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summary: kirishima makes the mistake of pissing bakugo off one day and instead of his temperamental companion calling him names, bakugo resorts to telling you something that kirishima has been keeping from you for some time in order to get revenge

  • pairing: eijirou kirishima x reader
  • warning: some cursing on kacchan’s part as always but other than that lots of fluff
  • word count: 1300+
  • fandom: my hero academia

Everyone in class 1A knew that Bakugo was unpredictable when he lost his temper, Kirishima included. Still Kirishima would never have thought that his friend would go as far as exposing his biggest secret to you out of spite. It would be a lie to say that Kirishima didn’t kind of had it coming. He’s been sort of teasing Bakugo all day. Kirishima couldn’t help himself after he went to Katsuki’s dorm to wake him up for class and Eijirou found his fellow UA student cuddling a teddy bear as he snored away. Anyone would have to admit that that was hilarious.

Bakugo had done everything to get Kirishima to quit talking about the embarrassing scene he had stumbled upon this morning. He yelled and insulted the red head multiple times but Kirishima wouldn’t let up. Things didn’t go to the next level until Kirishima had the nerve to ask Bakugo what his bear’s name was while the kids were waiting for Aizawa to show up to teach their class. By now Bakugo’s face was entirely red and his eyes were full of pure fury.

“I told you to shut it shittyhair” Bakugo growled, far beyond willing to show any mercy. “But you just couldn’t listen. Fine, if that’s how you want it. I’m going to make you regret pissing me off”,

Kirishima nervously laughed in response to this threat. The chuckle was inspired by the fact that Kirishima doubted that Bakugo would really do something THAT bad. At the same time Kirishima couldn’t stop his anxiety from spiking because he was still unsure of what exactly Bakugo intended to do. A little confused, Kirshima watched as Bakugo arose from his desk and suddenly started walking over to yours. What was he doing? What did you have to do with Bakugo taking out his revenge on Kirishima?

Maybe it should have been obvious but Kirishima didn’t even consider the possibility that Bakugo would tell the truth to you until it was far too late. “Hey” Bakugo greeted more aggressively than necessary. Not having noticed Katsuki before then, you jumped a little before turning to your classmate. Naive as to what was going on you gave Bakugo that shy smile that always made Kirishima’s heart skip a beat when you looked at him that way.

‘Oh hi Bakugo, what’s up?” you asked. You weren’t too far away from where Kirshima was still sitting so he was able to overhear the whole exchange. He soon came to wish that he was nowhere close to you when Bakugo finally continued. Actually, he would have preferred not being in the room at all and instead at the bottom of a deep deep hole because that’s how humiliated he was about to be.

“I just thought you should know that shittyhair over there has a crush on you” Bakugo informed, pointing toward Kirishima. The blood in Kirishima’s face wasted no time in draining itself. Your own cheeks became hot as you looked between Kirishima and Bakugo, trying to determine whether or not this was an elaborate prank or not. When you saw the look on Kirishima’s face you were able to realize two things. One, this wasn’t a joke and two, Kirishima hadn’t wanted you to know that quite yet.

Too bad it was far too late to stop Bakugo. Things had been said and it appeared as if you had something you wanted to tell Kirishima but right when your lips had parted, Aizawa entered the room. As always Iida ordered everyone back to their seats as your teacher walked through the door. This left neither of you time to address what had happened, All Kirishima could do was face the front of the class as his blush refused to go away.

“Why would you do that dude? You know I didn’t want [Y/N] to know that I liked them” Kirishima murmured as Aizawa wrote the lesson plan on the board.

Bakugo, who was sitting in front of Kirisima again didn’t even bother looking back at him as he answered. “You were asking for it,” said Bakugo unapologetically. “When you think about it I was actually doing you a favour, dumbass. We both know that you would have never told them yourself. I was just speeding up the process”.

