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Halloween II: 8 Unpopular Opinions About The 1981 Film, According To Reddit

Content Warning: The Following Article Contains Depictions of Violence

Some Halloweensequels are more beloved by fans than others. However, while entries like Halloween: Resurrection are universally reviled, there's no unanimous best sequel. Halloween II (1981) comes the closest to capturing the mood of the original, with it typically lumped towards the head of the sequel pack.

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Even still, there are extreme opinions about the film on both sides. From those who find it plodding to those who feel it strayed too far from John Carpenter's original, Reddit users are all over the map on the merits of Halloween II.

Halloween II Is Better Than The Original

Halloween is an undisputed masterpiece not just in terms of the horror genre, but on a larger cinematic scale. It's one of several works by John Carpenter that have inspired many movies. But one Redditor, thebigcreamer27, gave Halloween II a particularly high honor. As they said, "Halloween 2 (81) is better than the original."

Halloween II brilliantly retains most of the original's ambiance (and picks up mere moments after the first film's conclusion) even if it isn't as impeccably crafted. What really holds the sequel back from being as effective as the original, though, is the fact that the residents of Haddonfield, Illinois are aware of the fact that Myers is currently stalking their town. In some ways, that takes away from surpassing the original.

Halloween II Put The Series In A Rut

On a thread dedicated to unpopular opinions about the franchise as a whole, ambidextrous_Shape had some things to say about the first sequel. "Halloween II (81) is responsible for putting the series in a rut with its stupid twist that lasted for pretty much every Myers sequel until H18."

Laurie Strode being Myers' sister has always been a divisive twist for fans of the series. However, Halloween II was not the last solid entry of the franchise. It's hard to say the Halloween movies were in a "rut" when Halloween III (which has gone on to be a cult classic) tried something new. Furthermore, while Strode is mentioned in Halloween 4, it was far from being her narrative (it was her daughter's, Jamie Lloyd). Lloyd's story branches from Strode's, but it's still the series trying something new. Were Myers to consistently stalk Jamie Lee Curtis' character in every installment, that would be a rut. The fact that Danielle Harris' performance as Lloyd is among the best child actor performances in horror movies only helps to individualize Halloween 4 and 5.

Halloween II Is Boring

In a batch of unpopular opinions about the series, mc_eazy had this to say about Halloween II: "Always thought Halloween II '81 is painfully boring."

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Perhaps it is the film's prolonged stalking sequences (particularly before Myers enters the hospital) that this Redditor is referring to as boring. For the most part, Halloween II is just as quickly paced as any other sequel in the franchise. If what the Redditor was looking for were character death scenes, the sequel is even faster-paced than the original.

The Brother/Sister Thing Works

In reference to the twist established in Halloween II, hesojam0 had this to say: "People who don't like the brother/sister thing don't appreciate good storytelling." The issue is that their sibling connection is one of the strangest horror movie plot twists.

Some Halloween fans think the Myers-Strode twist is effective while others find it ludicrous. There are also some who believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Strode being Myers' little sister checks out in terms of the timeline (one of the overarching series' main issues). However, the anonymity of Michael Myers is what made him nightmarish in the original. It's a little unfair to say appreciating that anonymity is equal to not appreciating good storytelling.

Halloween II Couldn't Be Any More Different

One user, Flash-Over, had several points to make about the sequel. "OG H2 is a good slasher, but is completely void of the original's soul and I can't help but shake my head when someone says that they view 1&2 as one movie."

Watching Halloween and Halloween II back to back is one of the better horror movie double feature experiences. Both films work on their own (particularly the original), but Halloween II is seen as the installment that feels the most closely related to Carpenter's classic. Furthermore, there's the chance to see two distinct performances from Jamie Lee Curtis, an actor synonymous with her role in horror.

Halloween II Has The Best Theme Song

John Carpenter didn't return to direct Halloween II (or any other sequel) but he did provide its synth-fueled score. FinnSamson had something very kind to say about the reworked version of the original's theme: "Halloween 2 has THE BEST sounding theme song (even better than the original) and best intro out of all the sequels."

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While the updated (and more intense) twist on Halloween's masterful composition has its fans, most would deem the first the best. Even more controversial would be the user's comment on the films' intros. The sequel opens with Dr. Loomis confronting the Haddonfield sheriff about the night's events. The original, however, opens on a six-year-old Michael Myers killing his sister. No sequel ever matched the intro in Carpenter's film, which stands as one of the best and most disturbing in film history.

Halloween II Is The Best Sequel Made

In another part of their post, FinnSamson said, "Halloween 2 (1981) is the best sequel made." The hospital-set chapter easily ranks among the franchise's best installments, but many fans would disagree with the word "best."

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is one of the most tightly-paced and fun installments of the franchise. It also had a cast of memorable characters that buoyed the film's overall impact. Halloween(2018) also has a substantial amount of supporters who would place it at the top of the pack.

