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12 Wooden DIY Ice Chest Cooler Plans You Can Build Today

Summer is approaching, and that means hanging out sipping cool drinks on the back porch! But do you hate having to leave the conversation and head back indoors to grab another drink? Then a wooden ice chest cooler for your patio might be just the ticket.

Cooler carts can be expensive, especially if they’re attractive and weatherproof. However, if you have some basic woodworking skills & tools you could save yourself a bundle by making your own.

Learning how to build a wooden cooler cart is easier than you might imagine! And in this article we’ve collected 12 wooden ice chest cooler plans you can DIY today of varying skill levels to help you along.

1. Cedar DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from DIY Pete

Check Project Details Here

DIY Pete knows what he’s doing with these cedar ice chest plans. It has it all: bottle opener, drain spigot, wheels, and a little storage spot underneath. And the form is just as impeccable as the function – you get a beautiful piece of furniture and a great cooler all in one.

The plans are easy to read, includes instructive video and photo, and breaks down what prices you should be getting on materials. However, due to the complexity of this project we recommend intermediate and above.

2. Grill Cart DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Fix This Build That

Check Project Details Here

Looking for a double duty cooler? Check out this awesome grill cart ice chest combination from Fix This Build That. Built from cedar for weather resistance and sleek style, this cooler will compliment any porch party.

You’re probably looking at an intermediate-advanced skill level here with techniques and tools, but the diagrams and cut lists make it possible for a beginner as well.

3. Bathtub DIY Ice Chest Cooler Plans from the Knot

All right, we admit, this one isn’t a wooden cooler… but it’s the easiest DIY around if you’ve got an old clawfoot tub and some strong friends to help lift it! The clever wink at prohibition, built in drain for melted ice to flow out of – it’s just too ingenious to leave out.

Materials NeededTools Needed
BathtubAt least 2 strong adults


4. Country DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Shanty 2 Chic

Check Project Details Here

This country cooler from Shanty 2 Chic is simple and classy. It has a little old school, rugged flair and won’t smash your budget to bits.

Access to a woodshop is a must, but even a beginner can follow these plans. Shanty 2 Chic has step by step instructions, diagrams, photos, and detailed explanations to guide you along.

5. Picnic Table DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler from Home Depot

Check Project Details Here

If you’d prefer to have your cold beverages within reach at all times, Home Depot has the perfect picnic table cooler plans for you. Simple idea in a sturdy and pleasing package. And as a bonus, you can get everything you need for the project all in one spot!

These plans are pretty advanced, however, and we do not recommend them to novices.

6. Pallet DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Fox Hollow Cottage

Check Project Details Here

If you enjoy affordable projects that recycle old materials this pallet cooler from Fox Hollow Cottage may be the perfect fit. If you have a cooler already you can use this guide to disassemble two pallets and build a great looking ice chest around it.

Access to a woodshop is advisable, but Fox Hollow Cottage makes following their design easy peasy.

Materials NeededTools Needed
Stain and paintDrill
3M&#x; sanding blocksTable saw
2 lid hinges and lid hinge arm (to hold it open)
Hose bib
8” of ½” flexible tube
Bottle Opener

7. Patio DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Dunn Lumber

Check Project Details Here

These patio cooler stand plans from Dunn Lumber will set you up with a simple and elegant little ice chest for your backyard. It’s also another great example of a one stop DIY and materials shop to make your project go even smoother.

Though they are not beginner-friendly, these plans are exceptionally straightforward and easy to follow.

8. Funky Little DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Instructables

Check Project Details Here

These wooden cooler plans from Instructables will show you exactly how to build your own uniquely decorated ice chest. Great look, well organized plans, and a sweet finished project.

Due to the complexity of materials we suggest this project for intermediate and above.

9. Coffee Table DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Build Something

Check Project Details Here

Here’s a stylish little coffee table and cooler in one from Build Something. It’s a bit simpler of a build than some of the other options, and less expensive too.

Though complex, beginner should feel comfortable enough with these plans if they have access to a woodshop. The cut lists and diagrams will keep you on track!

Rugged Pallet DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Easy Pallet Ideas

Check Project Details Here

Looking for a great looking budget build for your cooler? Check out these Rugged pallet cooler stand plans from Easy Pallet Ideas.

The steps are photo documented, but lack cut lists and diagrams for less experienced builders to keep on track with. Intermediate skill and above is recommended.

