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    The Character Generator is intended for players of the True Dungeon role playing game. This application allows the user to assemble characters from an existing database of tokens, and provide final character statistics for use in the game.

    Version 8.9.0

    - Added new completion set tokens
    - Corrected a problem with a couple tokens from the 2021 token set

    Ratings and Reviews

    Couldn’t play Virtual TD without it!

    This app is amazing. It gives us a digital look at our characters and with the implementation of Virtual TD, it gives us the freedom to play online.

    I would like to see a version of this networked so everyone can view character builds and dice rolls, like Roll20.

    Pretty handy

    Much more convenient than a paper printout, though I do notice some calculations are wrong (says my dwarf fighter should have 62 hp with my build though the spreadsheet calc comes to 57).. So useful for tweaking builds on the fly but I wouldn't depend on the accuracy

    The developer, Charles Jennings, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

    Data Not Collected

    The developer does not collect any data from this app.

    Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


    Charles Jennings

    10.9 MB


    Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
    Requires iPadOS 9.0 or later.
    iPod touch
    Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
    Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

    Age Rating
    9+ Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence

    © 2014- 2021 C. Thomas Jennings All Rights Reserved



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    Here are some bugs that I've noticed so far:
    1) No support for Sacred Damage granted by Ring of Brilliance
    2) No support for Darkrift Damage granted by Ring of Enervation
    3) "Free Action Potion" slot only supports Belt of Retrieval, should also include Pouch of Tulz and Quiver of Anointment.
    4) Bracers of Fire are not adding Fire Melee damage (data for Fire Melee Damage on Token Data Worksheet is missing.)
    5) Set bonuses not calculating properly:
    • Might 3: Level increase not granted
    • Might 4: Level increase not granted, melee damage bonus not granted
    • Might 5: Level increase not granted, melee damage bonus not granted
    • Footman 3: Bonus AC not granted
    • Defender 3: Bonus AC not granted
    6) (Not sure if bug) Initiative bonus is including Dex modifier for the individual characters (though TD used Group Initiative)
    7) Typo in Mithral 6 piece wording, currently reads "1/2 dmg from breath+long sword auto slay on 8 or 9 dmg or 20 slide" should read "1/2 dmg from breath+long sword auto slay on 8 or 9 dmg ON 20 slide"
    1. Blender not using gpu
    2. Paintball in allentown pa
    3. 2009 bmw 325i specs

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    Desktop: 7 pro x64 sp1

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    Tablet, think i got a old win8 tablet floating around somewhere, have to see if it still lives
    We're all the kind of people who enjoy the game on a "meta" level. We like talking about the game year-round. We buy tokens. We enjoy crafting. We get together during the off-season if we can. We are a very skewed demographic that way. -Raven

    My trade thread: Matt's Humble Trade

    There are some great online resources available for new and veteran players.

    Token Database


    Use to research any question regarding Treasure Tokens you may need answered.  It has some useful search and filter functions that allow you to find just the info you want.  For instance, you can see a listing of all Rare two-handed weapons or you can see something very specific like a listing of all 2012-minted, Rare two-handed weapon tokens that are only usable by Barbarians that have "fire" in the token description.

     Any of the three resources below will walk you through the process of equipping your character.  Click on the text to go to that resource.

    TD Character Creator   

    Amorgen's Excellent Excel Character Generator  

    Cogwind's Character Generator for iDevices or Character Generator for Android  

    Cogwind's Revenge for iPad: We are pleased to announce the release of Cogwind's Revenge, an iPad app inspired by the 2014 True Dungeon modules Golembane and Flight of the Zephyr.  It has puzzles to test your wits, combat to test your skill, and even the fun of token collecting.  Download this free app from iTunes and relive the adventure!


    Creator character true dungeon


    Gen Con Indy

    Ticket Drawing




    Gen Con Ticket Drawing THIS SUNDAY!

