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Issues SHOULD BE SOLVED: After a very convoluted hunt to discover why and how this was happening - I took a rather extreme approach to squash the problem. There should be no more of this issue going forward.

First of all, you might want to check out our Gathering General FAQ, and Botany General FAQ before you begin. All good? Let&#;s go.

Leveling yourBotanist 70 to 80?
Shear clean through Shadowbringers!

ShB UPDATED! Dwarf Beast Tribe and Ehll Tou

Recent Update Log


  • Dwarf Beast Tribe quests added in ShB tier as a notable EXP source.
  • Ehll Tou added as Custom Delivery client option.

Previous updates

  • Kai Shirr added as Custom Delivery client option in ShB tier.
  • L70 to L80 section essentially revamped: New Skills & Rotations! ish was a clusterF. Skills changed TWICE in a short span of time. All is well now!
  • L70+ Gear recommendation:  Yellow Scrip gear is now recommended, for a number of reasons (Mainly, barely need stats for 70 to 80 leveling)

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FFXIVGuild BTN Guides
BTN Levequests | BTN General Guide

Before you begin&#;

For those who haven&#;t even unlocked the botany class: The Botanist Guild is in Gridania (6,8).

Familiarize yourself with gaining EXP most efficiently! We have a Gathering General Leveling Guide for this. Key points are: Choosing the right levequests (ones with evaluation can potentially give insane EXP), keeping key pieces of gear up to date (for getting maximum EXP per node), and making the most out of every node (using skills properly).

Our Gathering Gear Guide is useful to have around when leveling your botanist!

Regarding Botany Class Quest Items, it&#;s ideal to farm for them BEFORE you hit the next quest. (For example, farm 99 Crow Feather before you reach Level 10). As a quick reference, we will put all items needed here (they are mentioned again in more detail on every section).

Our Botany Node / Material Locations Guide will help you with this, and when looking for specific items.

Botany Class Quest Items

LevelItem to gatherQtyLevelItem to gatherQty
BTN 1Latex10BTN 53Cyclops Onion (HQ)10
BTN 5Maple Sap50BTN 55


Emerald Beans (HQ)10
BTN 10Crow Feather99BTN 58Birch Log (HQ)10
BTN 15Marjoram (HQ)10BTN 60Chysahl Greens (HQ)3
BTN 20Grade 1 Carbonized Matter99BTN 63Wild Popoto
BTN 25Chamomile (HQ)15BTN 65Walker&#;s Popoto
BTN 30Alligator Pear (HQ)15BTN 68Nanoriso
BTN 35Laurel (HQ)20BTN 70Rhalgr&#;s Streak
BTN 40Ramhorn Zucchini (HQ)20
BTN 45Mistletoe (HQ)20
BTN 50Spruce Log3

Useful links to have openBotany Node Locations | Gathering Gear Guide.

Botany Level

Botany Quest Level 1: 10 Latex 
Botany Quest Level 5: 50 Maple Sap
Level 1 Botany Levequests:
Gridania Adventurers&#; Guild & The Bannock
Level 5 Botany Levequests: Gridania Adventurers&#; Guild & The Bannock

Where to find Latex and Maple Sap? You can complete both of these quests in one go, to save time.  Get 10 Latex, and 50 Maple Sap before returning to Fufucha. You can also pick them up from Tradecraft NPC&#;s but I do not recommend it.

Level 5 Node Locations Unlocked:
Central Shroud (Jadeite Thick), North Shroud (Blessed Bud)

Level one to five Botany Nodes and Materials Locations:

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Allagan Snail2195Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Maple Branch5225Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Latex1185Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Ice Shard15Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Wind Shard15Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Maple Log3205Jadeite ThickCentral Shroud05a
Beehive Chip5225Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Cinnamon4215Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Maple Sap2195Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b
Earth Shard15Blessed BudNorth Shroud05b

Suggested Stockpile:

  • 20 Allagan Snail, Beehive Chip, Cinnamon
  • 70 Maple Sap (50 for the quest)
  • 99 Maple Log (Optional)

Easy part, gather all of the Latex and Maple Saps, and you should be well into level 5. Return to Fufucha and get your gear upgrades.
IF Grinding: farm Maple Log.