Safe to say that the teddy bear from this morning was not brought up again. Kirishima didn’t really say anything for the rest of class. Too flustered to do or look anywhere else, Kirishima thought it best to only focus on the worksheet Eraserhead had passed out. Throughout the class Kirishima could feel you send occasional glances his way. Not daring to gaze back at you Kirishima had planned on avoiding you as much as he could for the rest of the day and that was still what he aimed to do when the bell rang.

Despite it being because of Bakugo that you now knew how Kirishima left, they still walked out of class together. Kirishima had accepted that he probably pushed Bakugo so much so he was as much to blame for the situation as Katsuki was. So there were no hard feelings when the two boys discussed how they’d be spending the rest of the evening now that they had finished the school day. They hadn’t gotten far when your voice suddenly rang in both Kirishima and Bakugo’s ears. “Kiri! Wait up!” you called, causing Eijirou to tense up.

Overcome by panic, Kirishima attempted to run away before you could catch up to them in the hallway. Thwarting his escape, Bakugo grabbed the back of Kirishima’s uniform so he could keep him in place. “Haven’t you gotten back at me enough!?” Kirishima demanded, running frantically in place. He’d always be amazed at how strong Bakugo could be. There was really no slipping out of his grip.

“I didn’t take you for one who liked to run away from his problems,” Bakugo scowled. “Stay here and deal with it. You’ll have to do it at some point anyway shittyhair”.

That was true enough. Besides retreating wasn’t very manly was it? Giving up, Kirishima quit trying to take off, which caused Bakugo to release him. “I’m glad I caught up to you” you grinned a little awkwardly once you reached the boys. “I um… I wanted to talk about what Bakugo had said before. Was it true?” you asked, tilting your head to the side in the most adorable way.

Letting out a breath, Kirishima nodded. “Yeah, that’s not exactly how I wanted you to find out but Bakugo thought that you should know” explained Kirishima, earning a scoff from Katsuki. “I do really like you [Y/N]. I get it if you don’t feel the same way. I just hope that we can still be friends-”.

Suddenly Kirishima was cut up by your lips pecking him on the cheek. He hadn’t anticipated that. Before Kirishima didn’t think it was possible for him to blush even more than he had earlier but here he was, his entire body as red as the hair on his bed after the quick kiss. “I like you too Kiri” you confessed, twiddling your thumbs in a cute manner. “Maybe we can hang out tomorrow and talk about it some more?”.

A little lost in disbelief, Kirishima nodded again but this time a little more slowly because of the bewildered state he was in. Appearing thrilled with his reply, you walked away with the biggest smile on your face. Kirishima watched you go until Bakugo flicked him in the ear, snapping him out of it. “If I would have known that this would have ended so well for you I probably wouldn’t have said anything” Bakugo grumbled as Eijirou rubbed his sore lobe.

Brought back to reality, Kirisima beamed like a fool back at Bakugo. “Yeah, who would have guessed” he laughed, nudging Bakugo playfully. “Maybe I should make you mad more often”.


note: as a few anon’s requested, here’s some kirishima content. thank you to bakugo, the ultimate match maker for setting up these two dummies. I hope that this is okay :)))) like and reblog if you were a fan of this one and I always love reading your comments


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Archive of Our Own betaArchive of Our Own

"A sunset is the sun's fiery kiss to the night." (Crystal Woods)

The red string that is tied around your right pinky claims that you have a soulmate, but you couldn't follow it. It only leads you onward, over the ocean and into the alluring horizon. Despite the string never tugging you forward, you cling tightly onto hope.

You are trapped in a perpetual night, the consuming darkness suffocating you.

Will you find your light?


This is basically a kirishima/reader fanfic where you replace Hagakure in class 1A and go through the majority of the show.

*updates when able to*

I do not own My Hero Academia: neither it's plot or characters in any way. I own my OCs and the plot. Reblogging or reposting my story of any sort- on any other platform- is strictly prohibited.

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Fool (Kirishima x Reader)

Pairing: Kirishima x Reader

Genre: Angst

Inspo: “Twit” by HwaSa

Summary: You’re facing some conflicting feelings about your boyfriend Kirishima, and you’re guilty about them.

