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Religious Costume Ideas and Tips

This Halloween, instead of wearing a scary costume that might frighten kids, why not wear an inspirational costume instead? We have just the inspiration you need. It’s our selection of Religious Costumes. Rabbis, nuns, priests, popes, saints and more are available in adults’ and children’s sizes. We even have a few costumes for pets too. Halloween is the day before All Saints Day, an important Christian holy day, so wearing a biblical or religious outfit makes a lot of sense. 

Not only can our outfits can be on Halloween, they can be worn on many religious holidays during the year as well. Check out our Moses costumes for Passover and Jesus garb for Easter. Many of our religious robes are versatile and can be used for a Passion Play on Good Friday, an event on Purim or a Christmas pageant. Other costumes that can be used on Halloween or Christmas include shepherds, Mary, Joseph, wise men and angels. No matter the holiday, we have what you need, so order today.


Whether you’re dressing up for Trick or Treating or taking the kids to your church’s Fall Festival for Trunk or Treat we hope you can use one of these costume ideas to blow away your friends and family with your creativity!

1) The Bible

Because what could be more biblical than dressing up as the Word itself.

Woman dressed up as the Holy Bible

2) David & Goliath

No Halloween costume could possibly be cuter than this little boy dressed up as young David with his dad dressed as the big bad Philistine Goliath.

Dad and son dress up as David & Goliath

3) The Holy Ghost

Add a halo on top of this ghost costume or carry your Bible with you and BOOM. Holy Ghost costume for the win.

Kid dressed as a ghost for halloween

4) Holy Cow

And while we’re on the theme of holiness… Pro tip: save this costume in your closet to pull out when the dress like a cow for free Chick-fil-A day rolls around.

Girl dressed in cow print clothes with wings and a halo "holy cow"

5) Noah’s Ark

Whether you are steering the ark on your own or need to suit up the whole family, this costume is a winner.

6) The Armor of God

If you take the instructions in Ephesians 6 TOO literally you might find yourself in this costume…

Person dressed in a suit of armor costume with a sword "Armor of God"

7 ) Daniel and the Lions Den

The perfect Bible costume for you and your pup!

Man dressed in clothes from Biblical times with his pet dog in a lions mane "Daniel and the Lion's Den"Golden Retriever dog in a lions mane costume for halloween

8) VeggieTales – Bob & Larry

Because why NOT dress up as the only vegetables every child can agree to love!

9) Jonah and the Whale

Pro tip: soak your costume in sardines for the perfect fishy smell addition to this ensemble.

10) Catholic Nun

Costumes aren’t just for people, let your pooch get in on the fun too! This costume is sure to turn some heads.

A Refreshing Take on Christianity and Halloween by Matt Chandler

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22 Christian Halloween Ideas the Kids Will Love

22 Christian Halloween Ideas the Kids Will Love

Have a spooktastic October 31st by celebrating Halloween with your friends and family. Celebrating this day doesn’t only mean going out to trick-or-treat, or wearing your most creative Halloween costume. It’s a day to gather friends and family, and bond with them. 

You see, Halloween originated from the ancient Celtic festival, called Samhain. People believed that the souls return to visit their homes on this day. The modern practices we do now, like wearing costumes, came from old traditions of wearing masks for the spirits to not recognize the living, and light bonfires to ward off evil spirits. 

During the 8th century, Pope Gregory III declared November 1 as All Saint’s Day to honor the saints, and supplant the Pagan holiday with a Christian observance. The evening before All Saints’ Day became a holy (or hallowed) eve, and thus Halloween. As Christians, Halloween serves as a way to bring people to our doorsteps, so we can talk to them and share our faith. 

To help you celebrate the day, we have prepared different Christian Halloween ideas for you to use below.

Table of Contents

Christian Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is a special day to teach kids about the Bible through their costumes. To give you a few ideas, we have ten Christian Halloween costumes you may want to dress your kids. 

Noah’s Ark Animals

We all know the story of Noah. He built a large ark, as God commanded, and saved mankind and all land animals from extinction. God instructed him to take a pair of each land animal to join him in the ark. Due to his obedience and faithfulness, God promised him that He will never flood the Earth again. 