Botany Level

Botany Quest Level 99 Crow Feather
Level 5 Botany Levequests:
 Gridania Adventurers&#; Guild & The Bannock
Level 10 Botany Levequests:
Central Shroud, Bentbranch Meadows

Where to find Crow Feather? Yes.. 99 . You can farm these from Central Shroud (East Vein) or buy these from the Carpentry Guild Supplier.

Level 10 Node Locations Unlocked:
Central Shroud (East Vein)North Shroud (E-Tatt&#;s Spire)
Central Thanalan (Spineless Basin)
Lower La Noscea (Cedarwood)

Level six to ten Botany Nodes and Materials Locations:

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Crow Feather102710East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Ash Branch92610East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Wind Shard110East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Ash Log82610East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Tinolqa Mistletoe62310East VeinCentral Shroud10a
Cock Feather62310Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Cloves102710Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Lightning Shard110Spineless BasinCentral Thanalan10b
Ash Branch92610E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Earth Shard110E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Ash Log82610E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Tinolqa Mistletoe62310E-tatts SpireNorth Shroud10c
Kukuru Bean92610CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
La Noscean Orange72410CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d
Earth Shard110CedarwoodLower La Noscea10d

Suggested Stockpile:

  • 20 Ash Branch, Tinoqla Mistletoe, Cock Feather, Cloves
  • 20 Kukuru Bean, La Noscean Orange
  • Crow Feather (99 for quest)
  • 99 Ash Log

Farming 99 of something is something you should get used to!
IF Grinding: Farm Ash Log.

Botany Level

Botany Quest Level 10 High Quality Marjoram
Level 10 Botany Levequests:
 Central Shroud, Bentbranch Meadows.
Level 15 Botany Levequests: 
East ShroudHawthorne Hut.

Where to find Marjoram? The HQ Marjoram shouldn&#;t be hard to get. You can harvest them from Central Shroud (The Matron&#;s Lethe). Use your new skill, Leaf Turn, which increases HQ gathering chances.

Level 15 Node Locations Unlocked:
A strangely huge amount of nodes are unlocked in this level. Refer to the chart below.

Level 11 to 15 Botany Nodes and Materials Locations:

Material NameItem LevelPerceptionNode LevelLocationZoneNode ID
Gridanian Chestnut143815The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Wind Shard115The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Elm Log123515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15a
Buffalo Beans123515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Wind Shard115The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Marjoram153915The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Tree Toad113515The Matron's LetheCentral Shroud15b
Carnation133615Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Cotton Boll143815Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Wind Shard115Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Lavender123515Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Chanterelle113515Bentbranch Meadows (S)Central Shroud15c
Black Pepper143815The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Lightning Shard115The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Yellow Ginseng113515The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Alpine Parsnip153915The ClutchCentral Thanalan15d
Rye113515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Moko Grass113515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Water Shard115Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Coerthas Carrot133615Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Grass Viper123515Sunrise GateWestern Thanalan15e
Ruby Tomato153915Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Sunset Wheat113515Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Straw123515Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
Fire Shard115Seasong Grotto (E)Middle La Noscea15f
La Noscean Lettuce133615SummerfordMiddle La Noscea15f
Cinderfoot Olive133615La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Lowland Grapes113515La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Earth Shard115La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Cieldales Spinach143815La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Highland Parsley153915La Thagran EastroadLower La Noscea15g
Ogre Pumpkin133615Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Garlean Garlic111115Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Water Shard115Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i
Wild Onion123515Nophica's WellsWestern Thanalan15i

Suggested Stockpile:

  • 20 of EVERYTHING (lots of stuff  unlocked at this level!!)
  • 30 Marjoram (20 for the quest)
  • 99 Elm Log(++!)

Leaf Turn is good: in case you need reminding.
IF Grinding: Farm Elm Logs. Many.