Halloween II Was Just A Cash Grab

Like all sequels, Halloween II was made to cash in on the success of an original product. A now-deleted user, however, thinks it's the only reason the film was made. "Halloween II is no different than the other knock-offs that followed the success of Halloween. It didn't have the same tone."

Perhaps the sequel didn't have the exact tone of the original, but it was still far closer than the many other slashers released in the wake of Halloween's overwhelming financial success. The Redditor expounded on their point: "There was no reason besides a quick buck to explore the further adventures of Michael Myers. They only weakened his power with each additional film." The latter point is logical; if the audience is inundated with a scary character, that character will naturally become less scary.

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Comedian Jamie Lee is a writer on the upcoming HBO series Crashing starring Pete Holmes, one of the stars of MTV’s Girl Code, and hosts truTV’s 10 Things.  She’s developing a series for Bravo and a feature film with James Corden right now, and she was named one of the “Top 18 Women You Should Be Following on Twitter” by The Huffington Post, and the “52 Female Stand-Up Comedians You Need to Know” by Refinery29. You’ve also seen her on The Late Late Show, Conan, Last Call with Carson Daly, @midnight, and that’s just the beginning. Jamie just released her first book Weddiculous: The Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride, published by Harper Collins. We got to talk with her about the new book.

It’s an interesting time and age for women right now. Millions worldwide took to the streets to demand that their rights be respected, and recognized, and to protest the inauguration of a man whose priorities don’t seem very female friendly. Change is in the air.

One thing that hasn’t changed, is that a lot of women still want to get married, and they still want a Wedding with a capital W. But all the ‘guidance’ out there comes from big bridal, a powerful group that delivers sales pitch after sales pitch, because weddings are a huge business. Let’s be honest, the books are crap and they definitely aren’t funny. When comedian Jamie Lee got engaged, she and her friend comedian Jacqueline Novak decided to take on big bridal and create the wedding book she would have liked to read. It’s funny, it’s real, and it calls out the bullshit you are inclined to run into along the way.

Lee sold the idea soon after getting engaged and wrote the book while she planned her own wedding. The process (both writing the book and being engaged) took about a year and a half. The end result is a funny, smart, no bullshit guide to being a bride.  Not everyone still wants the fantasy, but for those who do, this is your book.

Writing the book while she was actually planning her wedding made it insanely honest, she said. And part of that honesty, she says,  means admitting to yourself  that you still want that fantasy wedding. “The big thing for us was when I got engaged, all of the materials out there had this feeling of big bridal. It all felt like they’re selling a fantasy, which is super fun. I’m not here to shit on the fantasy. It’s the only time in our life that you get to be a part of that fantasy and not feel like a crazy person. You know what I mean? A lot of people, myself included, have a wedding Pinterest Board well before they’re getting married, well before they’re even in a relationship because the fantasy is fun, and fuck it just is.”

But she also wanted the book to be a real guide for brides that takes in the reality of weddings- not just the budgeting and choosing a cake- but also the real divisiveness between you and your fiance and your families. “I look back and it’s like ‘Nam flashbacks. The things that I went through, conversations I had, feelings I had, crying fits in my car alone on the side of the road. That sounds dramatic, but that legitimately happened on more than one occasion.” Lee wanted her book to go beyond the cliche advice to be a book that celebrates the fantasy, but also has a real conversation about how hard it is from someone who has been through it, and was going through it at the moment the book was written. “I was writing this book as I was going through it because I thought that sort of another thing that didn’t exist on the bookshelf, was a real-time account of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences that happen while you are gearing up for this event.”

It was friend and fellow comedian Jacqueline Novak (author of “How to Weep in Public: Feeble Offerings on Depression from One Who Knows”), who first suggested a book about weddings. Jamie explained how the idea came about.

“Jacqueline and I had wanted to work on a book together for a while and we tossed ideas around. When I got engaged, she was the one who texted me, she actually texted me, “That’s the book,” and I didn’t even need further explanation. I knew exactly what she meant. I knew, we have to write the real wedding book, like we have to write the real, funny wedding book and we both did some cursory research to see if that already existed and it didn’t, so it was kind of this serendipitous moment where everything just sort of came together. The great thing about it is that we refer to it as like I was in the field and Jacqueline was back in the newsroom, and I was sending her dispatches.”

By the end, having a co-author was incredibly useful she said, because editing can get psychotic. “I read the book like 17 times start to finish over and over. Every time you read it you notice something differently and it just was really helpful to have two sets of eyes looking at things and making sure that we’re wording things properly and that we’re saying what we actually want to say as succinctly as possible. As many eyes as you can get on it is very valuable.”

Jamie Lee used all her conversations with vendors and awkward moments with family as material. Jacqueline was her sounding board and would let Jamie know where she needed to expand on an idea or explain her point of view better. The result is a hybrid between a comedy book and a real guide with real advice.

