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Anyone Built/Running a 3rd Gen Ford Expedition?

Todd n Natalie said:

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that statement. They do make an Expedition EL / Max to compete against the Suburban / Yukon XL.

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What I mean is that you hardly see any of them around. Yes, they make them, not sure who is buying them but I'll go back to my earlier statement that the ratio of GM to Ford in the full size SUV arena is at least In fact, that may be generous to Ford - it could be close to

You can't watch 5 minutes of TV without hearing comedian Denis Leary's tough-guy voice spouting off about the F but you never hear a peep about the Expedition other than generic "Ford's SUV lineup" advertising in which the Expedition plays an "also available" role. Does Ford even market the Expedition anymore?

I've never seen an ad for an Expedition on TV (except as noted above) nor in any print magazine except maybe in a car magazine (and then it was only when the "new body style" came out for ) nor online anywhere.

In fact, I didn't even know about the Expedition EL until I saw one driving down the street. If Ford wants to take on GM in the full-sized SUV field, shouldn't they at least, you know, advertise a little? The EL ought to be aimed at the same customers who keep buying the Suburban and Yukon XL year after year but Ford doesn't seem to make even the slightest effort to let people know they exist.

But who knows - maybe this is some kind of backwards "hipster" marketing technique?

"What am I driving? Oh, it's this really obscure SUV called the Expedition EL. You've probably never heard of it." :LOL:


Sours: https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/anyone-built-running-a-3rd-gen-ford-expedition/

Ford Expedition Generations

– Present Ford Expedition (4th Generation)


The fourth-generation Ford Expedition went on sale in November as a model.

This generation rides on a new chassis — the same one the automaker uses for the Lincoln Navigator — which has a wheelbase that’s three inches wider and an overall length that’s four inches longer.

The seven- or eight-seat Expedition is also one inch taller than its predecessors and features a lighter aluminum-alloy body. Thanks to these updates, the Expedition is more spacious, has more legroom and weighs pounds less than the previous generation.

There’s also the Expedition MAX, which adds almost a foot to the overall length of the vehicle, translating into nearly identical passenger space but considerably more cargo room in the back. As of , the Expedition MAX is Ford's biggest SUV.

The fourth-generation Expedition and Expedition MAX come in three trim levels: the base XLT, the mid-level Limited, and the luxury-level Platinum trim.

The XLT trim is offered in rear- and four-wheel drive configurations. It features cloth upholstery, a push-button start, a inch LCD screen in the instrument panel and inch aluminum-alloy wheels.

The Platinum trim features climate-controlled and massaging leather seats, a forward sensing system, and polished alloy wheels. It also boosts the engine’s horsepower and torque slightly.

All models use the EcoBoost liter turbocharged V6 engine of the previous generation. The engine, which has been updated to make horsepower ( on the Platinum) and foot-pounds of torque ( on the Platinum).

This Expedition now has a towing capacity of 9, pounds. A new speed automatic transmission that drivers can control with a rotary dial on the center console is also standard in all models.

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– Ford Expedition (3rd Generation)


The third-generation Expeditions benefited from sweeping mechanical updates and some minor aesthetic enhancements.

Ford switched to a new T1 platform which enabled it to develop extended-length versions of the standard Expeditions. The new Expedition EL was inches longer than the standard Expedition, had more cargo space, and was easily distinguishable by its stretched cargo-area windows. Like its predecessor, this generation used an independent rear suspension, which allows for more cargo space in the rear.

The regular trims—Expedition XL, XLT, XLT Premium, XLT Sport, Limited, and King Ranch— received new hollow-bar grilles and multifaceted headlamps that gave them a sleeker look, among other exterior enhancements. The redesigned interior featured a new dashboard and a more prominent center stack.

A new six-speed intelligent automatic transmission became standard on all Expeditions. Ford later dropped the XL and XLT Sport trims for the model year. In subsequent years, Ford dropped the XLT Premium version and added a Platinum trim.

The third-generation Expeditions were powered by the same liter V8 engine of the previous generation. With a boosted output of horsepower and foot-pounds of torque, the Expeditions could tow up to 9, pounds.

For the model year, Ford introduced an EcoBoost liter V6 engine with twin turbochargers that was rated at horsepower and foot-pounds of torque. Direct injection in the new engine made the Expedition more fuel efficient (15 miles per gallon city and 21 miles per gallon highway), and Ford decided to discontinue the liter V8 engine.