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Final Fantasy Beginner&#;s Guide To Gathering

Quick Links

There are a thousand different things to do in Final Fantasy XIV. Something you may not have tried is gathering. Whether you're breaking up rocks, chopping down trees, or reeling in fish, gathering can be a fun and rewarding activity. Here we'll go over the basics of gathering classes, and how you can best get into gathering.

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The Basics Of Gathering In Final Fantasy 14

There are currently three gathering classes in the game; fisher, botanist, and miner. Botanists tend to trees and plants, miners break rocks and gather ore, and fishers reap the bounty of the sea. You can gather items all over the world, but you'll typically want to stick to areas that are around your level.

Because of the nature of fisher, and how different it is from miner and botanist, we're going to mainly focus on the latter two classes in this guide.

Why Level A Gathering Class In Final Fantasy 14?

Gathering is a much easier realm to break into than crafting, and for that reason alone it can be an enticing entry point to the Disciple of Hand or Land classes. Or, maybe you want something to do while you're waiting for DPS queues. Either way, there are many benefits to having even just one gathering class leveled up.

Gathering classes pair extremely well with crafting classes, as they will let you gather up your own materials without having to worry about Market Board stock, or spending any gil. Additionally, you can bring in a sizable amount of profits just from gathering hot items and selling them.

Getting Started With Gathering In Final Fantasy 14

Once you've decided which gatherer you want to level up, let's talk about the things you'll need to know when gathering. There are three main stats that you have to worry about.

  • Gathering - increases your chance of receiving an item while gathering
  • Perception - increases your chance of receiving a High Quality item while gathering
  • GP - used for most gathering actions

Now you're ready to chop some trees or break some rocks. The process of gathering is actually very simple. There are three "steps" you have to take during each gathering attempt.

  • Raise chance to gather
  • Raise High Quality chance
  • Click on the item to gather it

You can raise your chance to gather an item through actions like Sharp Vision and Field Mastery. You can raise your chance to make the item High Quality through actions like Unearth and Leaf Turn. There are tons of other abilities you will get at higher levels that will do different things, but the basic formula remains of increasing your gathering and High Quality chances before gathering the item.

How To Level Up Gathering Skill In Final Fantasy 14

There are a few different methods for leveling your gathering classes that we are going to take a look at below.


Levequests are a repeatable quest you can undertake in various zones in the game. Each quest will involve you going to a specified location, gathering a set number of items, then turning in the quest.

Levequests are a very efficient form of leveling, but they are time-gated. You will only be granted six Levequest Allowances each day, which puts a constraint on how much you can level up each day. We recommend using these between levels , at which point you will unlock better ways to level up.

Beast Tribe Daily Quests

Beast Tribe Quests are daily quests you can undertake from a given Beast Tribe. Beast Tribes that have gathering-based quests are as follows:

  • Namazu - levels
  • Qitari - levels

These aren't available until higher levels, so you'll have to level to 60 a different way. Additionally, you'll have to unlock the Beast Tribe before you can start doing their daily quests. However, once you're able to do Beast Tribe Quests, they provide a quick source of experience you can repeat every day.

Grand Company Turn-ins

Grand Company Turn-ins are a time-gated contract you can fulfill each day with your Grand Company. Every day, you will be asked to deliver ten items (between one to four for fisher) that are around your current level. You will receive experience points and Grand Company Seals.

If you turn in High Quality items, you will receive double the rewards.

This form of leveling is meant to supplement other methods, as you can only gain experience once a day. However, youcan buy the required items on the Market Board and turn them in, meaning you don't have to spend any time gathering on days you'd rather be doing something else.

The Diadem

The Diadem is essentially an ecosystem designed entirely for gathering. Here, you can gather materials for the Ishgardian Restoration, and use those materials to craft items.

You'll have to already have a level 60 class to do the quest that unlocks the Diadem. But, once you have it unlocked, you can enter it as a gatherer as low as level ten. This is a great place to level up while gathering important materials used for Ishgardian Restoration crafting, but it can get repetitive if you spend a lot of time here.


