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Here are 36 amazing and perplexing slang phrases from the 90s that everyone should use in 2018, not that anyone has stopped using these words completely.

1. All That And A Bag Of Chips: Used to describe something that is meritorious beyond belief. Like, actually so good.

2. All: Used in place of “like.” You know, “She was all…and he was all…” It really gets the point across.

3. As If: Translation: I don’t think so, buddy! Funny how one movie could bless us with one of the most known 90s slang phrases ever.

4. Bounce: Used to announce an imminent departure. “I gotta bounce.” “Let’s bounce.”

5. Bout It-Bout It: A terminology emanating from hip-hop culture of the 90s, indicating that one is “down for anything.” Translation: Sure, why not?

6. Bugg’n: Used to express concern about someone who is probably freaking out about something that doesn’t need to be freaked out over. “Man, why are you bugg’n?”

7. Clownin: You know how clowns are like kind of scary? Crazy scary? Yeah, this is that. Going crazy; acting crazy. “She was straight clownin’ on her.”

8. Crib: A house, a pad. Someone’s “place.”

9. Crunk: Typically used in reference to the weekend. Things get “crunk” on the weekend, thanks to brown liquor in red cups!

10. Cut. It. Out: You can’t really say this without also doing the hand gestures, too. Also if you could comprehend language in the 90s and you don’t know what this means, I feel sorry for you kind of.

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11. Fart-Knocker: A blazing idiot; a “doofus.” Coined by Beavis and Butthead.

12. Fly: Cool, awesome, dope. Jennifer Lopez was a Fly Girl on In Living Color. Every time I hear someone using this word I automatically think about how dated it sounds, which means now is the perfect time to bring it back!

13. Going Postal: Going crazy, losing it. Think of how mail goes all over the place. “I told her that I slept with her sister and she went postal.” Yikes.

14. Hella: A lot, very; wow. Before “ginormous” became a thing. “Yo this apartment is hella tight.” Also? Tight, which I guess means that something is fresh, good, “the bomb.”

15. Home Skillett: A close friend. Someone you go to over and over, maybe kind of like you have that one skillet you always use when you cook?

16. I’m Outtie: Gotta go!

17. Mad: Mad not as in angry, mad as in “very” or “a lot.” Contrary to the way it sounds, you can tell something is really good when a description of it is preceded by “mad.”

18. No Duh: Well clearly you are just stating the obvious, you butt munch — another key phrase that ought to be brought back.

19. NOT: Meaning the exact opposite of whatever was said before it. “Of course I don’t think you look ridiculous in that tube dress…NOT!” See also: psyche or sike.

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20. Oh Snap!: Used to punctuate a situation that has taken everyone by surprise and which leaves everyone in a state of total disbelief.

21. Open Up A Can of Whoop-Ass: Translation: don’t make me fuck you up because I will not hesitate.

22. Pick Up Your Face: Used to describe an instance of embarrassment that you can’t step down from. Pick up your face is often used when someone proves you wrong.

23. Phat: Something that’s really awesome, cool. Mindbogglingly great at stuff. “That ish is so phat!”

24. Psyche: See also: NOT

25. Salty: Used to describe someone who is angry about something, kind of for no real reason, too. “Why are you being so salty right now?” It’s the perfect expression because when something is too salty, there is definitely a face people make much to that effect.

26. Schwing!: This is a thing white dudes say/I have never said this word in my life. But it’s a thing, kind of like “score” or “haha, awesome!”

27. She Wrong For That!: No translation needed.

28. Step Off: Like, step off my man. Typically used before a fight or some other violent altercation. Consider yourself warned.

29. Take A Chill Pill: Used to calm someone down, to talk them off of a ledge.

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30. Talk To The Hand: Today we say “things ain’t nobody got time for,” but back when everybody was all, “Talk to the hand.”

31. That’s My Name, Don’t Wear It Out!: Has no direct translation, really. It’s just a stupid thing people say.

32. Trippin’: Used to call out someone who is acting a fool. “Why are you trippin’ over this?” See also: salty, going postal.

33. What’s The 4-1-1: I’m not even sure what would happen if you dialed 4-1-1 today, but anyway, What’s The 411 is the title of Mary J. Blige’s 1992 debut record, and as such it perfectly reflects its time period. 4-1-1 meaning information, gossip, tea.

34. Wicked: White people’s very own version of “mad.” Black people say something was “mad cool, mad ____.” White people are all, “that was wicked ______.” Possibly originates in Boston?

35. Word: Translation: Worry not — I understand you totally and completely. As in, “You understand what I’m going through?” Your response: “word.”

36. You Go, Girl/Boy!: Translation: Alright, Miss Thing! I see you! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Sours: https://thoughtcatalog.com/madison-moore/2013/12/36-slang-phrases-from-the-90s-you-should-use-in-2014/

Like fashion, slang comes and goes. It tends to come back after a decade or so. At the moment, 90s slang is slowly re-emerging. Some of the 1990s catchphrases may be more commonly used than others, so you may want to remind yourself what they are and their meaning. If you were born in the 2000s, now is your chance to learn something new.

90's phrases

Most millennials have a strong nostalgia for the 90s era as well as 90s slang. The decade is remembered for fun stuff like quotable movies, great music, and unforgettable television shows. Many of the commonly used words were drawn from popular movies and TV shows.

Iconic 90s slang that you should know

Some of the words to describe the 90s are magical and bright. There was an increase in alternative media as well as multiculturalism during the time.

What was popular in the 90s? The Backstreet Boys were like royals, Pokémon collections were highly valued, pringles were a lunchtime currency, and most people thought that the world would end in 2000.

A decade later, we are still alive, so why should we not remind ourselves of the 90's slang? Now that 90s lingo is slowly coming back, these are the must-know words and phrases for everyone.

1. All that and a bag of chips

This was one of the top 90s phrases, and it was always a welcome compliment. If someone was described as "all that and a bag of chips," they were admirable and loveable.

Example: Anna is not just cool and hot. She is all that and a bag of chips.

2. Phat

This expressed that something or someone was lit or cool.

Example: Have you listened to Jay-Z's new jam. Man, it is so phat!

3. No Duh

This was used when someone else told you something rather obvious.

Example: Joy: Mom will be so bummed when she sees I flopped in Math this semester.

Perpetua: No duh!

90s words

4. What's the 411?

This was a way of asking for the latest news in town.

How to use it: Hey, I am back from my overseas vacay. What's the 411?

