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    Location:San Jose, CA, United States
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nit grit is a DJ from United States

nit grit is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 17355 on the official DJ rankings list (

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The dubstep electronic genre has emerged as a force in the United States, and no one embodies its momentum more than San Jose based artist NiT GriT. One of the most prolific and hardworking of the new field of dubstep/grime performers, his current music was formed in his home turf of the Bay area from a background in glitch, idm, and breakcore, and is set apart by its soulfulness and melody. True to the trend towards dramatic entrances in so many of the new fraternity of sensational dubstep artists, NiT GriT burst on the scene with his first show in March 2010 in a co-billing with Excision.

My new single Faceless is out today!
Midnight Districts (Sabi’s Song) is now streaming on all platforms!
Just posted a photo
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RT @Gramatik: I wasn’t joking guys 😂
RT @shlohmo: “Looking at Plants” 🥀 new song out thursday..
“Youu” is now streaming everywhere and you can pick up a free download at!
My new single “Youu” will be available to stream everywhere tomorrow!
RT @sayerbass: please if you have stopped keeping up with the protests pay attention to what is happening in portland right now. it is gros…
My new glitched out bass track “Youu” will be streaming everywhere July 28th! Check it out!
RT @onhellmusic: I've been thinking and writing a lot lately. I've channeled that the best i could, and am happy to present: "HOW TO NOT…
2020 Mixtape
Download the 2020 Mixtape first thing Sunday morning and then join the twitch stream at 10am PST! Link to stream in…
RT @muxmool: Skulltaste II is alive! So happy to share this with you!
Hey everyone! This Sunday, 7/12 @10:00am PST, I will be streaming with my very talented Hungarian friend Sabi (XO C…
The Devil’s Index is a concept song inspired by a nightmare I had of an old haunted Victorian house. I am standing…
I just uploaded my Burning Man Mix 2010 to Bandcamp and Soundcloud for free download. I hope it brings back some go…

nit and grit definition, nit and grit meaning | English dictionary




1  small hard particles of sand, earth, stone, etc.  

2    (Also called)   gritstone  any coarse sandstone that can be used as a grindstone or millstone  

3  the texture or grain of stone  

4  indomitable courage, toughness, or resolution  

5    (Engineering)  an arbitrary measure of the size of abrasive particles used in a grinding wheel or other abrasive process  
    vb  , grits, gritting, gritted  

6  to clench or grind together (two objects, esp. the teeth)  

7  to cover (a surface, such as icy roads) with grit  
    (Old English greot; related to Old Norse grjot pebble, Old High German grioz; see great, groats, gruel)  
  gritless    adj  

    adj    (Canadian)    an informal word for    →   Liberal  


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    • Euthanizing a Dream - Single · 2012
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The grit nit

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NiT GriT - The Awakening

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