Word count: 1,950

Tags:  @yuki-osaki​ @liviitehe​ @iamsoftsodonttoucheume-blog​  

a/n: First official Kiri post!  And it’s really depressing. And kinda messy.

Ok this was difficult to write. It hurted. Kind of a lot.

I had a block writing this because I was probably trying to reject all this hurt that I’m trying to inflict on this beautiful boy. He doesn’t deserve any of this, I’m sorry sharkbaby :(  So apologies if it’s not up to the same standard as everything else I write, something in me was just rejecting any angst towards Kiri and it threw me off my game.

Even with my large headphones on, I can feel his loving gaze on the back of my head as he lays on my bed, a love-struck grin on his face.

It’s annoying.  Doesn’t he have something better to do than watch me?

Kirishima gets up and stands behind me, sliding my headphones off and placing them on the desk before wrapping his arms around me.  "Babe, when are you gonna finish?  I wanna watch a movie with you.“

The musky scent that used to weaken me tickles my nose.  "Kiri, didn’t Mina ask you to go out with them tonight?” I ask lazily, trying to hide my strained irritation.

“She did, but I’d rather be with you, babe.”  His arms wrap tighter around my shoulders.  "I’d miss my beautiful angel.“

I grimace to myself.  "But don’t you want to have some time away from me?  We see each other almost all the time, you deserve to be with your friends for once.  They probably want to see you.”

“It wouldn’t be manly of me to leave you by yourself on a Friday night.  I can be with them another time,” he places a kiss on the side of my head.

That’s not true.  Kirishima’s been blowing off his friends for the past month.  It’s great that he wants to give me all his attention, but it’s gotten worse.  My hand clenches around the my pen unconsciously.

“I even brought big bag of chips for us to share!”  He walks over to my bed and I hear the crinkling plastic.  "I’ve been waiting all week for us to chill together!  Especially after all the training Aizawa put us through.“

Oh, Kiri.  I can’t knock him for being incredibly sweet.  He’s certainly putting his entire heart into the relationship.  I turn my music off and put my books away.  "Alright, I’m finished.”  Slowly walking towards the bed, he opens my laptop excitedly.  I lift the covers to slip in next to him.

He’s scrolling through the options.  "Hmm, I’m down for anything, but what do you wanna watch?“

"Just put anything on.”  I try to sound more enthusiastic to hiding the lifeless tone of my voice.

After a bit of back and forth, he finally puts on an action movie for us to watch.  Though I’d suggested it for us to watch since I know it’s Kirishima’s favorite, I wasn’t too interested in it.  Although, watching the male protagonist makes me guilty.  My boyfriend sits next to me, but I’m thinking about being dominated by a stronger man.

I think Mina secretly hates me.  She’s become less energetic whenever I talk to our group of friends.  At lunch, she glares daggers as Kirishima digs himself into me, flickering back and forth between the two of us.  I choose to focus on my phone while my boyfriend talks to Bakugou, his hand permanently circled around my waist like I’m a precious suitcase.  Sometimes, he’ll rest his head on my shoulder, not tearing his eyes away from the conversation, telling me he’s still thinking of me even when he’s not looking right at me.

It’s suffocating.

Between Mina’s watchful eyes and Kirishima’s grip on me, I never realized how much I want to disappear.  I want to tell her it’s not my fault her best friend wants to spend every waking moment with me.  I’d love for her to take him off my hands for a day.

My only solace is Bakugou.  Funnily enough, I love how he’s not giving me the time of day.  Not in a mean way, he just doesn’t talk to me much since he’s Kirishima’s best friend.  But it feels like that’s exactly what I desire, someone who purposely ignores me sometimes, someone who give me space to breathe, someone who can function properly without me.  He’s a man who’s a pillar of independence and power, someone who can take charge.  Someone who I’d love to take charge of me for once.

But as much as I could pine for Bakugou, he’s not for me either.  There’s no substance, no feeling there.  Us being together would be like an arranged marriage.  In theory, our personalities and desires are compatible, but the absence of any chemistry between us would make our relationship hollow.  Besides, Bakugou wouldn’t betray his best friend like that, he has morals even if he doesn’t have a quiet setting.

