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Founded in in New Jersey, Michelangelo Designs is the USA office and warehouse for upscale Italian manufacturers and has its own avant garde line for every room including living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, wall units, foyers, accent pieces, libraries, offices, hotels, restaurants, and contract.  We are proud to carry three centuries of high end furniture under one roof from traditional to transitional and contemporary through ultra modern, we bring the latest designs and trends from Italy to your projects in the USA.

Our high end furniture collections bring you through a journey of art, style and history, and raise emotions by bringing elegance and harmony to any interior. We can help transform your dream projects into a reality, with the most unique, beautiful, and comfortable furniture on the market.

Michelangelo Designs’ team is committed to offering the best of Italy; combining quality, design, price, and service to make your experience go beyond and above all expectations.

Our high end furniture is warehoused in NJ for domestic sales and Italy for international sales. In the furniture industry we are known as “The Cure From the Common.” We are excited to continue to grow and to remain the #1 source for Italian furniture in the USA. All of our product is not just designed in Italy, but also % produced proudly in the hub of the furniture world: Italy.

For your added benefit, we have a showroom of over 35, square feet featuring our gorgeous furniture.  Our trade showroom features an extensive product library that hosts over 2, different options of fabric, leather, microfiber, metal, wood, acrylic, lacquer, etc.…

We kindly request that visits be made by appointment, so that we can curate the experience to your needs and allow for a time slot to be dedicated specially to you. This way we can best assist you on your project.

Our hours of operation are open Monday-Friday ampm EST. Our address is 2 Main Avenue, Passaic, NJ We recommend calling or emailing us about any questions or to make an appointment at or [email protected]


Michelangelo Designs

Our offices, warehouse, and showroom are back to normal, well, a new normal. We want everyone to be safe, and we kindly ask that you reciprocate. In order to achieve a safe level of comfort, please see what we are doing below.

Showroom and Offices/Warehouse:

Health and Safety and the priority during this pandemic. To ensure everyone’s safety, we are taking only a limited number of appointments to ensure that the number of people in the building remains low, as well as doing cleanings more frequently to ensure safe and clean work and common areas.

  • All visitors and staff must wear facemasks at all times. The mask must cover one’s mouth and nose at all times.
  • Maximum number of visitors per appointment will be 3 people
  • No children under 18 years old will be allowed in the building
  • We ask that appointments be limited to no more than 2 hours for safety and so that we may reduce exposure
  • No food or drink will be permitted on premises to reduce the need for removing the masks
  • Social distancing must be adhered to, please keep 6 feet away from others.
  • If you are sick, or may have been in contact with somebody who is sick, please reschedule your appointment to a later date.
  • Our hours of operation are M-F ampm. The last appointment given will be around pm and we will have a hard shutdown at 5pm in order to properly clean the building.

Those not adhering to the rules will not be permitted in the building.


We require that all parties involved wear a face mask and keep a social distance of at least 6 feet. We deliver to all areas of the USA, however with COVID, please call and check if your area has been affected. Please note, that we have to follow both local laws as well as take extra precautions where necessary due to the pandemic.

We hope everyone remains healthy and safe during this pandemic. Please be smart, be aware, and let’s stop the spread of COVID

Your Michelangelo Designs Team

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Parallel Lives Converge, With Help From an App


Careers in finance led Daniil Kalyuzhny and Nina Naydenova to meet. Shared experience immigrating from Eastern Europe as children led them to marry.

Daniil Kalyuzhny and Nina Naydenova disagree about the nature of their first meeting. In , Mr. Kalyuzhny, then an M.B.A. student at Cornell University, attended a recruiting event for business school students at J.P. Morgan Chase & Company, where Ms. Naydenova is an executive director of mergers and acquisitions. She describes the encounter as an interview, while he considers it more of an interrogation. What they do agree on is that not even the faintest spark flew.

“Nina asked me questions rapid fire on why I wanted to be a banker,” Mr. Kalyuzhny recalled. “Let’s just say the meeting was intimidating, and no sparks flew, just sweat.”

Mr. Kalyuzhny, 33, is now a vice president of investment banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. A graduate of Manhattan College with a M.B.A. from Cornell, he immigrated to America with his family from Odessa, Ukraine, when he was 2, settling in Passaic, N.J. and later moving to Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Ms. Naydenova, 33, is a graduate of Cornell and first came to America with her mother and brother, following her father, from Etropole, Bulgaria, when she was 6. When she was 8, along with her mother and brother,shewent back to Bulgaria for a year because of visa issues, returning to America for good when she was 9 and settling in Clifton, N.J., a mile from Passaic.

After reconnecting on the dating app The League, Mr. Kalyuzhny and Ms. Naydenova went on a first date to Dear Irving, a bar in Gramercy Park, in May Over four hours, he had four cocktails; she, a glass of white wine. Ms. Naydenova left thinking she’d like to see Mr. Kalyuzhny again, but she played it cool.

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“I wasn’t getting my hopes up,” Ms. Naydenova said. “I had been dating a lot and I was super jaded.”

On their second date, they picnicked in Central Park. More casual dates followed, then Mr. Kalyuzhny upped the ante by suggesting they spend a long weekend in Jamaica over the July 4 holiday. After stalling long enough for the airfare to increase, Ms. Naydenova agreed. The trip would solidify their relationship.

Mr. Kalyuzhny is Jewish and Ms. Naydenova is Orthodox Christian, though neither come from religious families. They cite their time at Cornell and careers in finance as undeniable commonalities, along with their shared immigrant experience.

“Although we grew up here and mostly pass as American, our families are not,” said Ms. Naydenova, whose native language, Bulgarian,is written in the same Cyrillic alphabet as Mr. Kalyuzhny’s native language, Russian.

By August , they were living together in a West Village loft and Mr. Kalyuzhny asked Ms. Naydenova to block out some time on her calendar for another picnic. While she was working out, he added a new page to a relationship scrapbook she kept, proposing the all-important question.

As they picnicked on a knoll overlooking the West Side Highway, Ms. Naydenova flipped through the scrapbook. When she got to the newly added page, Mr. Kalyuzhny pulled out a ring. Later, the couple returned to their loft, where friends surprised them with a pyramid of Ladurée macarons, one of Ms. Naydenova’s favorite confections.

They initially planned to marry in July , but postponed because of the Coronavirus — first to July , then again to Sept. 11, when the couple was married before roughly vaccinated guests in a socially-distant ceremony at Chelsea Piers. The Rev. Susanna Stefanachi Macomb, an interfaith minister ordained by the New Seminary, officiated.

“Nina just feels like my true partner in every way,” said Mr. Kalyuzhny.

“I can be completely myself with Daniil,” Ms. Naydenova said. “Even when I’m weird and awkward.”


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