    On April 10th,we will hold a special drawing from all the 2011 token buyers to date.  Ten lucky token buyers will win, and each can "pre-buy" up to 10 tickets (of one slot) before anyone else!  Winners will be contacted on April 10th, and they have until April 14th to pick their event slot (and pay for the tickets).  If we do not hear back from a winner by April 14th, then another name will be drawn.  True Dungeon event tickets go on sale for everyone on May 1st.


    For every 10-pack you buy, we put your name in the "virtual hat", and each winner will have the chance to "pre-buy" a full 10-ticket slot of tickets BEFORE they go on sale to anyone else!  This means that you are guaranteed to get the exact slot you wish without having to worry about the crazy time during event registration.  You still have to buy the tickets at the normal price.  NOTE:  The more tokens you buy, the greater your chance of winning!





    Check Out the NEW Token Inventory & Trade Program!


    Over the past several months we have developed a cool online tool at the TD website to let you keep an inventory of all your tokens.  The neat feature is that you can also indicate which tokens you want to trade away AND you can even indicate what tokens you don't have -- and want to trade for.  It is a great way for the TD Community to enjoy the fun of token collecting. 






    Development Underway for Cool Character TOKEN Equipping Program


    We have now started work on an ambitious upgrade to the TD website that will allow you to pick a character and equip it with tokens -- within a nice graphical interface.  See below for a rough idea of what the interface will appear as.  When you click on a slot (like "Ring") the program will automatically populate any "legal" magic Ring that you could equip in that slot.  Once this is done for all your equipment slots, the program gives you all your combat bonuses, saving throws and hit point total.  You can then save it so anyone can see how you have your character set-up, and you can print it.  The program will print all your combat stats and it will provide a list of tokens used to achieve those stats.  This print out can be taken to the actual True Dungeon event at Gen Con Indy, and you can show it to your Coach (along with your tokens).  This will speed up things dramatically during training.


    The coolest upgrade is that you can form entire 10-player parties with your characters -- or characters from other players.  The program will even print out an official Party Card that you can just hand over to the Coach at the start of your run.  This will make the Coaching mechanic much easier for everyone.  NOTE:  The Coach will still have to verify that you have all the tokens your Party Card says you have -- so the program will print out a list of required tokens for each character in the party.


    The beta version of this program should be up in running for testing sometime in May.


    Sample Screen Shot of Token Equipping Program





    Another Golden Ticket is Found!

    We just got word from a very excited new token collector that her small order of tokens contained a Golden Ticket token.  We randomly inserted 24 special Golden Ticket tokens into the 2011 token collection.  Instead of a Common token, you get one of these uber-cool tokens in your 10-pack.  The bearer of this special token should present it outside Ballroom 10 at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 4th.  There will be a special free dinner immediately following, and then the special adventure will start at 8:00pm.  You will also get a host of extra goodies which include a completely awesome pack of uber-rare and powerful tokens and an exclusive GT-only surprise inside your True Dungeon adventure. 



    The "Ultra Rare Value Pack" Promotion


    This special $250 "Ultra Rare Value Pack" includes:


    (30) Standard random Treasure Token 10-packs*


    (1) Ultra Rare of your choice from the 2010 or 2011 collection (while supplies last)


    *Each group of 30 10-packs has a 30% chance to contain a random Ultra Token, too! This means that for every "Ultra Rare Value Pack" you purchase you receive 30 10-packs, 1 Ultra Rare of your choice, and a 30% chance to get ANOTHER random Ultra Rare token!

    We ship the tokens in 1-2 business days, and they are shipped via USPS Priority Mail -- so you get them fast.







    Below is a presentation of the 2011 Ultra Rare tokens.  For every $250 in tokens purchased, you gain a 30% chance of a getting a random Ultra Rare token, and you GET TO PICK ONE of your choice from either the 2010 or 2011 Ultra Rare token collection.














    True Dungeon - Welcome to PAX! [South 2017]

    True Dungeon Character Designer

    If you’ve never heard of True Dungeon, it is an annual event at GenCon.  For more information, go to True Dungeon

    Latest Version:

    True Dungeon Character Generator 2022.01.xls
    (This version will work in OpenOffice 4.1.2+, LibreOffice 5.2+ and Microsoft Excel versions 97 and above.)