“I’m sure we’ll do fine on the midterms,” Kirishima squeezes his arm around me.  "Sharkbabe can review with me.  I’ll need the smartest person to help since I’m not the best at studying.“

His compliments used to fill me with warmth, building my confidence with his praises.  Now it feels like he’s an overbearing parent trying to brag about their just-average child to their friends.  "Maybe we can all study together.  The more the merrier, right?”

“You always have great ideas, babe.”  When Kirishima nuzzles his head further into my neck and I try not to stiffen visibly, the smug look on Bakugou’s face tells me he noticed it.  I playfully glare at him and he relaxes into a half-smile, a sign that he understands what I feel.

As Kirishima kisses my cheek and goes on about how great I am, there’s a cold sinking sensation in my chest.  How can I be so great when I’m the one making you seem so lonely?

After class, I sit in the classroom, just wanting to be alone with my thoughts.  My low energy doesn’t put me in the mood to train or even walk to the dorms.  Kirishima had surprised me with a cute box of chocolate for our 100 day anniversary that I’d forgotten about.  Actually, it’s more like I never cared enough to count how many days we’ve been a couple.

The box stares back at me, a reminder of how much better and more my boyfriend care than I do.  How much more he loves me than I love him.  It seems more and more apparent that he’s the sole person in this relationship.  My hand curls around my red shame.  Why does he have no problem showering me in affection when it’s so obvious that I don’t reciprocate it back?

Am I flawed?  Why can’t I appreciate being spoiled by such an amazing guy?  Doesn’t everyone want to feel loved like this?

Did I…make him like this?

He’s been so attentive, paying attention to everything I do and adjusting my day around it.  He always places my favorite drink on my desk before class every morning, he sometimes get lunch for me because he knows my favorite foods, he brings my favorite flavor of ice cream to eat on our breaks together.  But I don’t know anything about him, I never did anything like that to him.  And whenever I tell him to stop out of guilt, he smiles and says, “It’s manly to take care of the people you love.”

I groan out to myself.  I want to love him, but all his affection is smothering.  And that’s the fault in me.  I’d hate for him to be trying so hard just so I can give some of it back to him.  I just wish he would stopping trying and get angry for once.

“Kiri, I want to be left alone.  Please.”  I face away from him, laying on my side so I can’t see him.

“Babe, you’ve been distant for a few days.”  The worry lacing his words nauseates me.  "Talk to me, I want you to feel better.“

"Talking about it won’t help, I just don’t want to be around anyone,” I try to persuade him to leave.  "Please go.“

His silence almost fools me into think he’s listened to me, but I feel the bed sink behind me.  "I see you’re going through something,” his soft tone resounds close to me.  "I just want you to know that I’m here for you, I’ll do anything to help.“

And that’s when I know I can’t take it anymore.

I sit up and throw the blanket off of me.  "You’ll do anything, but you won’t shut up and leave when I ask,” I snap, getting up and walking to the other side of the room.  I refuse to look at him and his stupid, caring face.

“Sometimes, all you need is some company, I wouldn’t want to be alone suffering.”  He’s confused, but still kind.  He still doesn’t get it.

I whip around to face him.  "Funny, because from where I stand, you’re pretty lonely, you just don’t realize it or you’re just fooling yourself.“

Pure shock paints his features at my sudden outburst.  "Wha-”

“Do you really not see the problem between us?” I laugh bitterly, heat rising inside me.  "You’re the only person who’s actually putting effort into this relationship.  Actually, you might even be putting too much!“  When he still stares blankly at me, I continue, "I know you’ve realized that I don’t pay you any attention, I don’t do anything for you.  But you’re not bothered by it, you don’t even get mad about it!”

Kirishima rubs the back of his scarlet hair.  "I figured you’re just the type who can’t express your affections well.  I’m totally fine with just giving you everything because that’s the kind of guy I am.“

I bite my lip, about to burst.  "Wow.  You must be an idiot.”