5. Da bomb

Da bomb was used to express that something or someone was really amazing.

Example: That roast was da bomb. Would you please share the recipe with me?

6. Dip/Let's dip

Dip or let's dip meant to leave.

Example: I will see you lovelies later. I have to dip.

7. Beans

Beans meant money, particularly dollars.

Example: Can you please lend me two beans for soda?

8. Chica

This translated to a girl.

Example: Hey, chica! Sup with you? I have not seen you in a minute.

9. Good to go

It meant that someone was ready or set to go.

Example: Hey, are you ready to leave? I'm good to go.

10. It's cashed

It was a way of saying that something was done or gone.

How to use it: I lost my favorite basketball in school. I cannot believe it's cashed.

11. Jack you up

It meant beating someone to a pulp

Example: Hey, Tommy! I heard that you bullied my little sis! I'm gonna jack you up.

90's sayings

12. Home skillet

What slang words were used in the 90s? Home skillet was one of them, and the phrase was used to refer to a best friend whom you could confide in about anything you were going through in life.

This person had your trust and could go the extra mile to make sure you were okay. They would even prepare you dinner in a skillet if the need arose.

Example: Hey home skillet! Come on over, I have tons to tell you.

13. Man, I'm slammin'

This was a way of expressing that you were doing good.

14. Yadda Yadda Yadda

This was a phrase that was made famous by Seinfeld. It was a way of shortening a long story by leaving out unnecessary details.

Example: Bernice and I went to dinner once, yadda yadda yadda, and I never saw her again.

15. Dang it!

It was another way of saying, "Ow man!" It showed that you had done something off or hurt yourself.

How to use it: Dang it! I spilt the drink on my new white dress!

16. My bad

My bad was a way of accepting that you had made a mistake and that you were sorry for it.

Example: My bad, I accidentally broke your favorite flower vase.

17. PSYCH!

This word was used to indicate a reversal of a previous statement, which was often used mean-spiritedly.

Example: Here, let me give you a sip of my drink… PSYCH!

remember the 90s

18. Talk to the hand

Talk to the hand was also one of the most commonly used 90's sayings. It was a way of telling someone that you rejected whatever they were saying and that you were no longer interested in the conversation.

It expressed anger. If the other party continued to talk anyway, one would tell them that they were welcome to speak to an open palm.

Example: Jane: Can I please explain to you what happened that morning?

Mary: Talk to the hand!

19. Kick him to the curb

This was one of the 90s sayings that were commonly used, especially in matters related to love and relationships. It meant that time had come to break up with a guy who had mistreated or was no longer treating a girl as should be.

Example: He forgot your birthday? Girl, it's time to kick him to the curb!

20. Eat my shorts

Eat my shorts was a phrase that was used to show rebellion against someone who was above you.

Example: Older brother: Jackson, I told you to clean the house.

Jackson: Eat my shorts!

21. As if!

This is one of the best phrases you can use to remember the 90s. It was a sarcastic response to an absurd question or statement. The phrase was drawn from the 1995 American teen comedy movie titled Clueless.

Example: Mom thinks that we are in love and that we are going to get married and get many children. As if!

22. Booyah!

You cannot remember the top 90s words without saying Booyah! This word showed enthusiasm and excitement was uncontainable and could not be expressed in words. It showed the full scale of a person's emotions.

Example: I am getting married to Matt. Booyah!

90s quotes

23. Oh, Snap!

This was a multipurpose exclamation that could express joy, shock, disbelief, dismay, or anything else.

How to use it: Oh, Snap! My new laptop just fell on the concrete and broke.

24. Scrub

This was one of the 90s slang words that were used to refer to a man who was broke and jobless. He had no class and no prospects in life. For these reasons, he would not be getting any love and attention from all the classy and focused ladies.

How to use it: Luke asked me out on a date, but I declined. He is a scrub and girl, you know I have a no scrubs policy.

25. Not!

What are some old slang words? Not! was commonly used in the 1990s, and it can be described as another version of psych. It was mainly used to express sarcasm, and it was made famous by the film titled Wayne's World.

Usually, it was used at the end of the sentence to hit someone with a reversal of what they thought was the truth.

Example: This is an exciting discovery that could revolutionize the world... NOT!

26. Fart-knocker

This was one of the top 90s internet slang used to refer to a useless or low-class person. It was an insult that was first said by coined by Butthead from MTV's Beavis and Butthead.

How to use it: I am not going on a date with that fart-knocker.

27. Monet

This word was mostly used to describe people who looked hot and attractive from a distance. However, if you came closer to them, they looked like a hot mess. It applied to both men and women.

Example: You think that Elias is hot? Girl, you better look again because he is a Monet!

90's slang

28. Aiight

This was the short form of "All right," and the cool kids commonly used it.

Example: I tripped and fell on my scooter on my way here, but I'm aiight.

29. Crunk

Crunk was a term used to describe a celebration or party that was so wild that a celebrity like Snoop Dogg would not mind making an appearance.

How to use it: Let's go to Jayden's party at midnight. That is when it really gets crunk.

30. Whatever

Whatever is certainly not an outdated 90s slang as it is often used in this new decade. It is a way of letting someone know that you are done with them and want out of the discussion or argument. It does not show who the winner or loser is, but it shows that you do not care anymore.

Example: Okay, fine, I get it. You think you are the best thing that ever happened to the world. Whatever!

31. Fly

Fly meant dope, awesome, or really cool.

Example: Your dance moves are totally fly! Did you study dance in college?

32. Hella

Hella showed extra emphasis in any sentence. It was and still is an adjective that automatically adds exclamation points to whatever one is saying.

How to use it: I watched Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness yesterday and boy, that documentary is hella chilling.

33. Getting jiggy

What were popular sayings in the 90s? Getting jiggy was one of them, and it was used to meaning getting loose or doing something that would relieve stress.

Example: I have had a very rough week at the office. I need to get jiggy with it.

34. Word

This was a way of expressing agreement or affirmation, and it was a shortened version of "Word up, yo."

Example: Lola: Do you really understand what I am going through?

Ramona: Word.

90s slang

35. Sup

This was a greeting and the short form of 'what's up with you?' or 'wassup.'

Example: Bob: Sup my guy, what you been up to?

Mike: Nothing really, sup with you?

36. Open up a can of…

Open up a can of… was one of the top 90's phrases that alerted someone that they had just crossed your line and that they were going to regret it. It did not necessarily mean that a physical fight would ensue.