    True Dungeon Character Generator Unlocked 2022.01
    (This version will work with the mobile versions of Microsoft Excel as well as PC/Mac versions of Microsoft Excel 2010 and above).  Note: While this will function on mobile devices, you may experience some lag when selecting from drop down lists within the document.)

    (This file can be run to move the stats from one version of the Character Generator to another.  This should work in Microsoft Excel versions 97 and above, but will not work in OpenOffice.  This version is current even for future year versions of the generator.).  Version 2020.01 properly converts from 2019 slot names to 2020 slot names.

    (This file can be run to move the stats from the current version of the Character Generator to .tdc files compatible with both the Android and iOS versions of Character Gen for True Dungeon app.).  This will likely not work in OpenOffice, but will work for Microsoft Excel versions 97 and above.

    Token Inclusion Notes:

    Rules for inclusion (only 1 has to be met):

    • Affects a stat recorded on the party card
    • Equips in a limited slot
    • Has a persistent effect that has high potential to be tracked on the party card either for a single year or ongoing in the future

    Automatic exclusion (only 1 has to be met):

    • Temporary effect (e.g. lamp of the efreeti)
    • Consumed through use (e.g. ammo, potions, etc.)*
    • Has no stated effect (e.g. bedroll)
    • Has no in-game effect (e.g. currency, trade tokens)
      * Unless the effect persists for the entire adventure (e.g. Scroll Mage Armor, Runestones, etc.)

    Version 2022.01 Notes

    • Added 5th item bonus for Elemental Eldritch set bonus
    • Added the 2022 token set

    Version 2021.02 Notes

    • Fixed Ranged damage bonus tokens to include also increase spell damage
    • Restructured Figurines to better support the changes to this slot.  As a note, you will need to reselect your 2nd Figurine if gained through Psyferre’s Spectacles as the 3rd Figurine slot requires both Psyferre’s Spectacles and a Charisma of 16 or higher.
    • Fixed Jasper Ellipsoid and Jasper Prism as their melee damage values were swapped
    • Fixed Ring of the Siren to properly recognize the Polymorph damage bonus

    Version 2021.01 Notes

    • Added slots Eyes 2, Figurine 3, Ghost, Ghost Gear, Bead 2, Bead 3
    • Updated Amulet/Ring of Wonder for 2021
    • Added all new 2021 tokens and any 2020 tokens released after last update
    • Fixed Crit Range of Thor’s Returning Hammer of Smashing
    • Fixed Bracers of Reckless Fury so all appropriate classes may equip
    • Added some preliminary structure to support VTD – do not use yet for actual events

    Version 2020.03 Notes

    • Implemented real time tracking section to the character tabs
    • Added a view of Damage Resistance by type
    • Added Flurry of Blows as default for Melee Offhand and added average damage when using just fists
    • Added numbered versions of Charm of Awakened Synergy and Charm of Synergy that are useful if you are not plotting the entire party on the spreadsheet
    • Renamed all flurry of blows (Thrown) to (Benrow) for consistency with TD apps.  The 2020.03 version of the exporter will also rename these appropriately.
    • Verified that all flurry of blows weapons are properly showing as options in their respective slots
    • Fixed several 2020 tokens that had a different apostrophe symbol than normal.  Unfortunately, the correction to the TD apps will not be in place until after the first Virtual TD, so these tokens must be reselected.
    • Added Badge of Nobility (GT) for those lucky 2018 Golden Ticket run participants who are able to get damage resistance of 2 against all but Eldritch.  The Exporter should properly move this to the GT2018 slot on the TD apps from whichever Special slot you selected.