Noah’s ark animals are a beautiful way to show your kids the lesson of the story. If your household is filled with children, perhaps you can have them wear animal costumes, such as giraffes, cows, or zebras, while you dress up as Noah’s ark or Noah himself! 

You can also create a DIY by picking a shirt or jumper in the same color as the animal you chose, and craft headbands to distinguish the animal.

The Three Wise Men

The Three Wise Men were a group of scholars who traveled to Jesus after His birth to give him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Dressing up as the Three Wise Men needs to be colorful and elaborate, so prepare colorful tunics for your kids to wear. Just be sure to find some gold, frankincense, and myrrh to complete the ensemble.

Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve were the first man and woman in the story of Genesis. They were made in the image and likeness of God. However, due to disobeying God and giving into temptation, they were banished from the Garden of Eden. However, Adam and Eve represent the love of God for us. He created us in His image and likeness, and clothed us even when we disobeyed him. 

Your kids will learn that, despite them giving in to sin, God still loves them and wants them to repent. So, to clothe your kids with Adam and Eve, you can let them wear a nude jumpsuit with oversized green leaves for the girl’s chest and on their hips. You can also let them wear a leafy crown. It would also be nice to add some props, such as a rubber snake or an apple.

The Twelve Disciples of Christ

The twelve apostles were Jesus’ closest followers, and became the primary teachers of the Gospel. They spread the Word of God, and proclaimed His teachings. They were also Jesus’ closest companions during Jesus’ Ministry. 

For the disciple’s costume, your children should wear a white or beige long-sleeved gown. They can also wear a plain long-sleeved shirt or a white pajama dress. Then, wear a brown caftan over the robe, and tie a belt made of rope around the caftan. Also, don’t forget to wear a head covering. You can make this by using a fabric to wrap around your child’s head, and tie a rope to secure the head covering. 

David the Shepherd Costume

Forum NoveltiesBiblical Times Shepherd Costume, Child Medium

The Bible mentioned shepherds a couple of times. It is only fitting that you let your kids wear one, particularly David. Before David became a king, he was a young shepherd and musician. David was well-known for killing the giant Goliath. He then became king after Saul and his son Jonathan died.  

To create the look, you can buy a shepherd’s costume online or stitch your own robes. As for the cane, you can use a newspaper and paint to create one. To complete the look, you can buy a sheep stuffed toy and a mustache for the face. Kids will definitely love this look because they can embody the humility and care given by shepherds to their sheeps.  

Virgin Mary

christian halloween costume ideas - California Costumes The Virgin Mary Child Costume, Small

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was conceived without sin, and she conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit. She is known for her humility and obedience to the message of God.

Going as the Virgin Mary will help your kids learn to be obedient to the teachings of God, and to show kindness to everyone. 

To create the Virgin Mary look, you can let your little girl wear a white dress robe underneath and place a blue cape on her shoulders. Place a small veil on her head, and tie her hips with a blue bow. You may let her wear simple white sandals, and carry a baby on a bundle in her arm. 

Roman Centurion and Soldiers

christian halloween costume ideas - Forum Novelties Roman Warrior Costume, Medium

A Centurion is an officer and commander of a centuria, which is the smallest unit of a Roman legion. We read about them throughout the New Testament, like when they captured Jesus, so Peter cut off one of their ears. But, Jesus didn’t want violence, so he miraculously healed the soldier’s ear. 

For the costume, your child can wear a linen undershirt and a tunic, and an armor on top. You can create a DIY armor using cardboard. Also, don’t forget the sandals and sword to complete the look.  


Christian halloween costume ideas - Forum Novelties Biblical Times Moses Costume, Child Large

Moses was known from delivering the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. He was also known for being close to God. Considering that the job God gave him was difficult, he never ever tried to hide his emotions and talked to God often. They spent 40 days together on top of Mount Sinai where God created the Ten Commandments. 

Your child can wear a brown long-sleeved robe with a rope belt. Have them wear a fake wig and gray beard. Add two cutout plaques for the Ten Commandments from a cardboard or styrofoam. 