Industrial DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans by Crafted Workshop

Check Project Details Here

Those interested in a more industrial look may enjoy these patio cooler plans from Crafted Workshop. Built using super durable decking material for the outside, this cooler will be able to withstand any weather.

The advanced nature of techniques used and design (without accompanying diagrams) means we do not recommend this build for beginners. It’s also a little pricier than some of the others because of the Trex.

Vintage Chair DIY Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans from Oh My Creative

Check Project Details Here

For the low tool option, we love this vintage chair turned into a drink cooler from Oh My Creative. Unique, classy, and easy to build!

If you’ve got a cool old chair and a saw, you’re most of the way there – beginner welcome for this project.

Materials NeededTools Needed
Old English Lemon Oil


Final Thoughts on 12 Free Wooden Ice Chest Cooler Plans You Can DIY Today

Celebrate the return of warm weather with some outdoor projects and ice-cold drinks. What better way to do both than learning how to build a wooden cooler cart of your very own?

We hope that this list of awesome DIY wooden ice chest coolers has given you the knowledge and confidence to get out there and build – whatever our skill level.

Happy building!

Featured image credit: Heineken bottles by Skitterphoto, Pixabay


Sours: https://housegrail.com/diy-wooden-ice-chest-cooler-plans/

10 Best Outdoor Patio Coolers Reviews & Buying Guide

ReviewsOutdoor patio coolers

Published on November 23rd, | by Roger Corbinetti

DISCLOSURE: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Shopping for an outdoor patio cooler that will keep your drinks perfectly chilled?

You’ve come to the right place.

Patio coolers are cooler chests with a more stylish exterior compared to a traditional ice chest. You can get a patio cooler with a wooden, rattan or metal finish.

Patio coolers are also more practical than ice chests. Because the chest is usually on a cart or trolley, you don’t have to bend to pick a drink. The wheeled cart also makes it easy to move the full ice chest around.

What’s In This Buying Guide?


In this minute buying guide, we review the best patio coolers. These coolers are not just great for your patio; you can also use one in your garden or weekend BBQ party. A patio cooler is also a great addition to your in-ground or above the ground pool deck.

Some patio coolers are portable enough for use on a picnic or camping trip.

We also give you tips on how to choose the best outdoor patio cooler based on style, capacity, and ice retention, among other factors.

Best Outdoor Patio Coolers

1. Editor’s Top Pick: BLACK+DECKER Mobile Cooler Cart

BLACK+DECKER, Mobile Cooler Cart, 2 Door Seal Lid, Bottle Opener with Catch Basin, Bottom Storage Tray, 4 Rolling Wheels, White, BCC20W

We think the BLACK+DECKER mobile cooler cart is the best patio cooler for most people. It has enough capacity for most families as well as small to medium gatherings.


  • Enough capacity for most families.
  • wheels provide easy mobility.
  • Includes drain and storage rack.
  • Insulation keeps ice solid for long.


Buy on amazon

Our Review

The BLACK+DECKER has a gallon basin that holds enough drinks for a large family. It’s also big enough for a BBQ party.

The basin is insulated, so the ice stays solid for long and keeps your drinks perfectly chilled.

The legs and body of the cooler are made from stainless steel, so the cooler cart has a very solid and durable feel to it.

The door has a split design that makes it easier to access drinks from the cooler chest. Opening bottles is also easy, thanks to the built-in bottle opener and cap catcher.

As for maintenance, an integrated drain allows you to get rid of melted water without having to tip the heavy cart over.

The only complaint we’ve heard about the BLACK+DECKER mobile cooler cart is missing screws. It seems the manufacturer doesn’t include all the screws you need to assemble the cooler. Luckily, they are standard size screws, so it is easy to find matching once at your home or from a local store.

Bottom Line

The BLACK+DECKER mobile cooler cart is a great choice for families and individuals looking for a good-looking and well-made patio cooler that can hold plenty of drinks.

2. Best Wooden Patio Cooler: Merry Garden MPG-PC01 Wooden Patio Cooler

Merry Garden MPG-PC01 Wooden Patio Cooler

If you are looking for a rustic wooden patio cooler, we recommend the Merry Garden MPG-PC01 Wooden Patio Cooler. It’s finished in eucalyptus hardwood with an oil stain to protect it.