    Version 2020.02 Notes

    • Reviewed all 2020 weapons and fixed any incorrect tagging (flurry of blows compatibility, to hits, material types, rarity).  These should properly work now (including the whetstone when applicable)
    • Fixed the +1 Large Wooden Shield to convey +3 AC
    • Added the ability to equip Flurry of Blows compatible weapons (not bracers) to be included as a thrown weapon in the Ranged Mainhand provided that the Benrow’s is already equipped in the Neck Slot.  Also changed the +7 Sacred to be conditional on the weapon being Flurry of Blows compatible.
    • Added ability for a token to convey more than one damage type.  This was necessary due to being able to throw the Flaming Sword, for instance, and still get the Sacred damage from the Benrow’s.
    • Fixed Ring of Wonder in such a way that it should stay working even after sorting the token list.

    Version 2020.01 Notes

    • Added 2020 tokens and any missing 2019 tokens (such as completion tokens)
    • Fixed Belt of Berserker (both name and class restrictions)
    • Updated method of determining active Charms and Ioun Stones and adjusted number of slots to match the stated maximums
    • Updated Ranged Damage so that a mighty or thrown weapon will reflect negative strength modifiers, not just positive ones
    • Changed the formulas that support whether a token can be equipped or not to better handle if more than one token has a stacking restriction.
    • Adjusted Polymorph damage field to add the melee damage bonus, for consistency

    Version 2019.09 Notes

    • Added Healing Bonus to Ranger tab and party card.  Note: This will only appear if Ranger is 5th level and thereby has access to a healing spell.

    Version 2019.08 Notes

    • Updated Party Card tab to reflect official 2019 GenCon Party Card
    • Added completion tokens from Origins 2019
    • Fixed several 2-handed weapons to reflect properly as 2-handed
    • Added Polymorph To Hit and Damage to Wizards and revised Druid tab to include Polymorph To Hit.
    • Fixed Eldritch Set bonus to no longer show 100% Spell Resistence

    Version 2019.07 Notes

    • Fixed Equipment Card and Print or Post sheets to properly include and line up all slots.

    Version 2019.06 Notes

    • Fixed +2 Stunning Lt. Crossbow to properly include the +2 Ranged To Hit bonus
    • Add the 2019 variable effects, including the Amulet of Wonder 2nd Head Slot

    Version 2019.05 Notes

    • Fixed Smackdown’s Charm of Camaraderie which I learned hasn’t worked properly since I fixed the token name years ago.

    Version 2019.04 Notes

    • Added Ranger to Hood of Shadows
    • Added Greater Quicksilver Charm
    • Fixed the fact that Polymorph Damage increasing tokens in Melee Mainhand were not getting their bonuses for the Druid.
    • Added the 5th level bonus to Polymorph Damage for the Druid

    Version 2019.03 Notes

    • Fixed name and description of Ioun Stone Fluorite Cube
    • Fixed Infernal Shoes to be Feet instead of Armor
    • Bulwark Runestone can now be selected for Runestone Fitting Bases
    • Added Polymorph Damage Bonus to Druid tab and fixed all tokens to properly add
    • Dark Disciple’s Shirt can now be equipped by a Cleric
    • Shaman’s Belt, Shaman’s Greater Necklace and Iktomi’s Shaper Necklace now display average damage on the class tabs.
    • Fixed spelling of +1 Bliss Berserker Axe, Berserker Cloak and Berserker Gloves
    • Fixed description of Charm of Nature
    • Fixed name of Infernal Hate Plate
    • Added missing appreciation and completion tokens including Crown of Allure that allows 2 figurines.  When you import, you may see an error on Figurine 2.  Simply use the drop down to pick the new default entry for Figurine 2.

    Version 2019.02 Notes

    • Fixed slot assignment for Iktomi and Shaman’s Greater Necklace (both were in Ear slot but should be Neck slot)
    • Fixed the Brawler’s Horn so that when coupled with a +1 or +2 weapon, the full +2 to hit applies (making it +3 or +4 to hit, instead of max of +2)

    Version 2019.01 Notes

    • Added the 2019 Tokens based on Super Final images
    • Fixed the year on the 4 Teeth of Cavadar (# equipped)
    • Fixed the name on Thor’s +5 Returning Hammer of Striking (was listed as Smashing)
    • Added the remaining 2018 tokens new at GenCon
    • Created 2 versions.  The standard version includes the new tokens but uses the existing Elemental Eldritch Set benefits.  A planning version is available using the set benefits that will not be in place until Origins in 2019.  The planning version highlights the version number on key pages with a red background.  Note: The planning version will not be official at any convention.  Once Origins is the next True Dungeon event, I will create an official version with the new rules.