His jaw flies open, hurt mixed in his eyes, but I can’t stop now.

“You’re okay with being treated like trash when you could have anyone else.  You’re such a masochist for letting someone mistreat you when there are so many other people who are so much better for you and will love you back, but you want the one person who doesn’t care.  Or maybe you’re some stupid, ignorant idiot who never even saw it in the first place because you’re love-blind.”

Though there’s a weight lifted off my chest, I feel hollow.  I’ve ripped an extremely stubborn band-aid off and the sting still remains.  He doesn’t even know how to look at me, but I can see the cogs turning in his mind as he processes my words.  My heart beats as I wait for some sort of reaction, the aftermath of my confession high climbing down now.

I watch as the initial shock and hurt slowly morphs into anger as his fists clench and slightly harden with his quirk.  "Maybe you’re right,“ he nods, a new resolve present.  "I do deserve someone better.  And when I find them, I won’t misread them like I did to you.  I’ll remember this.”  And he turns around and leaves quietly, not even slamming the door behind him.

The silence makes my ears buzz low, my body starting to shake slightly.  I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe more screaming?  A bigger fight?  One of us to end up crying?  It felt easy somehow.  The exchange didn’t last 2 minutes and it was already over.

I want to say that I regret lashing out like that.  More astonishing to me is that I don’t.  I just broke up with someone, I should feel some degree of pain or sadness.  Sure, it’s bittersweet: somewhere deep down, I’m sure I’ll miss some of his doting and his kind gestures, but I’m more relieved that he’ll find someone better instead of being tied down by someone like me who won’t - or can’t - do anything for him.

The anger and confusion that rage within me isn’t towards losing a relationship.   I reach a sobering conclusion: A bird does not make a barren tree any less barren; once it flies away it’s back to being a lonely, barren tree.


Teeth (Kirishima x Reader)


A surge of fear chilled your veins as the reality of your situation dawned upon you– the sensation froze every inch of your body as he neared you. Try as you might, the utter sense of dread, would not melt away. 

He came closer.

You searched him up and down, trying to find an opening– you needed to find an opening. You couldn’t just sit there like a dead fish, and do nothing. Your hands finally settle for his chest and chin. 

He came closer still, seemingly unaware of the inner turmoil ravaging your chest.

As Kirishima closed his eyes, he only hoped that you could not see that very same battle inside of his own chest. 

Finally, as your lips meet, your body melts.

All of your fear dissolves away as your body warms itself up against his soft lips, but for some reason your chills remain. They stay and morph into something much more electric at the base of your spine. 

You finally get what they mean by ‘sparks flying.’

Kirishima deepens the kiss, opening your mouth with his own as your lips fight for dominance, and your hands move automatically to the back of his head, grasping his hair for dear life as he begins winning over you. 

You felt your back hit the mattress beneath you, but you didn’t even remember falling backwards. Your head felt so light– it was like you were floating.

This was…

This was amazing

 Definitely better than anything your stupid mind had conjured up, previously. 

When you imagined what your first kiss would be like, you always imagined the worst possible outcomes: bumping your teeth, his breath stinking, getting cut up by braces–

As soon as the final thought passed your brain, you felt a sharp sensation slightly slice your lower lip.

“Ow!” you yelped, pulling back a bit to look Kirishima in the eye. Your eyes danced down his very concerned expression and then down to his mouth. Did he have braces?!

Your eyes fell upon his set of sharp, pointed teeth. 

“D-did I get you with them?” Kiri immediately scuttled away from you. His face delved into the same shade of red as his hair. Yours soon followed that warm blush.

You had seen so much of Kirishima lately that you completely overlooked his shark teeth!

Your mind fell into a deep pit of embarrassment, “No, you’re fine,” you insisted, but his fleeting glance to your lip screamed that he didn’t believe you, “Well you did– but it’s okay!”