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– Ford Expedition (2nd Generation)


The second-generation Ford Expeditions came with a redesigned interior and exterior. The boxy look of the first generation was still the same, but simpler lines, tighter panel gaps, and other minor body modifications made for a cleaner look. The interior got plush carpeting, aluminum trim, and new door panels.

Through the three model years, Ford offered the Expedition in eight trim levels, all variations of the original XLT and Eddie Bauer trims.

Buyers could choose from the two-wheel drive XLT liter V8 Value trim all the way up to the four-wheel drive Eddie Bauer liter V8 trim level.

The output of the liter engine increased to horsepower and foot-pounds of torque. The new liter engine delivered horsepower and foot-pounds of torque. Subsequent modifications on the liter engine pushed its output to horsepower and foot-pounds of torque. For the model year update, Ford dropped the liter V8 engine and made the liter engine standard on all Expeditions.

All trims came with a new variable-assist power steering that eased maneuverability on low speeds and increased stability on high speeds. Ford paired the four-speed automatic transmission of the previous generation with new control software that recognized and adapted to changes in load capacity and road conditions.

This generation was also noteworthy for being the first Expedition to use an independent rear suspension, a feature which all subsequent generations used. These modifications, coupled with a stiffer chassis increased towing capacity by pounds.

One of the new safety features that this generation carried was an optional four airbag system that offered six-way occupant protection.

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– Ford Expedition (1st Generation)


Ford first announced the Expedition in May The full-size, four-door SUV was to replace the compact two-door Ford Bronco that had been in production since

First-generation Expeditions were based on the U platform of Ford’s F pickup. Both models—the Expedition and F—shared front-end looks and mechanical components, including engines, transmissions, and front suspensions.

Partly because of this platform, the Expedition was bigger than most of the sport-utility vehicles of the time (though it was similar in size to the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban). The Expedition’s longer wheelbase ( inches compared to inches of the Lexus LX) allowed three rows of seating—the third-row rear seat being optional—that could accommodate the driver and eight adult passengers. Up top, the Expedition spotted sliding cross-bar roof racks.

When it went on sale in October , the Expedition was available in two trims: the base XLT and the more upscale Eddie Bauer version. Standard features in the Eddie Bauer trim included leather seats, dual zone climate control, and a power moonroof.

Buyers could choose between rear-wheel and four-wheel drive in either model. Both trims featured four-speed automatic transmissions. Under their hoods, the Expeditions came with V8 engines that gave them plenty of towing capacity. The standard liter V8 engine delivered horsepower and put out foot-pounds of torque. The optional liter V8 engine delivered horsepower and foot-pounds of torque.

Updated models featured the same engine choices. However, Ford amped up the horsepower for the liter and liter engines to horsepower and horsepower respectively. The smaller engine could tow 6, pounds and the larger one could pull up to 8, pounds.

Standard safety features in the first-generation Expeditions included two airbags with two-way occupant protection and three-point safety belts in all seat rows.

View 1st Generation Listings

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Sours: https://www.autolist.com/ford-expedition/ford-expedition-generations
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Common Ford Expedition Problems: 3rd Generation ( to )

Ford Expedition Problems

Every vehicle has its typical issues owners can expect to run into. Here are the 5 most common Ford Expedition problems of the 3rd generation, years to

Fix your 3rd gen Ford Expedition yourself with quality auto parts at 1aauto.com

Top 5 Issues on the 3rd Gen Ford Expedition ( to )

1. MAF Sensor Failure

Symptoms of MAF Sensor Failure

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Rough engine idle
  • Hesitation after pressing the accelerator pedal

Causes of MAF Sensor Failure

The MAF sensor measures how much air the engine is drawing so the computer knows how much fuel to mix with it for combustion. If the MAF sensor is dirty or has internal damage, it can cause the symptoms above. Sometimes the MAF sensor fails from use, and other times it fails from moisture sneaking in and damaging the internal components or from a problem with the electrical connection.

A dirty engine air filter may also cause these symptoms.

A loose or unlatched air filter housing cover or air intake hose clamp can also cause these symptoms.

How to Fix MAF Sensor Failure

Check the wires for damage like tearing. Disconnect the electrical connector and check it for corrosion or discoloration on the terminals.

Check the sensor unit on the MAF sensor for dark markings or accumulation. This is a sign the MAF sensor is dirty. You can try cleaning the MAF sensor with MAF sensor cleaner, and if that doesn&#;t clear the symptoms, replace the MAF sensor.