Guardian Angel

Christian Halloween costume ideas - Girls Guardian Angel Costume - L White

Kids love it when they get to play the guardian angel. Have them wear white angel robes and angel wings on their back. You can create a golden halo on their head, and a golden belt on their waist. To complete the look, you can let them wear golden crisscross sandals. 

Queen Esther

California Costumes Medieval Princess Queen, Royalty, Renaissance Girls Costume, XL 12-14 Berry

Esther was a Jewish woman who became wife of Xerxes I, king of the Persian Empire. She was known for saving her people from destruction when Haman, the king’s highest official, suggested killing all of the Jews. Esther urged all of the Jews to fast and pray for deliverance while she went to the King, and revealed her Jewish heritage and the plan to have her and her people killed. 

The King was angered, and he ordered Haman to be hung on the gallows. The Jews were granted protection throughout the land, and the people celebrated God’s deliverance. This story teaches kids of Esther’s bravery by risking her life to serve God and save her people. Have your kids embody Queen Esther’s bravery by dressing them up like her.

To go as Queen Esther for Halloween, you can wear an elegant flowing purple or teal dress, and pair it with jeweled statement earrings and a jeweled collared necklace. 

Christian Halloween Theme Ideas

Do you want to decorate your home based on the different stories in the Bible? Fret not, because we have fun Christian Halloween theme ideas for you!

Team David vs Team Goliath

Have a fun and challenging sports party, and categorize the participants into Team David or Team Goliath. We all know the story of how David defeated Goliath. In this party, we’re going to put it to the test on who will truly win.

Prepare different games, such as quizzes, relays, and obstacle races. Whoever gets the most points will be the winner. 

Jesus is my Superhero

One of the fun Christian Halloween theme ideas to do is to incorporate superheroes with Bible stories in this “Jesus is My Superhero” themed party. This theme can be a great way to tell your kids how Jesus is just like the superheroes they watch and read, only better! Talk about the superhero-like characters and their stories in the Bible, like David, Esther, Samson, and many others! It would be even better to dress like them, too!

Decorate your space with photos of superheroes, Jesus, and Bible heroes as well! You can also transform your place like a superhero movie setting. With this theme, you can have kids prepare skits from the Bible where Jesus saved His people, or play trivia games about superhero moments in the Bible. 

King Solomon 

King Solomon was the wisest man who has ever lived. He was famous for the Hebrew story the Judgment of Solomon where two women claim to be the mother of a child. The story is well-known for so many generations, which is why it would be a good party theme for your Halloween. 

You can decorate your home as colorful and luxurious as King Solomon’s palace, and wear colorful tunics. Hand out scroll type of invitations, create a mini-throne room, hang peacock feathers as fans, and serve meals in gold colored bowls.

Since Solomon is known as the wisest man on Earth, you can create fun mind games, based on Bible stories, to play. 

Birth of Jesus Christ 

Everyone knows the story of the Birth of Jesus Christ. To relive the story, you can decorate your home with simple wheat and wood. Let your guests wear shepherd outfits, and create life-size animals to complete the decor. You can assign someone to be the angel, the Three Kings, St. Joseph, and the Virgin Mary. Don’t forget to hang the star on the front door to guide your guests in. 

For this theme, gather your guests in one area, and have them bring a photo of themselves when they were babies. Tell your birth story, the origin of your name, and the lessons you learned throughout the years. You can have one facilitator summarize all the stories, and relate it to Jesus. 

Another fun game you can play is to pin all baby photos on the wall, and identify who it belongs to. 

The Creation Story 

The creation story is one of our favorites because it depicts how God created everything. It’s a beautiful story to tell both kids and adults. So, decorate your home into your own Garden of Eden, where you can hang fake (or real, if you’re a plantie!) leaves on the wall, hang a photo of nature or sea, and serve refreshing drinks. You can add a background music of the birds chirping, too, and invite guests to wear simple clothing. 

The Story of Moses

Decorate your home with Egyptian texts on the walls, and the Ten Commandments on the other room to depict the story of Moses. You can have your guests wear ancient Egyptian clothing and Israelite clothing, too. It’s best to create two stone tablets, containing the Ten Commandments, and mount it on a table. Also, discuss the story and lessons for each commandment with your kids through a mini-play. 