Example: My son broke my iPhone! I'm about to open up a can on the little brat!

37. Bugging out

This meant that someone was behaving abnormally, and their new mannerisms were bothersome to you. It expressed a desire for them to stop behaving weirdly or at least to explain why they were acting crazy.

How to use it: Leslie, are you okay? Why the hell are you bugging out?

38. You go, girl!

This was a commonly used celebratory cheer that told someone that you were very proud of them for accomplishing something.

Example: You bought your first house? You go, girl!

39. Bounce

This was used to show that someone was going to make an immediate departure from somewhere.

Example: Are you guys ready? Let's bounce!

40. Bout it-bout it

This phrase came from hip hop culture, and it meant that someone was ready for anything. It was the equivalent of "sure, why not?"

Example: Chris asked me to go out to a movie with him. I told him that I was bout it-bout it.

41. Clownin'

It meant going crazy or acting crazy.

How to use it: Lately, Stephanie is not herself. She has been straight clownin' on everybody.

42. Crib

Crib meant someone's house or place.

Example: Joycelyn invited us over to her new crib.

43. Went postal

It meant that someone was losing it or going crazy.

How to use it: She went postal when she discovered that her husband was cheating on her with a college girl. Yikes!

90s slang

44. Salty

This adjective was mostly used to describe someone who was often angry for no apparent reason. It could also mean a bitter person.

Example: Why are you so salty right now?

45. Take a chill pill

This phrase was used to tell someone to cool down.

Example: You have been angry all morning. Take a chill pill.

90s quotes

Besides the above 90s slang, there are some quotes from this decade that are timeless. Most of them were uttered in movies, including the following:

  • Keep the change, ya filthy animal – Home Alone (1990)
  • Hasta la vista, baby – Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)
  • You can't handle the truth! – A Few Good Men (1992)
  • You're killin' me, Smalls – The Sandlot (1993)
  • Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get – Forrest Gump (1994)
  • To infinity... and beyond! – Toy Story (1995)
  • Show me the money! – Jerry Maguire (1996)
  • I'm king of the world! – Titanic (1997)
  • Now that's some high-quality H2O – The Water Boy (1998)
  • I see dead people – The Sixth Sense (1999)

It is a new decade, and 90s slang is slowly coming back. For this reason, we have chosen the top words and phrases that you should know from that decade and their meaning. Which of them do you think is timeless, and why? Share with us in the comment section below.

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25 Excellent Slang Terms From the 1990s

In Dazed and Confused, one of the truly great works of art of the 1990s, the intellectual Cynthia puts forward the “every other decade theory”: “The '50s were boring. The '60s rocked. The '70s, my God, they obviously suck,” she says. “So maybe the '80s will be, like, radical.” They were! But by this theory, the '90s were not.

As if! The '90s were da bomb—a decade of great music, spectacular TV, and artful language use. Just look at the following 25 bits of slang popular in the '90s that were all that (and a bag of chips).

1. 110 Percent

It was the amount you gave when you were giving your very best. Its logical impossibility made it the premise of a joke in a 1992 episode of The Simpsons. By 1998, it was still so popular that it landed on Lake Superior State University’s annual Banished Words List.

2. Bada-bing

Spell it with one D or two, pair it with bada-boom, and … bada-bing bada boom … you have an unpretentious '90s catchphrase, meaning “Voilà!” Though the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) notes that the term was used in 1965, eight of its 11 citations are from the '90s, it was on the Banished Words List in 1994, and was the name of the gentlemen's club in HBO's The Sopranos, which debuted in 1999.

3. Buzzkill

It wasn’t in the Scrabble dictionary until 2014, but according to Merriam-Webster, buzzkill—defined as “one that has a depressing or negative effect”—finds its first use in 1992, two years before the short-lived MTV prank show that bore its name.

4. Harsh

When Tai declares that Cher is "a virgin who can't drive" in Clueless, Cher shoots back, “That was way harsh, Tai.” The film is such a rich repository of '90s lingo that it receives 74 citations in Green’s Dictionary of Slang, which defines harsh in this context as "very unpleasant, exceptionally rude, ill-mannered, extremely bad."

5. Jiggy

Though jiggy has been a slang term for nervous energy since the 1890s, it only acquired its connotations of dancing, fun, and sex from one place: Will Smith’s 1997 hit, “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It.” Na-na, na, na, na-na-na.

6. Judgy

According toMerriam-Webster, judgy also made its appearance in 1997 as a derogatory term meaning "tending to judge others harshly or critically." Strange, because one of the most judgy people on earth, Judith Sheindlin, found '90s success one year earlier with the premiere of Judge Judy.

7. Metrosexual

This portmanteau for a stylish urbanite was coined by Mark Simpson in a 1994 essay. "One sharply dressed ‘metrosexual’ in his early 20s ... has a perfect complexion and precisely gelled hair, and is inspecting a display of costly aftershaves," Simpson wrote. His list of metrosexual must-haves paints a picture of the '90s male: Davidoff aftershave, Paul Smith jackets, corduroy shirts, chinos, and Calvin Klein underwear.

8. Majorly

The OED finds examples of the slang use of majorly in the '80s, but it was in the '90s that majorly got majorly big. Consider, once again, Clueless. Based on Jane Austen’s Emma, the story’s key dramatic moment is the heroine’s realization that she is in love. “It darted through her with the speed of an arrow, that Mr. Knightley must marry no one but herself!” writes Austen. How does Cher express this sentiment in Clueless ? “I’m majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with Josh!”

9. Noob

No list of '90s slang would be complete without one from the then-newfangled commercial internet. This term for a beginner made its first appearance in 1995, in a Usenet forum devoted to the band Phish. If you didn’t know what ASL stood for on ICQ, you were likely a noob.

10. Skeezy

An internet newsgroup was also the first place that this term for something distasteful appeared, according to the OED. It was used to describe Freddie Mercury’s pants: "If you were performing in a benefit concert for the lead singer of Queen, ... wouldn't you dress up a little more than skeezy pants and football net-jersey?" A bit judgy, no?

11. Snark

The adjective snarky had been around for a century, but according to Merriam-Webster, the noun snark, meaning “an attitude or expression of mocking irreverence and sarcasm,” didn’t appear until 1999—an apt label for a lot of '90s humor.