Merry Garden is a compact patio cooler, so it may not be suitable for large gatherings. But it’s perfect for family use at home, on picnics and at the beach.


  • Beautiful rustic cooler.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Perfect for picnics.
  • Ready to use – no assembling required.


  • Small capacity.
  • Many customers say it arrived with damage.

Buy on amazon

Our Review

Unlike most patio coolers, the Merry Garden MPG-PC01 does not sit on a roller cart. It’s simply a box with a wooden exterior.

The downside is that you can’t roll it around. But it’s small, so even when full, you should be able to lift and carry it.

The cooler chest has a capacity of gallons. It’s not much, but it’s enough for most families. And because the cooler is compact, it fits easily, even in small patios and gardens.

It’s also perfect for out-of-home use on picnics, camping or at the beach. It fits easily in the trunk of most trucks, SUVs, and crossovers.

Style-wise, we love the wooden finish of the Merry Garden cooler. The exterior is eucalyptus hardwood with a protective oil stain. It looks good and lasts long.

The golden handles complete the rustic look of this cooler.

However, there seems to be an issue with how the Merry Garden cooler is packaged. More than a few customers have received a damaged cooler, and the damage usually occurs affects the same place.

If yours is damaged, the seller sends out replacements promptly.

Bottom Line

Though not big enough for a large party, the Merry Garden patio cooler makes up for its small capacity with good styling. We recommend it for individuals, families, and the occasional small garden party.

3. Best Compact: Rio Brands Entertainer Rolling Party Cooler

Rio Brands Entertainer Rolling Party Cooler (77 Quarts, Midnight Sands)

Looking for a compact patio cooler that won’t take up much space in your patio? We recommend the Rio Brands Entertainer rolling party cooler.

It holds fewer drinks than other patio coolers but is perfect for smaller spaces.


  • Great for small patios and gardens.
  • Beautiful modern styling.
  • Includes heavy-duty wheels for easy mobility.
  • Includes carry handles, bottle opener, cap catcher, and drain.
  • Detach base.


  • Ice doesn’t stay solid for long.

Buy on amazon

Our Review

If you have a small patio or garden space, the Rio Brands Entertainer is one of the best coolers. It provides a decent capacity ( gallons) without taking up much space.

The cooler chest sits on a metal cart with heavy-duty wheels to move it around. Once the cart is in place, you can lock the wheels.

The chest is detachable from the base, making storage and transport easy. So if you want to use the cooler at the beach or anywhere away from home, you can easily fit it in the trunk of your car.

When detached, you can lift and carry the chest using the included carry handles.

As for styling, the Rio Brands cooler has a mostly black finish accented with silver accessories. It has a modern look that blends well with any patio or garden decor.

Accessories include a drain spout, bottle opener, and a cap catcher bin.

The one area where the Rio Brands cooler could be better is the quality of insulation. Several customers say the ice only lasts a few hours before it melts. So you have to keep refilling it.

Bottom Line

If you don’t have the space for a large patio cooler, the Rio Brands Entertainer is a compact alternative that holds a fair amount of drinks.

4. Most Practical: Tommy Bahama Stainless Steel Rolling Party Cooler

Tommy Bahama - Qt Stainless Steel Rolling Party Cooler - Can Capacity

The Tommy Bahama Stainless Steel cooler is not just an ice chest on a cart; it is a complete outdoor beverage station with everything you need to store and prepare drinks.


  • Plenty of extra storage.
  • Large ice chest – perfect for large parties.
  • Rollers for easy mobility.
  • Stainless steel construction with powder coating for weather protection.


Buy on amazon

Our Review

The Tommy Bahama cooler is more practical for your parties compared to most patio coolers.

To start with, it has a larger than average capacity – 25 gallons. It can hold plenty of drinks, including large bottles. Even after adding ice, there’s still a lot of space for drinks.

The storage space is also impressive. In addition to the ice chest, there’s a storage shelf underneath where you can load extra drinks that don’t need to stay chilled. You can also use this space to store things like limes, utensils, and other stuff you might need for your drinks.

You also get a flip-out side shelf that you can use to prepare drinks.

Other practical accessories include heavy-duty lockable casters, a drain plug, bottle opener, and cap catcher.

The Tommy Bahama cooler has a durable stainless steel construction, so you can expect it to last for a year. The powder-coated finish protects the cart from rusting.