Collectible gathering is unlocked at level 50. Collectibles are special items that you can gather and deliver for experience and Gatherers' Scrips. The items that are available for submission change each day, but there are always items around your current level available to deliver.

Related: Final Fantasy XIV: Crafter/Gatherer Scrips, Explained

Basically, a collectible is an item that undergoes a special method of gathering in which you raise the item's collectibility before gathering it. This is done through special collectible-specific actions like Scour and Brazen Prospector.

Custom Deliveries

Custom Deliveries are the next step in Collectible items. These deliveries are a weekly quest that you can undertake to deliver special items to various NPCs for experience and Gatherers' Scrips. There are currently seven Custom Delivery NPCs, listed below:

  • Zhloe Aliapoh - unlocked in Heavensward
  • M'naago - unlocked in Stormblood
  • Kurenai - unlocked in Stormblood
  • Adkiragh - unlocked in Stormblood
  • Kai-Shirr - unlocked in Shadowbringers
  • Ehll Tou - unlocked in Heavensward
  • Count Charlemend de Durendaire - unlocked in Heavensward

You'll have to unlock these NPCs for Custom Deliveries, but once you do you'll have a weekly source of a ton of experience and Gatherers' Scrips. For more information on Custom Deliveries, check out this guide.


Grinding gathering levels involves simply gathering items at your level repeatedly. This method is slow and repetitive but is very simple to do, and it is not time-gated by any means. When combined with experience boosting items like Commercial Survival Manuals, you'll be gaining experience at a nice and steady rate. We recommend using a combination of this with other methods to minimize repetition and maximize efficiency.

Additionally, the Diadem is the perfect place for grinding, even if you won't use the materials. Each gathering attempt grants a bit of experience, which will add up quickly over time.

Overall, leveling your gathering classes can be done in so many different ways, that's it's entirely up to you which ones you want to pursue, and how much you want to pursue them. If you want to stick to grinding, be sure to sprinkle in some Custom Deliveries and Grand Company Turn-Ins. Or, you can take your time and only do Beast Tribes. It will take a lot longer to get to max level, but the time-investment per day is very low, which is good if you don't have a lot of time to grind out levels.

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If you're looking to get into gathering or crafting in Final Fantasy XIV you're in the right place. This guide will focus on one of the methods to level up your crafters and gatherers quickly.

This guide will be helpful for players that want to level up their classes from zero to 80 quickly or catch up a few levels in between classes quests.

This guide will also be based on the fact that players will have some equipment to follow with their level increase.

Please keep in mind that while many techniques are available to level up your classes, this one is based on my personal experience and is quite quick and simple. 

How to level up your gatherers and crafters quickly

The basis of this method is to gather or craft items that come from the Firmament in Ishgard.

First of all, you will need to unlock the diadem at level 10 and speak to Augebert in the Firmament (X: Y: ).

The method will then be different if you want to level up a crafter or a gatherer.

  • For gatherers: head to the diadem, gather everything that is available to you, and don't forget to use your sparkling explosive Aether launcher to get more materials. Once out of the diadem you can then appraise your materials. These materials can then be sold to other players or used for levelling your crafters. If you want a more detailed guide on the diadem, check out our dedicated article.

FFXIV The Diadem and Ishgardian Restoration Guide

With Patch for Final Fantasy XIV, the Diadem is now full of awesome rewards! In this FF14 guide, we&#;ll cover gathering and fishing in the Diadem as well as the rewards you can earn including the Skyworker&#;s set and Big Shell Mount.

  • For Crafters: Crafters in the Firmament is where the fun was for me. I got 80 really quickly while earning quite a lot of rewards or items a while ago doing that with one of my crafters and here's how.

You'll need a significant number materials, many of which come from the Diadem. You can farm these with your crafters if you wish.

But which one do you need? To check that you can either open your crafting log, head to Special Recipes > Ishgard Restoration and then click on Restoration (4), or go talk to Potkin in the Firmament (X: Y: ).

Once you're here, you'll have both the list of items you need to craft, and the materials required. Starting from the bottom to the top (Expert recipes are not required) you will be able to level up your crafter very quickly — as long as you have the required materials.