Lee got some great endorsements for the book too. James Corden, Nikki Glaser, Pete Holmes, Conan, Phoebe Robinson, all praised Weddiculous. If those don’t strike you as names of people who would endorse a wedding planning book, that’s because it’s Jamie they’re backing more than the subject of the book. Jamie has worked with all of them in one way or another, and may even be doing a project or two that she can’t talk about yet with one or more of her celebrity endorsers. Jamie went on Conan earlier this month to promote the book too. Although she’s done stand up on late night shows before, it was her first time doing panel- an experience she described as surreal.

“It’s funny because every time I’ve done stand-up on TV, I have this panic beforehand. Even though I’ve done it multiple times now, enough to where I should be like, Jamie, talk yourself down from a ledge, you know how this goes. It always ends up fine. You always end up excited that you did it. But, for some reason I just had this irrational panic for days leading up and then especially in the dressing room, when you’re getting your makeup done. People will be talking to me and I won’t even be able to respond I’m so in my head and then I actually started referring to the walk from the Green Room to your mark standing behind the curtain to open for you to walk out. I refer to that as the march of death. My friend calls that the green mile. It does have this really heavy sadness to it where I’m like, “Oh, this could go either way. Am I about to die on national TV?, I don’t know. Then, this time, for some reason, I panicked really hard the day before, the night before, but then when I got there and I was sitting at Conan, I got really, really calm, almost as if I were high, and it’s just like relax super hard. Then when they called me to go to my mark, I was excited. I was like, “Oh, I just get to like talk, that’s fine, I know how to talk.” It was just a much more pleasurable experience.

On Conan, she said the book was meant to convey a proper sense of reality, and to be funny about it at the same time. “There’s so much stress in the wedding planning process that I want to take that stress and refocus it on other things. Like are you marrying the right guy.”

You can  buy Weddiculous on Amazon and everywhere books are sold.  Follow Jamie Lee on Twitter @TheJamieLee


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Is The Wedding Coach Host Jamie Lee Married? Who is Her Husband?

Jamie Lee is a comedian, writer, and actress who is known for her work in shows like ‘Crashing,’ ‘Ridiculousness,’ and ‘The Girl Code,’ to name a few. The veteran comedian has appeared on multiple late-night shows as a stand-up comic, hosted shows like ‘10 Things’ on TruTV, and has even worked for comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld. More recently, she has landed her own Netflix reality show called ‘The Wedding Coach,’ which she hosts.

The show takes inspiration from her 2016 book ‘Weddiculous: The Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride’ and draws on her own wedding experiences to help soon-to-be-wed couples navigate the ups and downs of planning a wedding. Jamie is a quirky and helpful host on her show, pitching in to save other couples’ romantic big day, but what about her own? If you’re curious about the “Wedding Coach’s” own wedding story, we’ve got you covered.

Jamie Lee’s Former Relationship

Before meeting her husband, Jamie met veteran comedian Pete Holmes in 2009 at a comedy show in Manhattan where she was performing. Being relatively new to the comedy circuit, she appreciated the validation from a senior when he laughed at one of her goofy jokes. Months later, when they met at a friend’s party, the two got along roaringly, doing comedic bits and even calling Jamie’s mother, who had recently watched Pete perform.

The two clicked together so well that they soon started dating, falling for each other’s sense of humor. However, Jamie soon started to suspect that her peers considered her relationship with Holmes to be ambitious in nature, with Holmes helping Jamie further her comedy career. Her fears were confirmed when a prominent comedian joked about the very same and received a very supportive slow clap from one of her peers. When Holmes recommended her for a show a few weeks later, things came to a head, and they soon broke up.

A few months later, however, the two got back in touch regarding a parody project they had briefly worked on in the past called ‘Kid Farm.’ Pete then asked Jamie to come on as a writer for ‘Crashing,’ a show he was creating for HBO and also starring in. Jamie mentioned later that she realized that the two don’t work well as a couple but work well as colleagues and went on to even star alongside Holmes in season 2 of ‘Crashing.’

Jamie Lee’s Husband

Jamie Lee is married to comedian and self-proclaimed “King of Content” Dan Black. The two got engaged on December 23, 2014, and finally tied the knot on April 30, 2016, spending their honeymoon in Mexico. During their long engagement period, they lived together in California with their pet dog Dennis and worked on their respective careers. The comedic couple currently does not have any kids and is often seen boosting each other’s work on social media.

Dan has a successful career as an improv comedian as well as an actor, his work ranging from performing on ‘The Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ and ‘The Pete Holmes Show’ to featuring in TruTV’s ‘Adam Ruins Everything’ and TLC’s ‘Cake Boss.’ He and Jamie have also hosted a monthly stand-up show together called ‘Date Night with Dan Black and Jamie Lee.’

Jamie got the inspiration for her book ‘Weddiculous: The Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride’ from the year and a half lead-up to her wedding between 2014 and 2016 whilst being engaged. Already planning to write a book with her friend, comedian Jacqueline Novak, the two agreed to explore the roller coaster ride of planning and executing a wedding. The book went on to feature as number 1 on Bustle Magazine’s list of best wedding books in April 2017 and was eventually the inspiration for the Netflix show ‘The Wedding Coach,’ which Jamie hosts.

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