All this practicality doesn’t come cheap. The Tommy Bahama, rolling party cooler, is one of the most expensive among our top 10 picks.

But we think it’s worth it. It’ll prove more useful during parties and will likely outlast other coolers.

Bottom Line

If you hold a lot of parties or spend a lot of time relaxing outdoors, the Tommy Bahama cooler is one of the most practical coolers you can get.

5. Largest Capacity: Igloo Party Bar Cooler

Igloo Party Bar Cooler – Powered by LiddUp

Need something that can hold enough drinks for a large party? We recommend the gallon Igloo Party Bar Cooler. This cooler includes dividers so you can easily organize all the drinks you’ll put in it.


  • Extra-large capacity.
  • Interior LED lights.
  • Removable dividers.
  • Locking casters.


  • The lid is not insulated.

Buy on amazon

Our Review

At 31 gallons, the Igloo Party Bar cooler easily trumps other coolers in terms of capacity. It can hold more drinks than most patio coolers, making it the best choice for large parties and gatherings.

With that much space, keeping your drinks organized can be a problem. That’s why the Igloo cooler comes with dividers for better organization. You can separate your drinks by age or type. You can even mix drinks and foods.

The dividers are removable, so you can have one continuous space if that’s what works best for you.

Accessories for the Igloo cooler include interior LED lights (helpful when the party runs into the night), a bottle opener and cap catcher, drain plug, and locking casters.

The only thing we don’t like about the Igloo cooler is that the lid is not insulated. So the ice melts faster than in other coolers, especially if you leave it in direct sunlight.

That said, the ice should stay solid long enough to last through the party. You likely won’t need to refill the chest midway through.

Bottom Line

The Igloo Party Bar Cooler is the best portable bar for your home parties and events. It holds plenty of drinks and keeps them chilled for hours.

6. Best for Patios with Rattan Furniture: Giantex HW Quart Rattan Cooler Cart

Giantex HW Quart Rattan Cart Portable Wicker Cooler Trolley, Mix Brown

If you have Rattan wicker furniture in your patio, garden, or pool deck, get the matching Giantex Rattan cooler cart.


  • Matches well with Rattan furniture.
  • Large capacity.
  • Rustproof construction.
  • Plenty of extra storage.


  • No insulation – ice melts quickly.
  • Screws are not rustproof.

Buy on amazon

Our Review

The Giantex cooler is the best match for patios and gardens with rattan furniture. The body of the cooler, including the lid, has a rustic rattan finish. The bottom shelf is also made with a rattan wicker.

Under the rattan is a zinc plated metal sheet that is durable and rustproof.

The Giantex cooler has a gallon capacity, making it a good choice for large families and parties.

It comes with extra storage space at the bottom where you can load extra drinks, foods, or utensils. You also get a couple of side shelves where you can prepare drinks plus hangers for wine glasses.

The cooler sits on a cart with roller casters for easy mobility.

The large capacity of the Giantex cooler is handy for parties and events. But it has a huge drawback – the cooler is not insulated. So ice melts quickly. When it is hot, it may melt before it even chills your drinks.

If you need to keep drinks cold for hours, forget the Giantex cooler. Unless the weather is already cold, you’ll have to keep replacing the ice.

Bottom Line

The Giantex rattan cooler loses points for lack of insulation. But we still think it looks great. If you don’t mind replacing the ice often, it’s a great addition to any patio with rattan furniture.

7. Best Modern Style: Best Choice Products Quart Steel Rolling Cooler

Best Choice Products Quart Steel Rolling Cooler Cart w/Bottle Opener and Catch Tray, Drain Plug, Locking Wheels

If you prefer a modern style, we recommend this gallon rolling cooler from Best Choice Products. It has a contemporary minimalist look with a red and black finish.


  • Great style.
  • Large capacity.
  • Locking wheels.
  • Includes bottom tray, bottle opener, and cap bin.


  • Assembly is a bit challenging.

Buy on amazon

Our Review

The Best Choice Products patio cooler looks stunning. The contrasting red and black palette stands out in any patio or backyard.

The exterior is stainless steel, so it can withstand frequent outdoor use.

The ice bin is insulated, so it keeps ice solid for long. With a gallon capacity, the bin can hold more than 70 cans or more than 50 bottles.