    Version 2018.09 Notes

    • Removed the 3 wands of Thor’s…  which are 1 use per room and don’t function as a traditional weapon, but were picking up strength bonuses in the displayed average damage
    • Removed Bottle of Bubbles and Pilum of Lightning which are 1 use and shouldn’t still have been in the list.
    • Re-hid the calculation columns on the Cleric tab that were accidentally left exposed.

    Version 2018.08 Notes

    • Removed 2017 automatic +3 damage bonus from all iron weapons
    • Removed automatic +3 damage in both melee and ranged for Equinox Runestone as not all monster are Fey in 2018

    Version 2018.07 Notes

    • Melee Mainhand, Offhand and Ranged Mainhand now properly display an error message if a slot contains a token that is no longer valid to be equipped (e.g. removing a token that allowed you to qualify for a minimum strength or dexterity.
    • Removed labeling for the slot previously enabled to accommodate a 2017 feature of the Eldritch Runestone.

    Version 2018.06 Notes

    • Corrected Set determination which was not including the bottom slots on the character tabs.  It will now dynamically change to include all slots as new slots are added.
    • Fixed the numbering of tokens in the database
    • Added Shirt of the Valiant
    • Added the new tokens from Origins
    • Fixed Charm of the Sage description
    • Removed the +3 damage that was added for 2017 adventures due to all monsters being Fae
    • Updated to 2018 for Amulet of Wonder, Special and Eldritch Runestone effects

    Version 2018.05 Notes

    • Split Strength Display and Tracking in to STR (M) for Strength Melee and STR (R) for Strength Ranged/Missile.  This fixes an issue where certain offhand tokens would cause strength bonuses to occur in both melee and ranged even though their effect should only be for the appropriate attack mode.
    • Added 4 Teeth of Cavadar, Bracers of Guided Strike and any missing 2017 and published 2018 completion tokens (such as the Mirrored Archer’s Buckler).

    Version 2018.04 Notes

    • Fixed the slot of the Raider’s Cloak and Raider’s Belt (which were erroneously showing as head slot items)
    • Updated Charm of the Conductor to Charm of the Sage
    • Fixed issue where mainhand or offhand bonuses to attributes or saving throws would stack.  The better of the two bonuses are now what apply.
    • Updated Ring of Bliss Touch to Ring of Blisstouch
    • Added offhand equipping of the +1 Bliss Hammer for the Ranger
    • Added offhand for the Bracer of the Quivering Palm (Monk only)
    • Fixed calculation of party bonuses so that a max of 10 can apply (even if all 12 class sheets are in play).
    • Updated Divine Tempest Gloves to Blessed Tempest Gloves and added the Spell Damage bonus of +3.
    • Fixed name of Ioun Stone Fluorite Cube
    • Fixed the Spiked Buckler which became no longer available in the drop down due to changes made for the Tankard of Health
    • Added Ranged modifiers to the Faebane gear so the Iron bonuses apply appropriately
    • Synchronized the effect tags EnvironmentImmunity and Slip / Fall which had not been entered consistently.  No impact to calculations on character tabs or the party card as neither currently are presented.

    Version 2018.03 Notes

    • Added remaining 2018 tokens (abiding by Token Inclusion Notes)
    • Note: For Tankard of Health to work optimally, select it first in Offhand and then in Ranged Offhand.

    Version 2018.01 Notes

    • Fixed Viper Strike Pants to Legs slot
    • Added Ring of the Anointed
    • Added Onyx Charm and Greater Onyx Charm
    • Added the +1 Bliss weapons (rare level)
    • Added (Thrown) to the +3 and +5 versions of the new Hammer so it properly pulls the correct stats when in ranged.