Bible Character Costume Party

You can just have a general costume party where guests can arrive in different Bible characters. Decorate your place with different scenes from the Bible, and hand out Bible quotes as souvenirs. You can also prepare dishes from the Bible, or have the guests bring their own meal to be shared with others.

Christian Halloween Activities

You can’t have a Halloween party without games! Games keep your guests alive and pumped up. We’ve listed five fun games and activities you can do. We have also listed some more Halloween activity ideas in our previous article.

Candy Bible Verse Game 

This is a super sweet and fun activity. Give each participant a piece of long bond paper, cards with Bible verses written on it, a box of different candies and chocolates, and tape. 

The participants will have to match the candy underneath the corresponding verse. You can download the printables of this game from DaniellesPlace for your Christian Halloween party.

Treat and Preach

Treat and Preach is one of the most fun Christian Halloween activity ideas for the family. Retell a short Bible story to the trick-or-treaters, and dress up as the story’s characters. After telling the story, give them treats, which best represent the story. This is a fun roleplay game for the kids, and it will help them know more about the stories in the Bible. 

If you want this to be more of a collaborative activity, invite your neighbors to do the same, and delegate stories and candies for each household. 

Decorate Cookies

It wouldn’t be a sweetastic Halloween party without some sweets! Have your kids line up on the dining table, and give each a plain cookie. Let them design their own cookies based on your Halloween theme. They can create angels, infant Jesus, or a star. It’s up to them to let their creativity flow. 

Reverse Treating, No Trick

This is a super fun and generous way of spending Halloween. What you and your kids will do is to pack bags full of treats, and deliver it to houses. They would all be surprised that you showed at their doorsteps, not to trick them, but to give them a treat. You can add Bible quotes on their bags, too, and give them a hug. 

Sheep Scavenger Hunt

For the sheep scavenger hunt, the goal is to look for the sheeps around your home. Scatter lots of sheeps around your home, but the aim is to find the gold-colored sheep. Whoever gets five of these wins the game. 


You can still celebrate and participate in the Halloween spirit without dishonoring God or compromising your beliefs. Halloween is a good and fun avenue to introduce and retell Bible stories to kids, and we hope these Christian Halloween ideas can make the holiday even more enjoyable. 

This Hallow’s Eve, enjoy the celebration with your kids and fellow Christians!

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Quick & Easy Church Halloween Costumes

Quick & Easy Church Halloween Costumes. Ideas for trunk or treat, Sunday school parites, bible study, Awana and more!

Quick & Easy Church Halloween Costumes

When I had one child, I think I was ready for Halloween around August. Even if I did not have my child’s costume (I always did), I knew what my child was going to dress up as. So things have changed. Preparing ahead isn’t a thing anymore ( I say that, preparing this post in May), in fact I am lucky to get it all done last minute. I have learned to perfect the last minute.

If you are last minute like me, we put together some quick and easy Halloween Costumes for Church. These are not necessarily biblical Joseph and Mary costumes, but they are fun costumes (some quite funny/punny) that are appropriate for church. The bible costume we did for Awana last year, was all done within a few minutes before we had to leave.  Some of these costumes, you might want to do a few days ahead as paint or dyeing could be involved, others can be done in just a few short minutes!

Happy candy collecting… Happy Halloween!

We share with you earlier in our 31+ Family Halloween Costume Ideas, our Awana costume – the Bible, Old Testament and New Testament.

Fruits of the Spirit Costume for Church

Fruits of the Spirt Costume  – Love, Joy and Peace (boy it would be fun to have some of those other fruits too!) We picked up these Fruit T-Shirt Costumes.

Also see this year’s Awana costume, I was the Burning Bush (what Moses saw in Exodus.)

One of my girls was the Red Sea (a red C – get it.) We planned for her to wear red but the clothes were too small, so some confused it with the Black Sea.

Another daughter, was a Blessing in Disguise! Get it?