12. Spousal Unit

In the '90s you could use this gender-neutral term for your romantic partner (legal or otherwise). The only problem was that in tax law, the spousal unitrefers to the couple, not the individual. It wound up on LSSU’s Banished Words List in 1992.

13. Talk to the Hand

According to the OED, this phrase can be used "to express dismissive disregard of, or indifference to, what a person has said or is saying" or "to implore a person to stop speaking." It apparently first popped up as slang at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and as the OED notes, is "typically uttered with a hand outstretched and the palm facing the person addressed." You can also say "talk to the hand, 'cause the face don't understand."

14. Verklempt

Talk amongst yourselves! I’ll give you a topic: Linda Richman was neither rich, nor a man. Discuss! She was, however, the SNL character played by Mike Myers who popularized this Yiddish word meaning “overcome with emotion” beginning in October 1991.

15. Bling

This term for ostentatious jewelry went mainstream in 1999 when hip-hop artist B.G. scored a Billboard hit with a song called—you guessed it—"Bling Bling." By 2003, the Oxford English Dictionary, always fashionably late to a party, drafted an entry for bling’s inclusion in its next edition. "I knew it would go down in history, but the dictionary—that’s a whole ’nother level," B.G. told the Los Angeles Times that year.

16. Yada, yada, yada

A 1997 episode of Seinfeld helped to popularize this old-timey way to make a long story short. Coincidentally, this list was originally going to be 20 words long, but … yada, yada, yada … turns out it’s just going to be 15.

17. Boo-yah

An exclamation originally used to emphasize suddenness or surprise, boo-yah became forever associated with brilliant sports plays, thanks to the late Stuart Scott, an innovative ESPN anchor, who punctuated his commentary with it and many other catchphrases. If you drained a three-pointer, scored a touchdown, or hit a home run in the 1990s, you or a teammate likely shouted "boo-yah!"

18. Chillax

Chillax has had a long post-’90s afterlife, but according to the OED, it began in a very ‘90s way: In an online forum discussing the nascent oeuvre of Quentin Tarantino. "Chillax my friend. I agree with most of your sentiments about Tarantino and his use of violence as comedy," someone posted in December 1994, just two months after the release of Pulp Fiction.

19. Gastropub

Though the heyday of its use in America happened after the 1990s, the term gastropubactually dates to 1991 and was in wide use in the UK throughout the decade. The term aptly describes an eatery combining frou-frou food (gastronomy) with a scuffed-up, neighborhood feel (the pub). That mix of exacting standards and self-conscious insouciance has come to symbolize so much about the way we eat—and live—thanks to the 1990s.

20. Infobahn

Named "most promising" new word in 1994 by the American Dialect Society, infobahn was one of the many terms coined to describe the internet. It had several virtues to recommend its use: it wasn’t clunky like "information superhighway" and brought to mind Germany’s superbly engineered and super-fast Autobahn road system. But not all good things are meant to last, and after a short moment in the sun, infobahn was overtaken by nicknames like "cyberspace" and "the net."

21. Not!

Saturday Night Live has been a font of jokes, catchphrases, and now memes for nearly half a century. One of its most popular contributions to the way people talked in the '90s was the exclamation "Not!" which debuted in a "Wayne’s World" skit in 1990 and was the American Dialect Society’s “word of the year” in 1992. Adding it to the end of any declaration immediately negates what you just said in the funniest way possible. Not! (Being on the receiving end of a "Not!" was, needless to say, not so funny.)

22. Pomo

Much like today, the 1990s were a time when college campus debates about what to study, how to study, and who should do the studying, broke out into the wider world. So too did this cute-sounding, rhyming-compound shorthand for "postmodernism," the seemingly impossible-to-define term for the arts, literature, and social arrangements of the late-20th century and the many theories developed to explain them. Knee-jerk reactions against interpreting the world through a postmodern lens even got a catchy bit of slang all its own: "pomophobia."

23. Regift // Regifter // Regifted

Some slang terms find instant success, while others must wait a while to find their moment. Regift finds its first recorded use, as a noun, 400 years ago during the reign of Elizabeth I. But it was only in 1995 that the term found real popularity thanks to an episode of Seinfeld. The actor who played the "register" in question also found subsequent fame; he was played by a young Bryan Cranston.

24. Score!

Green’s Dictionary of Slang defines it as an exclamation of "satisfaction, pleasure" and dates its first use to the '90s. Anyone who lived through that decade can attest to its use, though it also appeared on a notorious list of fake slang words published in The New York Times's Style Section under the title "Lexicon of Grunge: Breaking the Code." The list was the invention of the receptionist at a Seattle record label named Megan Jasper who didn’t think the Times would believe her prank list. Other colorful slang of her invention? Wack slacks for "old ripped jeans" and lamestain for "uncool person."

25. Wicked

Green’s Dictionary of Slang dates the first use of wicked in a positive sense to the 19th century. But wicked definitely had something of a moment in the 1990s, perhaps in part thanks to its laddish use in movies like 1997’s Good Will Hunting ("My boy’s wicked smart") and TV shows like Jamie Oliver’s Naked Chef ("Wicked kebabs," anyone?), which premiered in 1999.

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Sours: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/643543/90s-slang-terms

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What new slang was introduced during the 90s that you can think of? This is a list of all the words that were in popular usage during the 90s.

  • 'Dip' or 'Let's Dip
    verb...To leave. ex. 'Hang up the phone and let's dip.'or...'See you guys later, we have to dip.'

  • 'Sup, b?
    Phrase, short for "what's up my bitch?"

  • ...with
    Adv. along, short for "with you," "with me," etc. Example: "I can't go. I still have homework to do." "Just bring it with" or "We're going to the mall. Wanna go?" "Well, if you stop by the Gap, I'll come with."

  • Ah girl
    What's up girl?

  • Aiight
    Alright, Okay

  • All That
    Eexpression. That which has everyone's attention (usu. said to people who pretend to be such)

  • All that and a bag a chips
    Means "I'm the best and then some."

  • All...
    As in "I'm all" or "She was all..." A replacement for the term "like". Usually seems to mean "says" or "said". "He was all, 'Are you mad at me?' and I was all 'No way, what are you talking about?'

  • As if!
    1) Excl. Yeah right! Phrase immortalized by Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless".

  • Atari
    A term used among electronic musicians and some ravers to describe horrid DJs. The term used when referring to a bad, or mindless DJ's sound. "That DJ is such an Atari".

  • Back In The Day
    expression. back in the days of..., '90s version of "When I was..." or "Remember when...?"

