toiletries/etcetera, and a small interior hanging side pouch.


28 lucas inch luggage

Lucas Treadlight Checked Luggage Collection - 28 Inch Scratch Resistant (ABS + PC) Hard Case Bag - Ultra Lightweight Expandable Large Suitcase With Rolling 4-Spinner Wheels (28in, Charcoal)


Make the most out of your next trip with our top-rated suitcases The Treadlight luggage collection have 4- spinner wheels, a telescopic wheel handle, two carry handles and two packing compartments. The interior of the Treadlight luggage is fully lined, with a zippered divider in one compartment and elastic cross straps in the other. Lucas hardside luggage delivers great durability together with a fashionable design. It is made from polycarbonate to provide your belongs with maximized protection. This suitcase is the perfect travel companion. Functional and pretty, the luggage is sure to bring you joy, wherever you go. Lucas suitcase has convenient storage to carry the most of what you need. Carrying around a full suitcase is a whole lot easier with Spinner Wheels. You can literally turn on a dime and let your suitcase glide effortlessly. This Suitcase has a perfect balance between lightweight and durability. The aircraft grade aluminum handles are extra lightweight while maintaining a high standard for shock absorption. The directional spinner wheels allow degree upright rolling in multiple directions so there is little weight on your arm. Lucas luggage is made of Scratch Resistant textured hard side shell (ABS) in order to protect your belongings while traveling. Suitcase dimensions with wheels and handles: 30 X X 11 inch Suitcase dimensions without wheels and handle: X 19 X 11 additional storage is available by expanding the suitcase Approximate weight of the luggage: lbs 🌟 This luggage is covered by a limited 5 year manufacturer’s warranty🌟


  • degree enhanced wheel system so you can glide through the airport effortlessly
  • The fully lined interior has organizational pockets to keep your belongs tidy
  • This product has a five year manufacturer's warranty, so you can rest at ease
  • Scratch Resistant textured hard side shell (ABS) to protect your belongings while traveling

Product details

10 Best Selling Lucas Luggage \u0026 Travel Gear [2018 ]: Lucas Outlander Carry On Hard Case 20 inch

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