A drain plug at the bottom makes it easy to get rid of melted water, while a bottle opener makes things easy for your guests. Below the bottle opener is a cap catcher to prevent a mess of caps on the ground.

The ice bin sits on a metal cart with smooth-rolling casters. Two of the casters are lockable to keep the cooler from rolling away.

The cart also includes a tray for extra storage.

The only complaint we have seen from customers is regarding assembly. The wheels are a bit tedious to fit since they don’t align perfectly with the holes at the bottom of the tray.

Bottom Line

If rattan and wooden patio coolers are not what you are looking for, consider this modern-styled Best Choice steel cooler.

8. Best for the Outdoors: VINGLI Wagon Rolling Cooler

VINGLI 80 Quart Portable Rolling Ice Chest for Yard or Party, with Shelf, Pool with Bottle Opener and Holster

If you’d like a cooler you can take to the beach or park, we recommend the Vingli Wagon rolling cooler. Its monster wheels make it a great choice for rough and uneven terrains.


  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Large capacity.
  • Durable steel body.
  • Includes bottle opener and cap catcher.


Buy on amazon

Our Review

If there’s a 4×4 truck for coolers, this is it. The Vingli Wagon rolling cooler has big 10″ inflatable wheels that can conquer any terrain. It’s perfect for pulling along at the beach, on gravel, on the grass, and any rough ground.

A long handle makes it easy to pull the cart even when it is full.

The insulated bin has a capacity of 20 gallons. It holds enough drinks for a large family or group along with ice to keep everything chilled. A dual access lid lets you open the cooler box from any side.

As with other coolers, the Vingli Wagon includes a bottle opener and cap catcher.

The only issue we have with the Vingli cooler is its portability. Sure, it is easy to pull it along on sand or grass. But you are not going to pull it from home to the beach. And that’s where the cooler’s limitations become apparent.

For one, the cooler lacks side handles. Once you fill it with drinks and ice, it gets very heavy, and lifting it into the trunk of a car requires two or three people.

The other problem is fitting it in a car. Unless you have an SUV, crossover, truck, or large wagon, the Vingli cooler won’t fit. And even if it fits in the trunk of your vehicle, it doesn’t leave much space for other stuff you might need at the beach or park.

It would have been better if the cooler had a foldable or detachable design for easier transport. You can then fill it with ice and drinks when you get to your destination.

Bottom Line

Luckily, many people own large vehicles (crossovers are currently very popular), so ferrying the Vingli cooler around won’t be an issue, as long as you don’t give up space for extra stuff or the third row.

The size of the cooler and lack of carrying handles are also not a problem if you are planning to use it in your backyard.

9. Best Value: Clevr 80 Quart Rolling Cooler

Clevr 80 Qt Outdoor 45

If you are looking for a large, well-made patio cooler that doesn’t cost too much, we recommend the Clevr quart rolling cooler.


  • Good value for money.
  • Durable steel construction.
  • Large capacity.
  • Includes drain plug, bottle opener, and cap bin.


Buy on amazon

Our Review

With a gallon capacity and a steel body and base, the Clevr patio cooler is surprisingly affordable.

It has a powder-coated finish to protect it from the elements. Smooth-rolling casters and handles on each side of the cooler make it easy to move the loaded cooler around.

The polypropylene bin is insulated, so it keeps drinks chilled for long. Just make sure you keep it in a shady spot to prevent the ice from melting too quickly.

As for accessories, the Clevr cooler comes with a bottom tray, a bottle opener, and cap bin, and a drain plug.

Several customers say the drain plug is a bit leaky, but it’s nothing serious. You can try to tighten it or keep the cooler somewhere it won’t make a mess.

Style-wise, the Clevr cooler looks great. It has a retro hunter green finish that is especially perfect for a garden sitting area.

Bottom Line

The Clevr rolling cooler is cheaper than other patio coolers, but it works. It’s well made, has excellent insulation and we think it looks great as well.

Best Budget: BELLEZE 80QT Portable Rolling Cooler

ARKSEN 80 Quart Outdoor Rolling Patio Cooler Solid Steel Construction. Ideal for parties and other outdoor occasions, Rattan

The Belleze portable rolling cooler is another good choice if you are looking for an affordable but good quality patio cooler.

We love the rattan style, and the gallon capacity isn’t too bad either.


  • Low price.
  • Beautiful rattan style.
  • Large capacity.
  • Durable steel frame.