Kirishima visibly lurched into himself– curling like the forgotten corpse of a spider in the corner of a room. He threw his face into his hands as he shook his head and released a deep groan, “I’m so so so sorry! I really thought I had it.  I mean I practiced and–” Suddenly he stopped himself, throwing up his wide eyes to meet your own.

Kirishima really did wish he was that dead spider right about now. Did he really just tell you that he practiced kissing you?? How unmanly of him!

The red head gulped, hoping to swallow some of his embarrassment– it didn’t work.

“You practiced?” your question sent of pang of panic throughout his stomach,

“Well not like… practice practice. It was nothing really. Just the back of my hand. I totally didn’t look it up on a WikiHow either.. That would be… that would be weird, right?” he scratched the back of his head nervously. 

Instead of a clear answer, you simply sent him an outrageous fit of laughter.

Kirishima threw you a puzzled glance– he didn’t know whether to laugh with you or to look mortified, so he did both,

“Yeah… it would be weird, huh?”

“No!” you exclaimed through laughs, “It’s just funny because that’s exactly what I did!”


X reader kirishima

Eijirou Kirishima x Reader +18 : Marshmallow

Word count: 1,364 words

Tags: Sweet and wholesome, just a good hubby giving his lover some reaffirmation sex

A/N: Short and sweet for the ladies with the curves (y’all are beautiful)


Dating a pro hero was… Quite the experience.

Dating Kirishima was even more of an experience.

You were unsure of why the boy wanted to be with you in the first place, seeing as you were just a normal girl who worked at a local coffee shop.

However, Kirishima would stop by every morning, watching you sweep the floors in the early hours before the rush of patrons. During these times, he’d always call you over for a chat. Every chat led you both to getting closer and closer.

Until one day, he stormed in with a bright blush and asked you out on the spot.

Soon enough, the public found out about Red Riot having a girlfriend. Which in turn, had a strong backlash on you.

You weren’t exactly the skinny, muscular type. You were strong, sure, but you were also incredibly curvy.

To Kirishima, you were like a perfect marshmallow. He loved you and all of his curves.

To the media… Well, they brought to light the negative self-deprecating thoughts you already had.

You had tried to ignore it but one day it had eventually broken you. After hearing it for months and months, a simple glare on the street had made you rush home and collapse at the door. You tried your best not to let out a wail, unsure if your lover had come home yet. So with a forced swallow, you slowly stuttered out.

”K-Kiri?” When silence passed, you tried again. ”Eiji?”

When silence continued to float around you, you allowed your tears to flow. You stood and wobbled away from the door, making your way up to your room with stifled cries.

When you opened your bedroom door however, you spotted your red-haired lover resting on the bed, chest rising and falling peacefully. Your eyes widened and you quickly wiped away your tears.

You approached his sleeping figure and you gently placed a hand on his chest, slowly trailing it down to his abs. A soft whine emitted from your lover before a red-eye slowly peeked open.

”Hey there Sunshine.” He spoke in a groggy voice. Not trusting your voice yet, you placed a gentle kiss on his lips. Right when tears began to well up in your eyes again, you felt a thumb swipe underneath each of your eyes. ”What’s got you looking so down?”

”Huh? Nothing’s wrong.” You lied before you could even think of an actual response. Kirishima clicked his tongue, already knowing all too well.

”Babe, do you think I haven’t noticed what’s been going on?” He sat up and pulled you onto his lap. His arms wrapped around you tightly. ”It hurts to see you look at yourself like you're… Worthless.”

You knew Kirishima wasn’t really one for heavy talk. You could tell he was trying to find the right words to say but it just wasn’t coming to him.

Kirishima, knowing that he probably wouldn’t be able to figure it out, decided to do what he does best.

He slowly nudged you both down until your back was against the bed and he was above you. He leaned down and gently began to kiss you.

The kiss was tender and sweet. His tongue occasionally licked your bottom lip and his teeth nipped right after. He pulled his lips away just far enough so he could speak to you.

”You’re so incredibly amazing. Your body is beautiful.” His hand slid down your side and gripped your hip. He leaned down to dig his face into your neck. You tilted your head up slightly, and he gave your neck a soft kiss. “I love your body. You’re my little marshmallow.”