Bust out your hot glue gun and bag of multi-colored pom-poms for this Gumball Machine Halloween Costume Idea. | A Casarella

Mac n Cheese Halloween Costume.  We don’t think this is cheesy, do you?  | Costume Works (Detailed directions can be found here.)

One easy 10 minutes Halloween costumes using supplies at home include this Shepherd Nativity Costume. | Vanilla Joy

Make a quick and easy rain cloud costume. This great last minute costume can be made in under 2 hours for under $15! Bonus: it works for kids and adults alike. Pair this with the rainbow costume and rain coat costume we shared in 12 DIY Costumes. | Make It Love It

Oh dear, holy cow! Turn this idiom into a costume. Pick up an antler headband and an angel halo. | Source

The Fruit of the Spirit Costume. I would love if they had the fruits attached to the costume – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. | Source Unknown

The Price is Right Halloween Costumes. You could even make some of your bids your memory verses! Like (John) 316.  More on how to make a Price is Right costume!  Amazon has a game show microphone, perfect for a Bob Barker host. | Source

Put on a clear trash bag and put balloons inside your bag to create a bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans Costume. This is cute for a prego woman with a jelly belly or works for the kids too! | The Sway – The SIIts Girls (Wiki has the Jelly Belly logo)

Jonah in the whale! | Source Unknown

This punny costume is based on popular US saying – Blessing in disguise. You will need disguise glasses and nose. | Club Crafted

Want some ranch with that salad? Load up on green tissue paper. | Justine Huxley on Instagram

Anything no sew is perfect for me. Save the sewer system with this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Costume. Can you tell what makes this shell? Hint. | A Night Owl

A red scarf, a black and white stripe shirt and (maybe) a beret are likely found in your closet.  Craft a piece of toast for a French Toast punny costume. | Shontemarie on Instagram

Brown felt and yellow poster board make this easy giraffe Halloween costume. | Source Unknown

Pink or White Outfit + multi-colored pom-poms + Felt Ears = DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costume. | Studio DIY

Love Curious George? Grab a monkey lovie and perfect this Man With the Yellow Hat Halloween costume. Pick up some Rit Liquid Fabric Dye. | Haute Apple Pie

This DIY Crayola costume is cute for a single crayon or multiple. A water bottle keeps the hair up. | Source

Tracie did such an amazing job with this Icee Costume. See her step by step tutorial. | Penny Pinchin Mom

Be a ceiling fan! Get your Go Celings t-shirt online or make your own with a white t-shirt and Sharpie or washi tape. | Source

It’s not a challenge to make an Easy Lego Costume, all for the cost of paint and some time. | Lovely Indeed

Holy guacamole! This punny Halloween costume combo is both heavenly and delicious.| Woman’s Day

A blanket, pig ears and a pig nose make this pig in a blanket costume so easy! | Almost Super Mom

Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes for Church

Any churches do Trunk-or-Treat? Save these Trunk or Treat Ideas. Pin to Pinterest.

Also save these group and Family Halloween Costume Ideas. Pin to Pinterest.

And for later in the year, save these Awana Grand Prix Rules, Templates, Cars and more. Pin to Pinterest.

WHAT’S TRENDING? Take your kids on a HALLOWEEN SCAVENGER HUNT for candy or fun non-spooky goodies.

Also access our Free Frugal Coupon Living Printables to help you find joy through embracing the chaos of motherhood more easily!

Stay in the know with daily deals, recipes, crafts, life hacks and seasonal content on Frugal Coupon Living. Receive this and more in your inbox.


Ideas up biblical dress

16 Halloween Costumes for Christian Teens

Costume #1: Noah's Ark

For a Noah's Ark themed costume, you'll need a few friends to join you as animals pairs. You can purchase animal costumes in most party stores, print animals on t-shirts and go in pairs, or dress in monochrome and use face paint to bring out your inner animal. Don't be afraid to go wild.

Costume #2: Holy Ghost

Ghost costumes are a Halloween tradition, so you wouldn't be out of place dressed as the Holy Ghost. Keep it simple and write Holy Ghost across your chest, or abbreviate with "HG" in the style of Superman, and consider attaching glow sticks or a battery operated string of lights to glow with the light of the Holy Spirit.