    Version 2018.00 Notes

    • Corrected name of Darkguard Greaves
    • Fixed issue where some tokens were listed twice and some were missing (due to adding Shin slot)
    • Fixed display issue on Wizard tab where a + was showing unnecessarily
    • Fixed Psychic indicator on Print or Post tab
    • Added 2018 Ultra Rare and Transmute tokens (preliminary versions) to allow testing.  These will be updated based on any changes in a future version.

    Version 2017.23 Notes

    • Added Shins slot
    • Added 2017 GenCon Completion Tokens

    Version 2017.22 Notes

    • Official version for GenCon 2017
    • Added version number to all typically printed pages

    Version 2017.20 Notes

    • Updated for 2017 year-specific effects, as follows:
    • Converted last year’s Amulet of Wonder slot to Eldritch Runestone slot to support the extra Ioun stone
    • Added logic for Amulet of Wonder to switch Runestone selection to the AOW tripled or quadrupled options (and added the supporting entries in the token list).
    • Updated Special (Ultra Rare) to add 1 level

    Version 2017.19 Notes

    • Added Ring of the Hallowed
    • Changed font size of the retribution damage amount on the Party Card to avoid ## on double-digit retribution amounts

    Version 2017.18 Notes

    • Reconfirmed Sharpshooter bonus on Ranged weapons for Ranger

    Version 2017.17 Notes

    • Added Sharpshooter bonus to all remaining Ranged (including Thrown) weapons

    Version 2017.16 Notes

    • Fixed +1 Fae Blowgun Flute to yield Ranged to Hit bonus instead of Melee to Hit

    Version 2017.15 Notes

    • Added Sharpshooter bonus to the Modegan Longbow
    • Added all other classes to the +1 Fae Blowgun Flute
    • Added Acid to damage types displayed on character sheets for melee weapons, ranged weapons and retribution equipment
    • Since there is no spot on the Party Card for Acid, I added an “Acid” indicator beneath the bonus number

    Version 2017.14 Notes

    • Fixed Sacred Runestone to show the added damage type in ranged rather than melee

    Version 2017.13 Notes

    • Fixed text from +5 to -5 on Figurine of Power: Toad
    • Added Bard and Rogue to Darkling Shadow Armor
    • Added Darkrift Damage to Draco-Lich Claw Charm

    Version 2017.12 Notes

    • Added +2 Great Sword
    • Enabled +2 Long Spear of Dragonslaying for Ranged Mainhand (thrown)
    • Added Badge of Nobility

    Version 2017.11 Notes

    • Fixed Psychic imbued indicator which was picking up teeth as well as crown or ioun stone

    Version 2017.10 Notes

    • Fixed display of Sorcerer for Wizards using the Rod of Seven Parts Voucher
    • Fixed Defender (Dwarf Fighter with Rod of Seven Parts Voucher) to no longer add the +2 Melee Damage Weapon Focus, but instead add the +2 AC bonus when a shield is equipped in the respective battle offhand (melee or missile).
    • Changed computation of Missile AC so that it no longers is computed by backing out mainhand shields (was duping Dwarf Fighter Defender AC bonus and giving credit even when no shield was in ranged offhand)

    Version 2017.08 Notes

    • Added Barbarian to Blessed Redoubt Shield

    Version 2017.07 Notes

    • Added Psychic to Charming Crown
    • Changed handling of how Psychic ability is imbued which fixed Charming Crown
    • Added Psychic status to each character sheet (part of the fix, but also allows you to see at a glance if that character can utilize psychic ability once they have the proper tokens that leverage it, e.g. Tooth of Cavadar)

    Version 2017.06 Notes

    • Fixed Giln’s Blessed Redoubt Shield

    Version 2017.05 Notes

    • Fixed Faebane Gloves to be Hand slot
    • Fixed Charming calculation as Reflex and Will were switched by mistake

    Version 2017.04 Notes

    • Fixed Blowguns to Ranged
    • Renamed Pants slot to Legs slot to match TokenDB
    • Fixed Year on a couple of tokens

    Version 2017.03 Notes

    • Fixed Blessed Redoubt Shield which was showing as Armor.