Check the air filter in the air filter housing for debris and dirt. If the engine air filter is dirty, replace it.

Make sure the air filter housing is secure and that all of the hoses and hose clamps are securely connected.

2. EGR Valve and Sensor Failure

Note: Not all 3rd gen Expeditions will have an EGR, also known as exhaust gas recirculation.

Symptoms of EGR Valve and Sensor Problems on the to Ford Expedition

  • Slower acceleration
  • Rough idling
  • Engine ticking
  • Engine knocking

Causes of a Bad EGR Valve and Sensor

If the EGR sensor isn&#;t working, it can&#;t control the EGR valve. If the EGR valve can&#;t open and close on time, the engine won&#;t perform as well. Carbon build-up can also keep the EGR valve from opening and closing as it needs to.

A closed EGR valve will cause build-up of nitrous oxide gas in the engine cylinder, which can cause engine ticking and knocking.

A stuck open EGR valve can cause rough idling and slower acceleration.

How to Fix a Bad EGR Valve and Sensor

General steps for testing an EGR valve

  1. Read any Engine Codes

    Connect a scanner to the OBD-II port and pull the codes for the check engine light

  2. Remove the EGR Valve

    Disconnect and remove the EGR valve

  3. Clean the EGR Valve

    Clean the EGR valve and its hoses of any carbon build-up

  4. Replace the EGR Sensor

    If there is still an issue, replace the sensor

3. Spark Plugs Sticking

Symptoms of Spark Plug Problems

  • Spark plugs difficult to remove from the engine

Causes of Spark Plug Problems on the 3rd Gen Ford Expedition

The spark plugs on the 2-valve engines had an issue remaining fastened inside. On the L 3-valve engines the spark plugs fall a little further down into the engine head because of a sleeve to fix the fastening issue, but the spark plugs&#; sleeve is prone to sticking inside of the engine from rust and carbon build-up when it&#;s time to replace them.

How to Fix Spark Plug Problems

Run an internal engine cleaner that can break down the carbon in the spark plug area.

While it&#;s not good practice to work on a warm engine, we recommend changing the spark plugs with the engine warm to help loosen them from the build-up.

After the ignition coils have been removed, spray compressed air into the engine cylinder to loosen the spark plug sleeves. Then spray a little rust penetrant to loosen the spark plugs further. Remove the spark plugs with a specialized spark plug socket, which can help remove the spark plugs from the 3rd gen Expedition easier.

If one of the spark plugs breaks, the tool set below from 1aauto.com can help remove it.

4. Aluminum Body Panel Corrosion

Flaking paint revealing corrosion, a common problem on the to Ford Expedition

Symptoms of Body Panel Corrosion

  • Gray corrosion underneath the paint can bubble and flake it

Causes of Aluminum Body Panel Corrosion

The corrosion stems from iron contamination during manufacture that occurred before the vehicle was coated and painted. The 3rd gen Expedition can also corrode from the body being exposed to the elements.

How to Fix Body Panel Corrosion

The corrosion is not a safety issue or a structural problem but an aesthetic issue. Sanding the area down, cleaning it, and resurfacing the area with new paint should fix this problem. A body shop can also fix this problem.

5. Blower Motor Resistor

Symptoms of Blower Motor Resistor

  • Heat and fan settings only work at certain speeds

Causes of Blower Motor Resistor

The blower motor resistor tends to fail on the lower settings, which means it should be replaced. Sometimes a failed blower motor can melt down the wiring. Corrosion on the wires can also cause failure.

How to Fix a Blower Motor Resistor

Replace the blower motor resistor. We recommend replacing the blower motor at the same time in case it is causing the failure. If the resistor has corrosion, check the electrical connector, which may need to be cleaned and also replaced.

Fix Your 3rd Gen Ford Expedition Yourself

Check out 1A Auto&#;s how-to videos that cover tons of repairs for the to Ford Expedition and more models.

3rd Generation Ford Expedition Model Years

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Ford Expedition Problems | 3rd Generation ( to )
Ford Expedition Problems | 3rd Generation ( to )
This article covers the top Ford Expedition problems of the 3rd generation, years to , and their symptoms, causes, and fixes.
1A Auto
Sours: https://blog.1aauto.com/3rd-gen-ford-expedition-problems/

If we were to guess Ford’s mantra for building its full-size SUV, the Expedition, it would be “go big or go home.” As the largest SUV in the Philippine auto market, it’s got plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike. No wonder it’s highly favored by many A-list celebrities, who make it into their veritable home away from home when they travel to provincial shoots and tapings.