You snorted and began to giggle. Kirishima laughed with you, relieved that you had a smile on your lips. He pulled you over as he flopped down onto the bed. You were now straddling him with a flustered expression.

“I don’t care what the media says.” He spoke, gazing up at your body. “You’re perfect in my eyes. Come here, Muffin.” His arms stretched and he awaited your embrace. You slowly laid your body down atop his and you sighed when you felt his strong arms wrap around you.

He placed a soft kiss on your cheek while he began to rub your back. His hands slowly trailed down in a soothing circular motion until his finger brushed against the hem of your bottoms.

”Kiri.” You warned with a low tone. He chuckled and lifted his hands up.

”Caught red-handed?” He suddenly slapped his hands onto your ass. ”Might as well go all the way then!”

You snorted and giggled into his chest. When you got the laughter out of your system, you leaned your head up to kiss him. Kirishima let out a surprised hum and gripped your ass tighter as he began to kiss back.

His hips slowly began to grind up against yours, causing gentle sighs and hums to escape your lips.

-And to think that just a few moments ago, you were sobbing your eyes out.

The thought quickly drifted away when you felt Kirishima’s hands slide up your shirt and cup your breasts. Your breath hitched and you pushed your body up.

”Are- Are we really doing this? So late?” You asked. Kirishima’s eyes softened and he gave you a small smile.

”Only if you want to.”

Without another word spoken, you crashed your lips back against his, kissing more fiercely than before. You could feel a strong fiery passion building up in your chest, and you were certain Kirishima could feel it too.

His hands left your body to undo his belt and button. Soon enough, he had kicked his pants off and impatiently pulled his dick out of his boxers.

He then went to pull your bottoms off as well, muttering for you to lift your knees up so he could get them off all the way. As you both grew more impatient, you both gave a simultaneous ”fuck it” and left your pants at your ankles and pulled your panties to the side.

Knowing you were already slick from your make-out session, you began to lower yourself onto Kirishima’s throbbing member. He hissed and gripped your hips tightly.

”Ah- shit babe-” His sentence was cut off by a loud grunt as you lowered yourself down completely. You felt him twitch inside of you, and a flush rose to your cheeks.

”Kiri… Eiji…” You groaned as you began to rock your hips. You bit your lip and gave him a seductive gaze. ”Red Riot~”

Kirishima began to bounce you and he threw his head back. His hips jerked up in small, but hard twitches. He may not have ever admitted it, but it drove him absolutely crazy when you called him by his hero name.

A sudden sharper jerk made you cry out. Your back arched and you gripped his shoulders tightly.

”Please! Red Riot! Fuck!” You cursed as Kirishima pushed you down onto the mattress and began to pound into you. You felt him lick your neck a bit before he bit down, careful not to pierce your skin.

”My sweet marshmallow…” He mumbled against your skin. ”Cum for me.”

Those words alone were all you needed to hear. Your orgasm came in a hot flash and your tongue flopped out of your mouth.

A few hard thrusts later Kirishima joined you in a blissful high. He still clung to you tightly, as if you were going to leave. But you simply lied there, flushed and panting.

”Eiji… Eiji…” You whined. Kirishima blinked himself to his senses. He lifted himself up slightly so he could look at you. You smiled at the sight of his attentive eyes on you, and his hair falling over his flushed face.

”You okay?” He questioned worriedly, tilting his head to check your neck where he had previously bitten you.

”Yeah. Thank you.” Your eyes flickered to the side. ”I… I really needed that. I needed this.”

Kirishima’s eyes met yours again and he let out a gentle sigh of relief. He gently nuzzled his nose against yours, snickering slightly.

”You should know that I’ll always love you my little marshmallow.”