  • Bama
    Term used to call someone a redneck ie "Dude that guy was a bama."

  • Bangin'/Slammin'
    Has it going on..

  • Beans
    money...ussually dollars. Let me borrow 2 beans for the soda.

  • Beards/Chinny/Chinny rack on
    False, bullshit. Said when you don't believe someone. Usually accompanied by scratching the chin.

  • Beeotch
    n. phonetic variant of "bitch," usu. used as a term of endearment toward someone you're too macho to address more politely

  • Bitch
    n. someone over whom you have pretty much complete control. Recalls sadomasochistic B&D meaning and/or prison sodomy.

  • Blazed
    If you ask someone "Yo, wanna go get blazed?" You are asking them if they want to go smoke weed. Or already high "Man, I'm blazed"

  • Bling-Bling
    Wearing nice jewelry

  • Blood
    noun.it means freind, or homeboy. Typically men use it to refer to each other. i.e. "what's up blood?"

  • The Bomb
    1) Adj. Par excellence! Out of this world!

  • Bones
    Money, "I need 7 bones for the movie."

  • Bonus/bargain
    Sarcasm generally used in the UK, meaning "Oh for god sake"

  • Boo Ya!
    a phrase of exlaimation after you've done something fly; or meaining "Ya bitch in yo face!"; often used after a "yo mamma" joke..."Yo mamma so fat she smoke turkey after sex! BOO YA!"

  • Bounce
    To leave "lets bounce"

  • Brutal
    Bacically means bad "That movie was brutal dogg"

  • Bugg'n
    Same as trippin', Freaking out. "Man you's buggin the otha night dawg."

  • Bunk
    Crazy, messed-up...

  • Buzz Hype
    Awesome, amazing, not boring

  • Buzz Kill

  • CHA-CHING!!!

  • Cheddar
    Money, cash, etc.

  • Chica
    Means "chick" or "girl". i.e. "Hey what's up chica?"

  • Chick-Flick
    n. any movie that has none of the following: graphic violence, full frontal female nudity (necessarily), a high-speed chase, or sight gags. Essentially, movies that stereotypically apply only to women, such as "The English Patient."

  • Chill Out
    Calm down, take it easy

  • Chillin'
    It means that you doing O.K., or your fine.

  • Crib
    House, apartment, dorm, dwelling

  • Crunk
    hyped up , bout it , excited

  • Cuttin' Glass
    When someone's nipples are hard fromt the cold, it is assumed that their nipples are so hard they could cut glass. When "cuttin' glass", it means that...your nipples are very hard.

  • Damn Skippy
    That's right

  • Dank
    adjective. Describes how awesome something is. Used frequently in the Phish parking lots. Ex. "Those are some dank nugs!!!"

  • Dawg
    another meaning for a friend, an acquaintance..."What up Dawg!"

  • Dead Presidents
    Slang term for money (reference to pictures of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin et.al. on paper or coined currency).

  • Don't go there!
    Someone has just hit a touchy subject and the other person doesn't appreciate them getting in their business.

  • Dope
    Synonomous with fly, cool, etc. Ex. "Yo, those shoes are dope, girl!"

  • Dope

  • Down
    I down with that. Like "That sounds good to me"

  • Dubs
    Reveresed spelling of the word "buds" which is another slang form for WEED

  • Dubs
    20 inch rims on a car.

  • Dude
    noun. used for male or female.

  • Dude!
    used at the beginning of an exclamation or a question. i.e. "Dude! Look at that hot guy!" or "Dude, have you seen my bag?" can be used for male or female.

  • Duh!!
    Didn't you know that?

  • Eat my shorts!
    "Screw you!" or "Go to hell!" used by the cartoon boy Bart Simpson in Matt Groening's "The Simpsons"

  • Evita Like
    1) Adj. Snobby

  • F-bomb
    Excl. euphemism for "f**k." May have gained popularity on radio sports talk host Jim Rome's show.

  • FYI
    For your information. "FYI< i don't care"

  • Fart-Knocker
    adj. An idiot; A phrase coined by "Beavis & Butt-Head" in the early 90's.

  • Fine
    he/she looks real good, like "that guy is fine"

  • Flawsen
    Another term for "kissing ass to someone"

  • Fly
    Fly: meaning cool, good, fun, etc. used mostly in the mid 90's, when the word "phat" was especially popular. (exp-"that dance was sooo fly")

  • Fool
    Sounds like foo'. A dummy. ex: "Let's go fool."

  • Freak out
    Go crazy, get really mad, i.e. "he freaked out when I told him"

  • Freakin'
    a slightly nicer term for fu**ing. i.e. "he's a freakin idiot!"

  • Fresh
    original, cool, nice, "the shit"

  • Gank
    To steal. I ganked these shoes from the mall.

  • Get Over It
    Get Over It means exactly wat it sez - "Get Over It!". To tell someone to get over it is to point out that they are over-reacting to a situation or thing or is telling them that they need to shut up- e.g. "I can't belive I spilt cola on my new shirt!" "Get over it"

  • Get a Room!
    Excl. What you say to two or more people whose public displays of affection seem too inappropriate or risque. (i.e., make what you're doing private, not so public)

  • Gettin Jiggy
    verb. Can mean either dancing or putting the move on a member of the opposite sex. Popularized by the Will Smith song "Getting Jiggy With It"

  • Ghetto
    adj. unflattering, as in cheap.

  • Giddy Up!
    A remark which might be said whilst eyeing up an attractive person.

  • Going Postal
    1) Excl. Going crazy. Refers to the trend of some postal workers becoming violent.

  • Good to go
    all set, in order, ready to go, etc.

  • Grind-age
    1) Noun. Food

  • Hard / Hard nut / Tough nut
    A tough guy. "He thinks he's a Tough nut"

  • Heady Nuggets
    Description of very good weed.

  • Hella
    It means sort of like saying "really." i.e. "she was hella pissed!"

  • Hey Fats
    Phrase, means "Hey what's up buddy"

  • Hit
    having sex, "let me hit it from behind"

  • Home Skillet
    meaning your friend or anyone you may wont it to be meaning!

  • Homey/Homeslice
    n. buddy

  • Hooch or Hoochie
    A slut

  • How's it hangin'?
    Expr. informal greeting, as in "How are you?"

  • I Got The Pasties
    My mouth is dry

  • I'm gone

  • IPO
    The quickest way to get rich in 99--Initial Public Offering!