    Version 2017.02 Notes

    • Fixed processing of Monk offhand weapon choices so that Flurry of Blows offhand weapons only appear if a Flurry of Blows compatible mainhand is equipped
    • Corrected name of Holly Helm
    • Fixed the +1 Fae Blowgun Flute to Ranged
    • Added 3 Teeth of Cavadar
    • Fixed Ring of Dark Health to include the +1 Darkrift damage
    • Added Charming 3-Piece bonus (and support for 4-pieces equipped)

    Version 2017.01 Notes

    • Added 2017 new tokens including completion token Pants of Retrieval
    • Fixed calculation for tokens that benefit from empty charm slots
    • Changed ability score calculation so that rounding is different for scores less than 10
    • Fixed Kris to be no longer a compound weapon
    • Fixed name of the +2 Deadly Drow Blood Mace
    • Fixed penalty of the Plate Armor of the Depths
    • Added Token IDs to those missing them
    • Fixed some missing effect tags
    • Fixed Earcuff of Ramparts
    • Fixed Dragonbane Surcoat
    • Fixed Gloves of the Brute

    Version 2016.34 Notes

    • Adjusted formulas and images to conform with LibreOffice
    • Fixed display of Retribution Damage when values were two digits
    • Fixed hand requirement for Sling of Seeking
    • Added Bard to Shield of Prism Offhand

    Version 2016.33 Notes

    • Added the completion tokens for 2016 that are not one-use items
    • Performed a spell check on the token descriptions fixing a couple of errors found at the event
    • Fixed +1 Malice Flail to be a 1-handed weapon
    • Fixed +1 Thrall Weapons so that Dwarf Fighters can equip them again

    Version 2016.32 Notes

    • Corrected average damage on +1 Thrall Faerie Iron Skull

    Version 2016.31 Notes

    • Fixed Barbarian 2-Hand Weapon Bonus which was broken by changes in 2016.30.
    • Fixed an issue with the importer that resulted in Subscript out of range errors.

    Version 2016.30 Notes

    • Corrected spelling of Bracelet from Bracelt in error message
    • Split Dwarf Fighter and Elf Wizard from Fighter and Wizard respectively for purposes of determining if a token or ability can be equipped.  This was required to support the Wizard’s need to equip the new Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher Wizard)
    • Created Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher Wizard) to account for the Charisma stat change that comes with the Wizard Sub-Class of Sorcerer
    • Fixed the damage type indicator for the following scenario: A token is equipped that requires other tokens to be equipped that meet certain requirements for their effect to trigger (e.g. Ring of Brilliance requiring a 2-hand weapon, Eel Skin Gloves requiring metal weapons).  Since that requirement is not met, the damage type (sacred, shock, etc.) should not appear, but was appearing.
    • Added average damage to the rare Staff of Focus token
    • Created True Dungeon Character Importer 2016.01

    Version 2016.29 Notes

    • Fixed +2 Rod of Persuasion so that the +2 to melee does not apply when not equipped in the Melee Mainhand (accomplished by adding Not as Weapon to the Special slot version)
    • Fixed 6th Level Player Bonus so that it will stack with Lenses of Fortune

    Version 2016.28 Notes

    • Party Card: Fixed cosmetic error where the + would still show even if the value for the attribute was negative
    • Class Tab: Fixed the Amulet of Wonder slot so that an error message will appear if you remove the Amulet of Wonder after selecting a token for the slot.