  • No bottom tray.
  • A bit wobbly when full.

Buy on amazon

Our Review

The Belleze patio cooler has a gallon capacity, enough for most families and even a sizable party. The ice chest is well insulated, so you don’t need to keep refilling it with ice.

The wide-opening dual access top lid makes it easy to access drinks and add more ice. When the ice melts, use the drain plug at the bottom to get rid of the water.

Accessories include a bottle opener and cap catcher. Notably, the Belleze cooler does not have a bottom tray, a common feature on other roller coolers.

If you were hoping for extra storage space at the bottom, we recommend the Clevr cooler instead.

Another issue with the Belleze cooler is that it feels a bit wobbly when it’s loaded. This could be because it doesn’t have a bottom tray, which acts as extra support in other coolers. Avoid pushing the cooler on the bumpy ground when it is full of drinks and ice.

When it comes to aesthetics, the rattan finish looks great. If you have rattan furniture in your patio or garden, the Belleze cooler will fit right in.

Bottom Line

For a low price, the Belleze patio cooler provides plenty of space for drinks, a durable steel frame, and a beautiful rattan finish.

Why Get a Patio Cooler

Giantex HW Quart Rattan Cart Portable Wicker Cooler Trolley, Mix Brown

After all, a good old ice chest keeps drinks chilled just as well.

Getting a patio cooler is not just about keeping a drink cold. A patio cooler has several benefits over an ice chest. Here are the biggest ones.

  • Convenience: Because patio coolers are set on a raised cart, you don’t have to bend to pick up a cold one. Your party guests will appreciate this one.
  • Portability: An ice chest is great for putting in your car when going camping or on a road trip. But carrying a loaded one from the kitchen to the patio or garden is a pain. With a patio cooler, you simply push it on its casters.
  • Style: Ice chests are boring. They all come in the same rectangular shape and bland colors. In contrast, patio coolers come in a variety of interesting designs, including rattan, wooden, and metal. You can get a cooler that matches your patio perfectly. If you want to impress your guests, get a patio cooler.

Limitations of Patio Coolers

Rio Brands Entertainer Rolling Party Cooler (77 Quarts, Midnight Sands)

As convenient and good-looking as they are, patio coolers have their limitations and downsides.

The biggest one is the price. Patio coolers are generally more expensive compared to similar-capacity ice chests.

Another limitation is insulation. Some patio coolers maintain the temperature just as well as an ice chest. But some have thin or no insulation. Some patio coolers also have an uninsulated lid, which melts the ice faster, especially when the cooler is exposed to the sun.

There’s also the issue of portability. If you want a cooler you can carry to picnics, camping, the beach and on road trips, you are better off with an ice chest. It’s easier to lift and takes up less space in the trunk.

Giantex HW Quart Rattan Cart Portable Wicker Cooler Trolley, Mix Brown


The best capacity depends on how many drinks you need to put in the cooler. If the cooler is just for your family, a gallon or smaller patio cooler will do.

If you hold lots of big parties, get a larger cooler. The biggest patio cooler among our picks is the Igloo with a gallon capacity.


Get an insulated patio cooler. It’ll save you time and effort, refilling the ice chest.

An uninsulated or poorly insulated cooler melts the ice quickly, meaning you have to keep adding more ice. A well-insulated patio cooler should keep ice solid for the length of a party.


Look for a patio cooler with a metal body and base. It’ll last longer and withstand the elements better. A plastic frame is also good as long as it is heavy-duty and UV-resistant. But the cart itself should be metal.

Note: Even if the patio cooler has a rattan or wooden exterior, it still should have a metal frame.


The best style comes down to your tastes. Some people like the modern look of patio coolers with a metal exterior while others love the rustic style of wooden or rattan patio coolers.


Casters are a must-have. They make it easy to move the patio cooler around, especially when it is loaded. Check that the casters are degrees and that at least two of the wheels are lockable.

Side handles are nice to have. They make it easier to push the cart. If the patio cooler has a detachable ice chest, make sure it has side handles so you can lift and carry it like a normal ice chest.


Here are the accessories to look for:

  • Bottle opener and cap catcher bin.
  • Drain plug.
  • Bottom rack for extra storage. Some patio coolers also have side shelves.