  • Ice
    jewelry with diamonds in it

  • It's Cashed
    Means it's gone. it's done

  • It's all good
    meaning it's ok. ex:"i'm sorry i couldn't hook you up!" "oh, don't worry, it's all good!"

  • It's go time!
    1) Excl. It's time to fight, you've pushed me too far, etc. (a.k.a. "bring it on!" or "you want a piece of me?!")

  • Jack
    verb) to steal something. i.e. "my car got jacked" or "don't jack my stuff"

  • Jack you up
    To beat the crap out of someone. i.e. "I'm gonna jack you up"

  • Jock
    To like extremly, "Dude, he jocks my shit!" "I jock him hard!"

  • Junk
    noun One of two words in the world which applies as a substitute to every single noun in the English language. The other word being "shit." It is used liberally in any/all conversations. Example: "Damn, man, did you see that junk yesterday? Man, I was all up IN that junk! That junk was TIGHT"

  • Know what I mean
    (UK) said in the strongest Manchester accent you could muster in the style of Oasis's Liam Gallagher. Used at the end of a statement to get people to agree with you.

  • Larey
    Out of order, used when someone has committed a foux pas. "He stole my wallet, that guy is so larey", "He stole my wallet, that was not on"

  • Lay Off
    Means to stop whatever it is you're doing. You want to lay off the potty mouth!

  • Let Me Bang
    Let us have sex

  • Let's Bone Out
    Meaning "let's go" .

  • Let's roll
    Let's leave.

  • Like
    an insert in sentences when no other word is available

  • Lunchn'
    Verb,Messing around, acting crazy

  • Lurker
    One who enters electronic chat rooms without making a contribution.

  • Mad
    adj: very; a lot; soooooo; shows extremism; Example: That dessert was MAD good. I have to pay MAD bills

  • Man, I'm Slammin
    Meaning I'm doing good today

  • Man, that is clean.
    That is righteous.

  • Mofo
    Word used for mother f*cker

  • Morph
    1) Verb. To change into something else

  • Murk, or Murkin'
    To act crazy or wild out

  • My Bad!
    1)Expr. My mistake

  • NOT!
    Adverb. Used as a function word to stand for the negative of a preceding group of words "'Episode I, the Phantom Menace' was great... NOT". Origin stems from the Waynes World film.

  • Nice!
    Really Cool or Amazing "Nice Dude!"

  • Not So Much
    "umm...try again" "not cool" lame or bad idea

  • O.G.
    stands for "original gangsta"; see old school

  • OMG
    means Oh MY God...

  • Off the Heasy
    1) Adj. Otherwise known as off the hook; unbelieveable or different

  • Oh My God!
    A sign of disgust, such as "ohmygod why is she wearing that." or a sign of excitement such as "ohmygod guess what?!"

  • Oh snap..
    oh yeah, thats right

  • Old School
    adj./adv. old-fashioned, of the old style, etc. Usually a term of respect for the past greats of whatever discipline you're talking about (e.g., Do it old school like Elvis)

  • Oogly
    As in very ugly. "She's so ugly, she's OOgly" popular in the eastcoast since around 1997

  • Open up a can of whoop-ass
    Excl. to kick one's butt, you're in trouble now, etc.

  • Peace out

  • Phat!
    1) Adjective. Cool, awesome, your hip or pretty hot and tempting.

  • Pigeon
    A girl that most guys hate; golddigger

  • Piggy
    Term used to describe a cop or police man

  • Pimpin'
    Cool, "tight",really good...or "to be pimpin" as in clothing..

  • Playa
    someone who is cheating on their significant other

  • Po Po
    Noun. Term used for police

  • Props
    Kudos, credit. "I hate Dallas, but you gotta give Aikman his props." Often used with "Mad" ("Mad props for this website, Beeotch!"). Origin: from "proper respect."

  • Psyche
    not, just kidding; used at the end of a sentence "yea i did all my homework. psyche!!"

  • Punani
    A women's private parts

  • Punked
    v. To be proven wrong; dissed; to be capped on. "That fool got punked on!"

  • Quit Icing My Grill
    Phrase used when someone gets in your face and speaks to make you look bad

  • Rolling
    verb. Feeling the effects of MDMA (E, X, Ecstacy). Example: Damn, you are rolling your brains out!

  • Rolling or Tripping "face"
    Feeling the effects of MDMA or LSD, so that it is visible to others. "You're rolling face!"

  • Salty
    1) Verb. To make someone angry. eg. "Back off, I'm getting hella salty"

  • Score!
    You got something you wanted or you did really good at something. (ie. "Score!, i got 80% on my math test." Or " Score!, Jeff said he'd go to the prom with me.")

  • Scrub
    A guy who thinks he's fine, which is also known as a busta.He still lives with his mom and is always broke.

  • Shady
    1) Adj. Being unfair or wrong

  • Shady
    Someone who acts cool with you, but really isn't.

  • The Shit
    The best or that was the greatest.

  • Shiznit
    A different way of saying shit.Can be used for anything.

  • Shnikies
    a substitute for "shit"..."Oh shnikies!"

  • Shooter
    A person who shows off.

  • Shwing
    If you see a hot chick you would say shwing while humping mid air.

  • Snaps
    To give someone "Snaps" is like to give someone "Props", such as used in the Clueless movie - "I had to give Dee snaps for her corageous fashion efforts..."

  • So
    adv. very much. Traditionally used as intensifying adverb for lone adjectives, usage expanded to intensify whole clauses, predicates, phrases, etc. Usage may have gained popularity on TV's "Friends." (Chandler: "That is so not the opposite of taking somebody's underwear!"...Joey, jokingly: "So didn't know that, but you should have seen your faces")

  • So Is Your Face
    It doesn't really mean anything, you just say when someone else says something mean to you like, "Oh, my god her pants are so ugly today" Then you say "So is your face".

  • Speggets
    Nuggets (usually heady) covered in parmesean cheese---(see definition of nuggets)

  • Step Off
    Get out of my face, leave me alone

  • Straight
    That's true

  • Straight Edge
    Doesn't do drugs or drink

  • Stylin'
    Cool hair or clothes.

  • Sup
    The shorthand saying of "Wassup"

  • Super
    Used to make something much more than it is. Super loser, super huge, super cool, super cold, super funny, etc.....

  • Sweet
    Means cool (as in "That car is sweet")

  • THO
    N.It means your nipples get hard like when it's cold outside.. You would say "I have MAJOR T-H-O." which stands for Tit Hard On..