Doing this will also award you with coupons of fortune to play the Gacha game with the NPC, just on the right of Potkin, and get more rewards.

Again, this technique is quite demanding in terms of gear and materials, but a very quick way to get your crafters to level

FFXIV The Diadem and Ishgardian Restoration Guide

With Patch for Final Fantasy XIV, the Diadem is now full of awesome rewards! In this FF14 guide, we&#;ll cover gathering and fishing in the Diadem as well as the rewards you can earn including the Skyworker&#;s set and Big Shell Mount.

FFXIV List of Diadem Monster Drops

The Diadem is full of new drops with Patch of FFXIV and here is the list of all the new items you can get from monsters.

Here&#;s how you can get more retainers and storage

Here&#;s how you can get more retainers in Final Fantasy XIV and solve your storage issues.


Final Fantasy XIV: 13 Tips For Leveling Gathering Classes

The MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 has a ton for players to do, from combat, dungeons, the story, leveling up, crafting, and gathering. Gathering is one of the class types with the least amount of classes. Players can be fishermen, miners, and/or botanists and work to collect resources for crafters to use.

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Those looking to level up their gatherers have a long journey ahead of them. However, there are pieces of advice they can use to avoid a lot of grind burnout. Luckily, the game has plenty of ways to level up these classes while simultaneously completing quests or making a lot of gil. There are also various ways to give your character an experience boost.

Updated on August 19th, , by Allison Stalberg:A population boom has occurred in Final Fantasy 14, with previous players of World of Warcraft leading the charge in the stream of new players. Everyone is picking up their favorite jobs, and these can include Gathering classes such as Fisher, Botanist, and Miner.

New players are in a rush to get to the newer content because Endwalker is just around the corner, which means leveling up fast. Gathering classes obviously cannot level up like the combat or crafting ones. It takes a different kind of strategy for players that want to get their gathering classes to max level as quickly as possible.

13 Focus On Collectables

Unfortunately, this isn't unlockable until the player gets to Heavensward content. So they would still need to reach level 50 in gathering. At Foundation, just talk to Morgayne to unlock collectables. When it is unlocked, the player can turn in collectables both for experience as well as certain scripts. Scripts are the cherry-on-top, which players can use to buy gear and/or buff items.

The most important thing players can buy, though, is master books. Depending on what class they are, there are different guides on how to best utilize collectables.

12 Do Special Delivery

Gathering classes can turn specific collectibles every week scripts and experience. This can mix up routine a little and often comes with a feel-good storyline. The first time players can do this is in Heavensward content, in Idyllshire with Zhloe.

RELATED: Final Fantasy Crafting Classes, Ranked From Least To Most Useful

Then in Stormblood, players can do this with M'naago. Lastly, these quests can be done with Kai-shirr. Not only does this earn scripts and experience to quickly level up, but the player gets to enjoy some story while they are at it as well.

11 Get Experience Scrolls

Get Company-Issue-Survival-Manuals! Once read, the Warrior of Light gets a percent boost to their experience points for a while. It is important to note that these are most useful before one's gathering level hits level At level 40, the boost is halved.

To get these, players need to be at Private First Class rank in their Grand Company. Then they can buy these scrolls for 1, company seals. Be aware that they are unsellable and marker prohibited.

10 Do Beast Tribe Quests

Not all Beast Tribes are gatherer class friendly. Most of them are targeted to combat or crafting classes. However, that is all the more reason to take advantage of the Beast Tribes that do give gatherer experience.

RELATED: Final Fantasy The Hardest Look-Out Points To Get To (& How To Get To Them)

These Beast Tribes include the Namazu from Stormblood, certain Ixal quests from A Realm Reborn, and the Qitari from Shadowbringers. The experience gained from the quests these Beast Tribes give are great boosts for leveling and the quests have daily resets.

9 Do Daily Grand Company Turn-Ins

Grand Company turn-ins are not just for crafters, gatherers can do turn-ins as well. Just speak to the Grand Company Personnel Officer in whichever company the character is joined with. Then select "Undertake supply and provisioning missions."

