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The Fissure of Woe (commonly abbreviated as FoW) is one of the Realms of the Gods. It is the domain of Balthazar, God of War. There his Eternal warriors are in constant struggle with the Shadow Army of Menzies, Lord of Destruction. It is a very inhospitable place. Mobs are plenty and very strong. It is not recommended to go there without a full party of eight experienced players. Heroes are allowed, but henchmen are not.

After entering the Fissure you will find yourself next to Rastigan the Eternal. He will be attacked by any Shadow creatures that may find their way there. He stands no chance against them on his own, so make sure to protect him and / or clear out the immediate surrounding area of any Shadow forces before further exploring the Fissure of Woe. If Rastigan is killed, you are transported to your outpost of entry. Also be careful not to accidentally trigger the quest Tower of Courage before the coast is clear (it is safe to accept the quest, just don't attack the quest related foes). You will meet more Eternals like Rastigan in the Fissure, who must not die either.

The Fissure of Woe is the only place in the game in which Obsidian Shards drop, and is a major source of Shadow Shields, Bows, Blades, Staves and Chaos Axes. In addition, it is considered by many to be a worthwhile place to do chest runs.

Getting There

You can reach the Fissure when the world has the Favor of the Gods by paying 1Platinum to the Champion of Balthazar in any of the following locations:

Alternatively, you can use a Passage Scroll, which drop from Hard Modebosses; from the reward chest (for completing all Fissure quests); and (rarely) from monsters in the Fissure. The scrolls can also be purchased from Scroll Traders.

Area Layout

When entering the Fissure of Woe, the minimap shows unexposed regions in black and reveals them as the party explores. However, unlike most explorable areas, the exposed portions of the map are reset to black for each visit into the Fissure as if the player had never been there. The adjacent map shows the full layout and major areas of the Fissure (the teal-colored dots show the connecting paths between areas).

In general, the Fissure is divided into general areas that form an asymmetrical grid in the form:

Each area has a different environment and different monsters. Click on an area's name to learn more about it.


The Fissure of Woe features several quests, which are quite demanding, but give tremendous rewards in experience points. These quests can be done repeatedly, once each time you enter the Fissure. All quests you have done on previous visits to the Fissure will be cleared once you leave it and you will have to do them again if you want to reach subsequent quests. The Obsidian armor can be crafted in the Fissure, after you have completed several quests.

The following questsstart in The Fissure of Woe:

(Note: Icons Recharge.png indicate repeatable quests.)

The Fissure of Woe

Follow up quests are shown indented from requirement quests.


QuestIconThumb.png For a list of creatures in the Fissure of Woe, see: Category:Fissure of Woe

General Survival Tips

The Fissure of Woe can be a daunting place for those who tread there for the first time. Here are a few FYIs to keep you alive:

  • Watch out for patrols!! There are patrols running around all over the place. Proceed carefully. If there are 20 yards between you and the next group, expect someone or something to walk by or pop out of the ground.
  • A few people should equip Rebirth. Rebirth is not useful in recovering from death situations during a fight, but it's an excellent recovery tool from near wipe out situations. The reason being that if a party is wiped out in the Fissure, it is kicked back out to the Temple of the Ages, Zin Ku Corridor or Chantry of Secrets.
  • Use XP rewards wisely. Players going into the Fissure are generally level 20 and do not need experience per se. Still, experience is very valuable inside the Fissure itself. Because the experience rewarded by Fissure quests is so high, it is the best tool in erasing Death Penalty from party members. As such, if a party finishes a quest and is ready for cashing in on the reward, they should save that reward until there is Death Penalty to erase.
  • Defend NPCs. If any friendly NPC dies, the party is booted back to the outpost they started in. Remember that this extends to unnamed NPCs like forge guards, so make sure that the area they spawn at is clear of any foes.
  • PULL ENEMIES. A proper puller can heavily mitigate the damage spread to the party and make even the most dangerous areas of the Fissure survivable.

Bosses and Elite Skills


  • After completing all the Temple of War quests, the game spawns a Chest of Woe that contains the following:


The Fissure of Woe

The Fissure of Woe, also called the Realm of War, is the realm of Balthazar. In this realm, the god of war and his Eternals are engaged in a battle with Menzies and his Shadow Army. It is divided into nine known sections and is full of wreckage, battlefields, and fiery landscapes; the sole exception to this is the Forest of the Wailing Lord. According to Admiral Saidon the Eternal, the Fissure of Woe will always be in conflict.

Getting there[edit]

To get to the Fissure of Woe, all players of the party must be Ascended or Weh no Su (Elonian characters may instead complete the quest Hunted!). Players must then either use a Passage Scroll to the Fissure of Woe (in Embark Beach or any of the following locations below), or pay 1Platinum to the Champion of Balthazar at a Statue of Balthazar in any of the following locations:

Quests available[edit]

All quests can be repeated by re-entering the area.


Mission objectives[edit]

The Fissure of Woe

  • Tower of Courage
  • The Wailing Lord
  • A Gift of Griffons
  • Defend the Temple of War
  • The Eternal Forgemaster
  • Army of Darkness
  • Restore the Temple of War
  • Khobay the Betrayer
  • Tower of Strength
  • Slaves of Menzies
  • The Hunt
  • Your party has completed # of 11 quests.
  • Balthazar has acknowledged the great deeds you have performed. Return to the forge in the Temple of War to claim your reward.



Ghosts (Eternals)









  • Warrior 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
  • Monk 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)
  • Elementalist 24 (24) Traitorous Temple Guard (only during Khobay the Betrayer)




Nightmares (Shadow Army)








Nightmares (Shadow Army)

Boss-like foes[edit]


Nightmares (Shadow Army)


  • You can repeat the area's quests each time you enter the Fissure of Woe. After completing all eleven,
    • You will see the message, "Balthazar has acknowledged the great deeds you have performed. Return to the forge in the Temple of War to claim your reward".
    • A Chest of Woe will spawn near the Eternal Forgemaster.
    • After the first time, you can add the Eternal Conqueror of The Fissure of Woe statue to your "Honor"monument.
  • The Eternal Forgemaster will buy items in your inventory when he returns to the forge, after you keep it safe from attack.
  • The Fissure of Woe area does not count towards any Cartographer title.
  • You can get kicked out of the area in three situations:
    • If all members of your party die; there are no resurrection shrines, so a wipe results in mission failure.
    • In Hard mode, if everyone in the party has a Death Penalty of 60%.
    • If you allow any of your allies to die. (Be sure to clear any nearby patrols to prevent this.)
BugBug.On rare occasions, a Shadow Ranger will spawn inside the Tower of Courage, preventing quest completion unless your party can kill it without having a line of sight.


  • Players often refer to the Fissure of Woe as "FoW".
  • The Fissure of Woe uses the Ring of Fire Islands loading screen despite technically being in the Mists.

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We could only get to the UW and FoW through the Gods&#; avatars. With them not likely to show up, how do we get there now?

Asura magitech a.k.a. deus ex machina?

There already are many Asuran gates to the Fractal of the Mists, WvW (set in the mists) and sPvP (set in the mists).

They even have the tech to teleport you in and out of different &#;fractals&#;.

What would be good is if the FoW and UW became GW2&#;s answer to raiding. They could do the same with Urgoz&#;s Warren, The Deep, the Realm of Torment explorable leading to the Domain of Anguish, Ring of fire (with explorable area leading to it), Tomb of the Primeval Kings, etc.

There is so much content for them to use and I don&#;t get why dungeons/raiding has been swept aside in favour of % open world content.

The raids could be large non-linear dungeon maps with linear optional quest chains that lead to the final boss.

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