Bottom Line

Tommy Bahama - Qt Stainless Steel Rolling Party Cooler - Can Capacity

An ice chest is still the best option for cooling drinks and foods on the go. But if you want to enjoy chilled drinks at home in your patio, garden, or pool deck, a patio cooler is the best choice. A patio cooler is also great as a portable bar for home parties.

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How to Build a DIY Patio Cooler Cart

How to Build a DIY Patio Cooler Box

  1. Build the cooler base
  2. Make grill storage bay and shelf
  3. Build the patio cooler lid
  4. Install cooler drain and lower shelf
  5. Finish and add hardware

I built the cooler box and grilling station entirely out of 1&#;4 cedar.  My local lumber supplier had 12&#; boards that were rough on one side and I was able to get them for half the price of what you would pay at the big box store for the cedar 1x4s.  If this is an option for you then you can save some significant money going this route.

1. Build the Patio Cooler Base

Build Frame and Legs

You&#;ll start by building the top frame based on the size of your cooler.  The top of my cooler was /4&#; x /2&#;.  If your cooler is a different size then you&#;ll need to adjust the top frame accordingly and see if you need to adjust the base as well.

First cut 2 boards to 50&#; for the long top frame pieces and 3 boards to /2&#; for the short top frame pieces.  Drill pocket holes in the ends of the short pieces and assembly with /4&#; pocket screws.  This will give a /4&#; opening for the grilling storage box.

Wooden cooler box frame

Next cut 8 boards down to /4&#; long for the legs.  Rip down 4 of these boards to narrow leg pieces at /4&#; wide.  Use a pocket hole jig to drill pocket holes in the /4&#; pieces in the top 13&#; of the leg and another hole 2&#; up from the bottom.

How to drill pocket holes for a cooler box

Join the narrow leg pieces to the wide pieces glue and  /4&#; pocket hole screws on the top and bottom.  In the gap where there are no pocket holes, use clamps to hold the joints tight.  Make two legs with the narrow pieces on the right side and two with the narrow pieces on the left side.  This lets you have the wide face of the legs showing on the front and back of the patio cooler cart.

Finally, cut 8 pieces of side cladding to /2&#; long.  Use a trim router to route a 1/16&#; 45 degree chamfer on the outer edges of each board.  This will give the boards a nice beadboard look when butted together.

Connect Legs with Side Boards

Lay two legs down and starting from the top, attach 4 side cladding pieces to the legs with two /4&#; screws on each side of each board. Repeat this process with the other 2 legs to form 2 side assemblies.

After that, cut 4 pieces of front cladding and 4 pieces of back cladding to /2&#; long, and route a chamfer on the long edges just like the side cladding.  Side the side assemblies on edge and starting at the top, attach the front cladding to the sides with /4&#; screws.

Making a outdoor patio coolerNext flip the assembly over and now attach the 4 back cladding pieces to the sides.  Now you have the base of your patio cooler and grill cart combo!

wooden cooler stand assemblyThen cut two 3/4&#; x 3/4&#; top front cleats 14&#; long and one top side cleat 11&#; long.  Predrill holes on the bottom for attaching the top frame later.  Secure the 11&#; cleat to the middle of the right side flush with the top and secure the 14&#; cleats to the front and the back /2&#; away from the right side.

wooden deck cooler assembly

2. Make the Grill Cart Storage Bay and Bottom Shelf

Attach two 1&#; wide 14&#; long cleats to the inside of the front and back walls, 18&#; from the right side.  Cut four 15&#; wide storage divider boards and glue and screw them to the cleats to create the storage bay on the DIY cooler box.

wooden ice chest assemblyhow to build a cooler

Cut and install two /4&#; cleats to the front and back of the storage bay.  Put them 3/4&#; up from the bottom of the bay then attach five 15&#; storage bay bottom pieces to the cleats with screws from underneath.  The middle board will need to be trimmed to fit since it&#;s smaller than the others.

outdoor cooler cart assemblywooden cooler chest assemblyNow attach the top frame to the base with pocket hole screws on the cooler side and with /4&#; screws through the cleats in the storage bay.  Use glue on all the top surfaces for a good hold.