  • TMI
    Too much info!

  • Talk to the Hand
    Another way of saying "I don't want to hear what you are saying."

  • Talk to the Hand(because the face ain't listening)
    1) Excl. I'm not listening to you/I'm not talking to you!

  • Throw Down
    To fight.

  • Throwed
    messed up, high, drunk, "whooo we went to that party and got throwed ya heard?"

  • Tight
    Great, The best

  • Tight
    Describing a girl or guy who prefers not to do sexual activities.

  • To Hate, Hater
    to disapprove of someone or something

  • To Shoot Out
    means to get out of somewhere.ex:"This pub's crap, let's shoot out!"

  • Triflin' (and/ or Pilt)

  • Trippin'
    going off; overly critical of something or someone. Like telling your mom "Quit trippin' over my tattoo"

  • Tweak
    Tweak; Noun: drug (Usualy Crystal Meth), Adj: To use Drugs. See the Sublime song STP (Secret Tweaker Pad)

  • Tweak
    Hurt or fix up

  • Wacked
    (1)Verb Used to described somebody out of their mind. ie. "That bitch is wacked!" Wacked started in the early 90's and carries a negative connotation.

  • Wangsta
    a fake gangsta

  • Well
    Very. "He's well rich"

  • Wellin'
    This means that you're lying. Ex. "I went to the sore last night and got some new shoes","You wellin' 'cause you was over Mike's house last night".

  • Whassup
    Asking how someone is doing (usu. between two guys talking).. also might refer to asking if the other person is having a Bud. Popularized by Budweiser commercials during Super Bowl and others.

  • What Up Dog?
    1) Exl. What have you been up to?

  • What up, G?
    greeting. Short for "What's up, gangsta?" "What's going on?" "How's it goin'?" etc. Again, usu. used as a greeting toward someone you're too macho to address more politely.

  • What's doin'?
    Another way of saying "What's Up" or "Watcha Doin?"

  • What's the dillio?
    What happened, what's going on (Ed Note: It's how to ask "What's the deal?" while throwing in two unnecessary syllables)

  • Whatever You Reckon!
    A way of saying you dis-belive what someone has just told you, e.g. "I just heard Britany Spears is touring here!" "Whatever you reckon!". It is just another way of saying "Whatever!"

  • Whatever!
    Created by Alicia Siverstone in "Clueless".

  • Who's your daddy
    "I'm better than you, etc." "I made your momma my bitch" (see 90's bitch definition) usu. by one adolescent male to another

  • Wicked
    A lot or very as in "that movie was wicked good" or "that guy is wicked hot!!!!"

  • Wife Beater
    A men's Tank Top or Athletic shirt, like Bruce Willis always wears in movies. Derived from the show 'Cops' when all the people arrested for domestic violence were only wearing this type of shirt and boxer shorts.

  • Wig out
    1) Verb. To freak out; go nuts about something

  • Wigg'n
    (1)Verb Short for Wig Out. ie. "He's totally wigg'n out!"

  • Word
    Understood; I agree

  • YO

  • Yadda Yadda Yadda
    Phrase popularized by the sitcom "Seinfeld". Often used to make a long story short, thus leaving out uncomfortable details. eg) we went to dinner, yadda yadda yadda, and then I never saw him again.

  • Yo, yo, homie Joe
    Basically saying "Hello, my good friend, what is happening with you? You look mighty fine today."

  • Yoink!
    v. to steal or take from someone,to skillfully acquire, etc..

  • You Straight
    1) Phrase. Are you okay or all right

  • You be trippin fool
    1) Excl. You're wrong, or you made a mistake.

  • Your Mom
    it's a come back, usually used when you can't think of anything to say back: ex/ "that was the dumbest thing i ever heard" "yeah, your mom!"

  • bills
    n. money

  • coin
    n. money

  • dang it!
    Meaning ow man! Saying you hurt yourself or you got a bad grade or something. another is looking good. e.i.- dang it!! she's lookinn' good!!!

  • deal
    verb. cope with the circumstances (i.e., "deal with it")

  • faux
    adj. fake (from the French for "false")

  • fugly
    Adj: Extremely ugly (i.e., f**king ugly)

  • hottie
    noun. someone, man or woman, who is very, very attractive (i.e., Natalie Portman is such a hottie!)

  • m'kay
    noun; yes, okay, alright. Popularized by "The South Park Movie"

  • scrub
    1) Adj. A guy that girls mostly hate. Popularized by the TLC song, "No Scrubs"

  • sup
    1) Excl. What's up.

  • you go!
    excl. Good for you! More power to you! (usu. used with "girl": "You go, girl!")

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The Official amIright
Misheard Lyrics Book
Hold Me Closer Tony Danza and other Misheard Lyrics

Sours: http://www.inthe90s.com/generated/terms.shtml

Slang phrases 90s

15 Slang Terms From The '90s We Should Bring Back

In the same way fashion trends have a way of resurfacing every few years, certain words and phrases can come back in style, too. All we have to do is start using them, and just like that they're cool again. So let's go ahead and consider some of the best slang terms from the '90s. Because it really is time.

For many millennials, '90s nostalgia is strong. We were growing up back then, and were thus totally immersed in the fun stuff, like quotable movies, TV shows, and music. In that way, the '90s really were all that and a bag of chips. They were fly. And maybe even a little bit dope.

So many of our favorite words and phrases stemmed from the lovable movies of the era like Clueless, which gave us the snarky "as, if!" and the relatable "I'm totally buggin'!" In fact, that movie may deserve a re-watch, if you haven't seen it in a while, for both '90s terms and fashion inspiration.

The '90s may feel like they were only yesterday, but it's quickly coming up on two decades since these terms were truly popular. As a nod to the past, read on below for a few words and phrases we should bring back, just for fun.


"Let's Bounce"

The next time you'd like to exit a party, announce to your friends that you wanna bounce. Because sure, you could say you'd like to leave. But why not do so with a touch of '90s flair?


"Oh, Snap!"

Back in the '90s, if a story or situation was truly shocking or unbelievable, you might respond with a quick "oh, snap!" Some people still say it today, but it's a phrase that definitely deserves a bigger comeback.


"That's Phat"

Instead of saying something's cool or lit, go ahead and impress everyone with your '90s knowledge by calling it phat. As in, "wow, this song is phat."