You can also go the traditional route by cutting holes in a bedsheet (but, don't forget to ask your parents before cutting holes in Mom's favorites sheets).

Costume #3: Angel

Angels are a Halloween staple and a tried and true Christian Halloween costume. If you have an all-white outfit, turning into an angel is pretty easy. Make or find a halo and wings, and you're ready for flight.

Costume #4: Nun

A nun costume may require a bit of money, as most people don't have a habit hanging in their closet. Your local costume shop should carry a nun's garment, or you can "order" one online ( order, get it?).

Costume #5: Priest

If you have a pair of black pants, then you'll only need a clerical shirt and collar. You can find this clothing online or at a local costume retailer. Don't be surprised if people want to confess their sins to you.

Costume #6: Saint

Why not become a saint for the day? Saint Agnes would only require a white choir robe and a blue shawl.

Wear a burlap sack, tie it with rope at the waist and carry a jug of locust dipped in honey. If you guessed St. John the Baptist, you would be correct.

For St. Francis of Assisi, dress in a brown robe and bring the dog for a walk (he's the patron saint of animals). With a bit of imagination and creativity, you'll be on your way to sainthood.

Costume #7: Judges

Dressing up as the book of Judges is more about representing an idea of the book. You can dress up in a black robe with a gavel and a Bible, or choose a character from the book, like ​Deborah, Gideon, Samson or Delilah.

Costume #8: Kings

Like Judges, this costume can be more about representing the concept of the books of Kings rather than specific characters.

Dress up in a royal robe with a golden crown, while holding a Bible to represent the Old Testament books.

Costume #9: The Plagues of Egypt

If you're in a group, consider dressing as the plagues of Egypt. Decorate t-shirts with blood, frogs, ping pong balls, hail, lice (as an added effect, mess up your hair as if you've been scratching), plastic flies, #1 Son (to represent the death of the firstborn), and locusts. Wear all black to represent the plague of darkness or dress as a sick animal for the plague on livestock. If you're good with makeup, create boils on someone's face.

Costume #10: The Three Wise Men

Dressing up as the Magi for Halloween will take some preparation. These are elaborate costumes, but they will definitely be recognizable. Be sure to find some gold, frankincense, and myrrh to complete the ensemble.

Costume #11: Shepherd

A shepherd costume requires a robe with a rope belt and a shepherd's staff. Robe colors are usually white, brown, or gray, but any color will do.

As a group costume, two people can dress as shepherds while the rest dress as sheep, by glueing cotton on white clothes.

Costume #12: David

The key to a good David costume is a slingshot, but you might want to add a short white robe with a sash and a headband. If you have a tall friend, the two of you can go as David and Goliath.

Costume #13: The Holy Family

Going with another robe-based costume, dress up as Mary and Joseph. This is an easy one. You'll need two people (a boy and a girl) and two robes. Wrap a doll in a blanket for Baby Jesus and your Holy Family is ready to travel.

Costume #14: Jesus

Jesus Christ is a popular Christian Halloween Costume. Wear a simple white robe with a red or purple sash for. Add a beard, long hair, and leather sandals to complete the look.

Tip: If you're going to imitate Christ on Halloween, be sure to appropriately represent the real Jesus.

Costume #15: Jonah and the Whale

For younger kids, cut cardboard into the shape of a whale and paint it to look like a big fish. Attach it to suspenders or rope to hang over your shoulders. Voila. You are Jonah inside the belly of the whale.

Costume #16: The 10 Commandments

Another way to use cardboard for Halloween is to cut out tablet-shaped pieces and paint them to look like stone, with Roman Numerals representing the 10 Commandments. Attach the tablets to a rope and hang them over your shoulders. Add a robe and staff for a Moses costume.

Edited by Mary Fairchild

Bible Costume in Five Minutes

So she lay down, and her butt sticks out. It's nice to look, let alone touch. I lathered my back, walked with a washcloth. From the neck to the buttocks, again from the neck to the buttocks, then down to the heels. I say it myself - Mine, my chimney sweep.

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