Ford launched the 4th-gen Expedition in , and the model carries over to this year. Despite being two years old, the SUV remains up-to-date, especially where electronics and tech as concerned. Advanced features such as blind spot indicators, wireless charging pad, climate control for all rows, adjustable pedals, and the Ford Sync 3 infotainment system ensure the Ford Everest won’t be obsolete anytime soon. There’s also a terrain management system, 4x4 modes and an off-road gear setup just like the one found in the Everest, so rest assured it can take you, your extended family, and all your luggage, to any destination you can think of.

So how has things changed between the previous generation and the current one? Let us count the ways.


For the 4th-gen Expedition, Ford drops the liter V8 option and makes the liter EcoBoost V6 engine the sole engine choice. It’s got hp and Nm of torque to rely on, achieving greater fuel consumption and emission numbers thanks to a nifty Auto Start-Stop feature that switches the engine off while keeping the air-conditioning, Bang & Olufsen audio system, and exterior lighting functioning as the vehicle is halted by traffic.

The engine is mated to a speed SelectShift Automatic gearbox that promotes seamless shifts. Meanwhile, a wide ratio span optimizes gear spacing for better responses. There’s also a manual mode on the Rotary Gear Shift Dial, and by pressing “M,” Expedition owners can enjoy driver-controlled shifting in a jiffy.


ford expedition

The 3rd-gen Expedition was known notoriously for throwing its weight around. The Blue Oval counters this negative by introducing a new aluminum body and redesigned high strength steel frame that trims down the vehicle’s gross weight by kgs—from to kg.

ford expedition

As for the aesthetics, the fourth-gen Expedition actually looks more like the Explorer than the F that its platform is based on. The three-barred chrome front grille that dresses the façade has been replaced with a layered reverse trapezoid chrome outline in the center of the new chrome grille that extends into the headlight section in seamless fashion. An elevated power dome hood further enhances the Expedition’s imposing look.

ford expedition

Out back, new LED combination lamps are finished with a thick chrome rear door garnish, matched with a silver lower rear bumper for visual effect. Other noteworthy exterior features include configurable daytime running lamps, intermittent front and rear wipers, chrome roof rack side rails, and inch two-tone aluminum wheels, polished stainless accents, and power-deployable running boards.


ford expedition

The new Expedition offers spacious seating for eight full-sized adults with an abundant amount of legroom, headroom, and elbow room for all. Aside from space, there’s plenty of creature comforts to be excited about, including leather-trimmed seats, panoramic vista roof, and the new first-in-class sliding second-row seat with tip-and-slide functionality that provides easy access to the third row even with a child safety seat installed. An advanced Cargo Management System enables users to stow items inside their vehicles securely while the vehicle in motion. Want to haul more cargo? With the push of a button, the second and third-row seats can be folded flat.

ford expedition

Further adding confidence is a SYNC 3 infotainment with navigation, speaker HD audio system, and all-new a hands-free, foot-activated lift gate with rear flip glass function that can be programmed to avoid contact with overhead obstacles such as low garage door openings.


Despite its heft, the Expedition achieves impressive maneuverability and handling thanks to the driver-Selectable Terrain Management System (TMS), a new intuitive off-road system. Featuring four pre-set modes for all models – Normal, Sport, Tow/Haul, and EcoSelect—TMS helps the SUV adapt to different road conditions and driving dynamics on the fly. The 4WD variants comes with three other driver-selectable TMS modes—Grass/Gravel/Snow, Sand, and Mud/Rut.

The all-new Expedition also boasts various driver-assist technologies such as the aforementioned blind spot system, hill start assist, hill descent control, forward sensing system, cross-traffic alert, reverse sensing system, and traction control, to name a few.

Pricing and options

The previous generation Expedition came in two engines (L V8, L EcoBoost V6) and three transmissions (6-speed 6R75 automatic, 6-speed 6R80 automatic, 6-speed 6R80 SelectShift automatic). Ford PH brought the Expedition Platinum EL locally in , priced at PHP million.

The currently available Expedition comes in two trims and nine paint options, priced as follows:

  • Ford Expedition 4x4 Limited EL with Bucket Seats - PHP4,,

  • Ford Expedition 4x4 Limited EL - PHP4,,

Carmudi has both new and used Ford Expeditions for your perusal. Check out our selection here.

Photos from Ford

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