A tab will show items and some of them may be easily gatherable with a lot of experience as a reward. This will also reward the player with Grand Company seals, which can buy exclusive items.

8 Get Involved In Ishgard's Diadem

Crafting classes became way more popular once Ishgard started to rebuild with unique rewards available and tons of experience to gain. Eventually, the gatherers got their moment to shine too. Unfortunately, it doesn't reward as much experience as the crafting rewards, but it is better than nothing and a way to shake up the grind.

This is mostly for players who are leveling up crafters at the same time as their gatherers (which is recommended). That way, what they gather can be used for what they craft for Ishgard.

7 Do LeveQuests

LeveQuests are quests that can be done as gatherers or crafters. After all, story content has a ton of quests that make leveling a combat class easy. With that in mind, crafters and gatherers needed an edge for quests.

RELATED: Final Fantasy The Beast Tribes That Are Cool (& Those Worth Skipping)

Luckily, LeveQuests are available very early on in A Realm Reborn. Those beginner players who are too low a level to do collectables, Beast Tribes, or special deliveries should definitely take advantage of LeveQuests as a way to quickly work their way up to higher levels.

6 Check The Marketboard For What Sells Best

A tiring aspect of gathering is the fact that you can get a ton of materials and it sells for very little on the Market Board, if it is even sellable. Make sure to check the Market Board for materials that are closest to your level of gathering and aim to gather materials that sell for the most while easy to access.

When gathering, look at the description of materials to check if they are sell-able. It is a real bummer if players collect ores that turn out to be unsellable because they are collectables that the player doesn't need.

5 Fishers Should Check Out Ocean Fishing

Exclusive to Fishers, ocean fishing can be a fun way to level up the class. It is not that easy to grind, as it is only accessible to players every two hours and players only get a minute window to register. It can be a fun activity to do with friends, as party registering is acceptable. Registration is at the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X, Y).

The event is great for leveling up because it awards experienced based on level, not which fish are actually caught. A Fisher of any level can partake in ocean fishing.

4 Grind When Waiting In Queue

This is especially good advice for those players who are DPS mains. DPS players tend to have longer waits in the queue. Grinding gathering classes is an easy thing to do while waiting to get into a raid or one of the games' most pretty dungeons. Just go to a zone that has levels comparable to your gatherer and collect whatever can be found.

After all, you don't want to work on quests while in queue because it might pop up during a cutscene and you have to either wait & miss the dungeon or skip the cutscene. That is no fun.

3 Use Food And Rest Experience Bonuses

Never doubt the power of food in Final Fantasy 14. Some players don't touch food, but those who want to gain experience fast stuff their characters' faces with pies, bread, meat, and whatever else they can find. Food typically gives a three percent bonus to experience gained. That is very little compared to experience scrolls, but food is also far easier to obtain. If you are part of a Free Company, there are actions certain members of that company can do that can also give everyone experience boosts.

2 Always Harvest Something New

If a player harvests an item they have never harvested before, there is a huge boost in the experience it gives. This only happens once per item, but it can build up to a bunch of free and easy-to-get levels since there are a lot of harvestable items out there. Not only that but harvesting an item adds it to a players' gathering data. So, if they ever want that item and have gathered it once before, then they can just access it in their gathering menu to see where it spawns in Eorzea.

Another added bonus is that players can familiarize themselves with what harvestable items sell for the most versus the least.

1 Find Something To Watch Or Listen To

Last but not least, find a Podcast, movie, or TV show if you are grinding for leveling up a gathering class. If you are one of those players with two computer screens, then that should be easy. If you play on a console, boot something up on a phone or laptop. Gathering doesn't have the most riveting gameplay, but that means it is easy to multitask!

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At her. She felt his gaze on herself and tried to turn herself to the neighbor from behind in order to ask her for a pencil or. An eraser, and casually look at Vitka. Vitka stared at her for two whole weeks, and then, once, he went to see her off.

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