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Kirishima X mute reader


Unmanly (Kirishima Eijirou x Reader)

Class seemed much longer than usual as Kirishima drowned out the sound of Aizawa-sensei’s lecture in favor of staring out the window. And yet, even the sight of the trees outside couldn’t stop him from turning to gaze, once again, in your direction.(Last Name) (First Name).Not only were you one of the most diligent students in the class, but you were also equally talented, not to mention attractive and outgoing. Kirishima clenched his fist wistfully, looking up at the ceiling. If only he could man up enough to ask you out. Then he could tell you all of this in person—“Oi, Kirishima. I asked you to answer a question, not fight an invisible enemy” Aizawa-sensei snapped from the front of the classroom.“Oh, r-right! Sorry!”~♡~•~✿~•~♡~Letting out another sigh as he trudged out of U.A., Kirishima pondered how he could approach you. Perhaps he could ask for help on the exam? But if he did that, he was sure his other classmates wouldn’t hesitate to ask for your help as well.“Hey, Sh*tty Hair, your sighing’s getting annoying” Bakugou barked from beside him.Kirishima glanced sullenly at Bakugou, then shook his head.No.There was no way, right?As he snuck another glance in his friend’s direction, Bakugou snapped “stop staring! Just spit it out, dumb*ss!”“Bakugou, how would you ask a girl out?” Kirishima asked, deciding to give Bakugou the benefit of the doubt.“Hah? I’d challenge her to a fight and crush her!” Bakugou said, smashing his fists together.“I want to ask (Last Name) out, not knock her out” Kirishima said exasperatedly, “you’re thinking of the wrong kind of out.” After a moment of thought, Kirishima snapped his fingers. “I was thinking of buying her a gift, or maybe taking her out to eat!”“Seriously? How boring” Bakugou scoffed, “a fight would be way more interesting!”“You’re...really hopeless” Kirishima groaned. He then straightened, lifting his fist into the air. “You know what? I’ll man up and do a man!”“Whatever” Bakugou grunted.~♡~•~✿~•~♡~Kirishima tapped his fingers nervously against the table, his eyes constantly flitting from you to the clock. As soon as the bell rang, Kirishima grabbed his bag and raced out the door after you.“Wait, (Last Name)!”You turned at the sound of his voice and after exchanging a few words with Yaoyorozu, who nodded and continued on home, you waited for him to approach.“Kirishima-kun” you greeted with a smile.Kirishima swallowed hard. Why did you have to be so d*mn attractive?“Sorry about that” Kirishima said nervously, “I wanted to talk to you.”“What did you want to talk about?” you asked.“You see, I—”Cr*p. This was going to be hard.“I think you’re manly!” Kirishima burst out, “wait no, that’s not what I meant to say.” Panicking, Kirishima said quickly, “I want to fight you—no, ask you…!”Kirishima internally groaned at his own stupidity. Why did he think he could do this? Should he play it off as a joke? But it was already too late to just pass off as a—You laughed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”Ah. What a failure. How unmanly of him.“I’m...sorry” Kirishima said sheepishly, “I’ll stop taking up your time now—”“Actually, there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about as well” you said, seeming a little embarrassed as you tucked your hair behind your ear. “Would you like to go on a date with me, Kirishima-kun? I’ve admired you for a while now.”Kirishima gaped as he processed your words. You admired him?Was he dreaming?But you were standing in front of him, waiting nervously for his response. This was reality!“Of course, yes!” Kirishima said quickly, “I’ve admired you, too! I’ve wanted to ask you for a long time!”You gave him a bright smile. “That’s a relief! I’m glad I talked to Bakugou-kun yesterday.”“Huh, Bakugou?” Kirishima asked in confusion.“Ah well” you averted your gaze, “yesterday, Bakugou-kun approached me and asked how I felt about you, Kirishima-kun. So I thought that maybe, I’d be brave and ask you about it.”Kirishima lifted his fist in the air, crying silent tears of gratitude for his friend.Bakugou, how unexpected. Thank you, my friend!“Um...if we’re dating now, would it be alright to call you Eijirou-kun?” you asked timidly.Stiffening embarrassedly at the thought, Kirishima stammered “uh yes, I! Wait, no I mean—!”“Haha, which is it?”D*mn!Kirishima cursed himself.How unmanly!


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