Attaching frame to diy cooler

Cut two 46&#; long 1&#; wide shelf stretchers and eleven /2&#; shelf slats.  Attach the slats to the stretchers with glue and a brad nailer.  For consistent spacing start with the outer slats and then secure the middle slat.  From there fill in the gaps spacing the slats ~3/4&#; apart.

outdoor cooler table top assemblyassembling wooden cooler box

Test fit your cooler in the opening and remove the cooler drain plug since you&#;ll need it later.  Then reach a marker through the cooler drain and mark a spot on the left side of the patio cooler.  Drill a /4&#; hole in the side for the plumbing fittings.

drain for cooler chest

Flip the grill cart combo over and put the cooler in place.  Secure the cooler by installing three 15&#; cooler supports into the front and back with /4&#; pocket screws.

installing cooler in patio cooler cart

3. Make the Patio Cooler Box and Grill Bay Lids

Grill Bay Lid

Flip the DIY patio cooler back over and cut four /4&#; long storage bay lid pieces.  Put a chamfer on the boards with the trim router like the body cladding.  Drill a 1&#; hole  in the middle of one board and chamfer the top edge of the hole.

wooden cooler lidrouting edges of cooler topNext cut two /2&#; by 1&#; wide lid battens.  Then line the lid boards up and fasten the boards together using the battens, glue and /4&#; screws.

DIY Cooler box topMake 4 small /2&#; x 2&#; storage lid tabs.  Round one corner of the tabs and install them in the top corners of the storage bay with glue and brad nails into the top corners of the storage bay.

Grill cart storage

Cooler Box Lid

Build the frame around the cooler lid based on your own cooler measurements.  The sides should be 3/4&#; taller than your lid.  I cut two lid front/back pieces to /4&#; by 2&#; and two side piece /2&#; by 2&#;.  Join the frame with /4&#; pocket hole screws.

Wooden patio cooler lid

Cut 3 lid support cleats to /2&#; by 1&#; and attach them to the front and back with pocket holes.  Place the outer cleats so they are directly over the side ridges on your lid that mate with the cooler body.  You&#;ll be screwing into the lid later and don&#;t want the screws to pop through the underside of the lid.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

Then make 5 lid top pieces out of /4&#; boards.  Route the 45 degree chamfers on these boards just as the others.  Layout the boards on the top and cut the center piece to width to fit.  Use super glue and temporarily affix the full size boards to the edges of the frame.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill CartFlip the lid over and permanently attach the lid boards to the cleats with /4&#;  screws.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

Flip the lid over again on top of the cooler.  Now secure the top to the cooler lid with /4&#; screws through the outer cleats into the lid.  Attach the center board with wood glue on the center cleats and super glue on the outer edges.  The super glue will bond quickly and the wood glue will give a long lasting hold.  Assembling the lid this way give you a super clean look with no nail or screw holes&#;SCORE!

DIY Patio Cooler Grill CartDIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

4. Install the Cooler Drain & Lower Shelf

Remove the drain from your cooler and keep the washer on the inside.  Get two 1/2&#; PVC male threaded adapters, a length of 1/2&#; PVC, a 1/2&#; nut and a hose bib for the outside of the cooler.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

The length of the PVC pipe will vary per installation.  Cut a hose bib mounting block to /2&#; by /2&#; and drill a 1&#; hole through it for the male adapter.  Glue up the final PVC parts and install them on the hose bib and mounting block.  Then install them into the cooler box and lock in place using the nut in the cooler.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

Sand everything down to grit and apply your finish at this point.  I used a Spar Urethane made for outdoors so it will wear well.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

After the finish is dry, install the lower shelf so the bottom is /2&#; up from the floor.  I would recommend turning the patio cooler on it&#;s top to do this vs. laying it on its back like I did 🙂

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

5. Add Hardware to the DIY Patio Cooler Cart

The cooler lid gets 3&#; utility hinges and a handle on the front.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

I added a bottle opener on the front and 2 hooks on the grilling side of the cart as well.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill Cart

Then I put some grilling accessories into the storage side and it worked great to hold them all.  I just put some little dividers in there to keep them separated.  And if you need help picking the right grilling and barbeque setup for your backyard, check out this helpful article from Porch.com.

DIY Patio Cooler Grill CartAlright, you&#;re all finished up!  Put the DIY patio cooler cart out on your deck and let the good times roll this summer.  If you want to see some other great summer projects, check out my Outdoor Projects Page.  And if you build one of your own then post a picture below!

Sours: https://fixthisbuildthat.com/diy-patio-cooler-grill-cart-combo-plans/

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