Do you remember when everything that was shiny was referred to as bling? (Or bling-bling?) Shiny things still exist, and this word should, too.


"I'm Totally Buggin'"

This phrase, made popular by the movie Clueless, means you're freaking out or flipping out. Use it when you're stressed, such as "I'm stuck in traffic and I'm totally buggin'."


"Take A Chill Pill"

On the flip side, if someone else is totally buggin', you could tell them to take a chill pill, which is the '90s way of saying they need to calm down and relax.


"Hey, Home Skillet"

You could refer to someone as your friend. Or, you could take it up a '90s notch and replace friend with "home skillet." Something along the lines of "Hey, home skillet" would do just fine.



Short for "what's up" (in case you forgot), "sup" is a great way to greet someone when you're in a '90s kinda mood.



If you understand something, or are on the case, saying "word" let's others know you got it.


"No Duh"

To be used when someone is saying something that's entirely obvious, "no duh" can come in handy in a variety of situations.



Do you want to hang out at someone's house? Or do you want to hang out at their crib? Let's go with the latter.


"Talk To The Hand"

If a friend is annoying you, put up your palm and tell them to "talk to the hand." If they know anything about the '90s, they'll get the hint.


"My Bad"

Whenever you make a mistake, go full '90s and say "my bad!"


"Da Bomb"

If a situation is really amazing then it's obviously "da bomb," according to everyone in the '90s. And hey, it might just be funny enough to start saying again.


"What's The 411?"

Whenever you need some information, you can ask "what's the 411?" This was literally an information line you could dial back in the day, as well as a the title of a Mary J. Blige album in 1992.

While these terms might not work in every situation, they're still fun to remember, and possible to even sprinkle into lighthearted conversation. Because really, it's been far too long since anyone's said "Sup, home skillet? Let's bounce."

Sours: https://www.bustle.com/p/15-slang-terms-from-the-90s-we-should-bring-back-17009604
Top 10 Old School Slang We Loved to Say

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The Nineties had such an awesome period of slang. Ingrained now in pop culture, some of us still use these Nineties terms today. Here are Nineties words and phrases that we all miss and may want to bring back:​

1) As If!

Made famous by the cult classic, Clueless, the phrase “As if” was used as an alternative to “Whatever” or in some contexts, ���No way!”

2) Talk to the Hand
Everybody in the 90s said, “Talk to the Hand” at least once or twice. Don't forget to do the hand motions with it! Also, make it as dramatic as possible.

3) Totally
Totally tubular, man! Totally! I am guilty of using totally all of the time. It's just totally cool.

4) Bangin'

Bangin' is one I also still use all of the time. Man, I need to update my vernacular. Bangin' is the equivalent of “awesome” or “cool”. Bangin' is still totally bangin'. For example, the piglet below has some bangin' glasses, yo.

5) Back in the day
A lot of people still use this phrase, and it doesn't seem to be disappearing anytime soon. “Back in the day” means, of course, anywhere from last month to a thousand years ago. It's a very vague term for past time when something used to be a certain way.

6) Boo-ya!
Who didn't scream “BOO-YA!” in someone's face at least once in the 90's? “Boo-ya,” is similar to, “In your face!” "Boo-ya" could also be used in a scenario of extreme thrill as seen in the below clip:

7) Dude

Dude is a very difficult word to describe. Dude can mean so many things. Dude can mean a man, a woman, a person, an animal, or just be an expression of excitement, happiness, being grossed out, or condemnation. “Dude,” was probably the most versatile word of the 90's. I also still say dude and rad. Don't judge.

8) Hella
The term “hella” means “extra” or “extremely” in conjunction with an adjective. Example: “These chili cheese fries are hella delicious.”

9) My bad!
“My bad” is probably one of the most annoying 90's phrases. It took the place of “I'm sorry.” To me, “my bad” is just a way of saying sorry without actually having to say you're genuinely sorry. It's just a pet peeve of mine, and I'm a crazy person so it's likely the preferred popular nomenclature.

10) Oh snap!
One of my personal favorites, “Oh snap,” can be used in situations when an individual is surprised, joking, or insulting someone else.

11) O M G
Spelled OMG, and said as “Oh-Em-Gee,” OMG is short for “Oh my God.” Fairly self-explanatory.

12) Props
Sadly, I used this word a lot in the 90's. To be fair, I was only about ten years old, so I don't feel as bad. “Props” meant you were giving proper acknowledgment to someone for doing something considered cool or good. Example: “Props on that 3-point shot, dude!”

13) Sweet
“Sweet” is the equivalent of “awesome,” only it's much better in my humble opinion. I mean, if I'm going to compliment someone's duster, I'm not going to say, “Awesome duster.” I am going to say, “That's a totally sweet duster, dude.” That's just the kind of gal I am.

14) Your mom!

The number one comeback insult when you didn't have anything else good to say. So, when anyone would hurtle an insult your way, you could just scream back in a lackluster tone, “Yeah, well, your mom!” That takes care of that.

15) Word
“Word” was an expression in the 90's of acknowledgment or agreement. If you agreed with a statement someone made, you wouldn't say “Agreed,” you would say, “Word!”

Honorable mentions include, 'trippin', 'schwing', 'amazeballs', 'bones', 'dope', 'fly', 'peace out', 'punked', 'score', 'TMI', 'so is your face', 'wangsta', 'whatever', and so many, many more that I'm unable to list. Let's all just bring back the 90's! Please? I'm bringing it back.

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Sours: https://1061evansville.com/totally-90s-words-and-phrases-that-we-miss/

Now discussing:

The 90’s were an amazing time to live through. Everything was colorful, extreme, and exciting. There’s even a whole meme online about remembering the 90’s.

Unsurprisingly, this lively decade saw the production and rise of tons of fun slang terms. Many are still in wide use even today.

To show you, we’ve created this list of 90’s slang words and phrases. Let’s see if you remember any of them or if you’ve heard them before.




  • (Noun): An abbreviation of the word “magazine.” Back in the 90’s, everyone would talk about starting their own ‘zines or subscribing to them.
  • Example: “You check out the latest Nat Geo ‘zine?”

Wrap Up

As you can see from all this slang, the 90’s were a blast. The huge, colorful vernacular was an indicator of a time that was also larger than life. Many of the slang terms from the 90’s had a lot of staying power, and still see common use today.

Did you use any slang terms in the 90’s that we missed? Let us know with a comment below.

Sours: https://letslearnslang.com/90s-slang-words-and-phrases/

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