    Version 2016.27 Notes

    • Added a designation on both the Party Card and the Print or Post tabs for whether the Barbarian is using a 1-handed or 2-handed weapon

    Version 2016.26 Notes

    • Fixed Retribution damage type display which was vertically displaying 2 characters of the damage type

    Version 2016.25 Notes

    • Removed the + sign from in front of treasure totals on both party card and individual class tabs
    • Updated description of Ring of Stunning Fist per 2016 erratum
    • Fixed Charm of the Cabal which was listed on all classes charm list instead of just Bard, Cleric, Druid and Wizard
    • Adjusted the Avg Dmg column on class sheets to show the after bonuses average damage with the original average damage in parentheses
    • Fixed Sey Lah’s +2 Sundering Cestus to grant a +2 bonus to hit
    • Added Eldritch Runestone (2016 Dungeon) and removed Eldritch Runestone (2015 Dungeon)
    • Added Special (Ultra-rare) as an equippable token providing this year’s special ability
    • Amulet of Wonder or Golden Apple of Eris will now activate the third finger slot
    • Renamed the old unused Thrown slot to “Amulet of Wonder” and it will now allow you to select a fourth ring if either “Amulet of Wonder” or “Golden Apple of Eris” is selected.  Note: You cannot equip either “Hand of Glory” or “Gloves of Glory” if “Amulet of Wonder” or “Golden Apple of Eris” is already equipped.
    • Updated Party Card per official release
    • Renamed “Free Action” to “Free Movement” on Class tabs
    • Added new “Print or Post” tab which provides a more printer or forum friendly version of a selected character class
    • Shortened the level label on the Party Card so that the Rod of Seven Parts Voucher sub class name can appear when applicable
    • Added damage types to the melee, ranged and retribution areas of the Character Class tabs

    Version 2016.20 Notes

    • Updated character stats based on published changes for GenCon 2016
    • Added Barbarian’s 2-hand weapon damage bonus

    Version 2016.11 Notes

    • Changed the Party Card to blank out characters that have no tokens selected for easier reading by the coaches
    • Changed Tier # display in Psychic column of Party Card to a simple check mark in keeping with how coaches are instructed to record Psychic ability
    • Updated Party Card damage type indicators to match new layout and to include the new Eldritch (diamond symbol) damage type
    • Removed treasure stamp placeholders.  Although the new party card will use that space for DM only notes, I removed the boxes since the printout from the Excel spreadsheet is still transcribed onto the official form.
    • Adjusted the Spell Res indicator in the Spell Bonuses column of the Party Card to correctly show 100% for spell casting players with 2 or more Eldritch items equipped
    • Renamed the Party Card “Bonus Treasure” to “Total Treasure” in keeping with the discontinuance of Treasure Stamps
    • Adjusted font size on Equipment Card down to reduce instances of the text combining with the border
    • The starting Treasure value is now 3 instead of 0
    • The Avg Damage for a row will no longer show 0 when equipping tokens in non-weapon slots
    • Corrected the description text for 2 Teeth of Cavadar to show “Teeth” instead of “Tooth”.  Cavadar is also consistently capitalized as it is a proper name.
    • Corrected +2 Baton of Focus to add a melee, not ranged bonus
    • Stu’s +3 Handy Stein can now be equipped in the Ranger offhand
    • Corrected stats on the Thrall Scale Armor
    • Corrected slot for Creeper Shirt to Shirt from Back and removed the stack restriction with the Scroll of Mage Armor
    • When slotting the Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher) in one of the Special slots, the name of the prestige class will now display following the normal class name on the character tabs.  Note: You will still need to slot the Rod of Seven Parts (Complete) to take advantage of the bonuses the token conveys.

    Version 2016.10 Notes

    • Changed the default mainhand slotted item to Flurry of Blows (a new entry) for Monk
    • Added “Flurry” as a new “material” type so that tokens can enhance flurry of blows
    • Added “Flurry” as the “material” type to all Flurry compatible weapons
    • Updated “Ring of Icy Ki” to apply its cold bonus to any tokens with “Flurry” as part of their “material” type
    • Added effect type “Regeneration”
    • A total of any per room regeneration effects will now appear after the hit points on a character’s tab as “+ x / rm”
    • The regeneration total also appears on the Party Card next to hit points

    Version 2016.09 Notes

    • Fixed name of Averon’s +5 Deathcleaver
    • Fixed Redoubt Shield which was not allowing Barbarians to equip in either Offhand

    Version 2016.08 Notes

    • Fixed Creeper Robe to be of type Armor
    • Reviewed tokens showing a Set Bonus a removed ones that were erroneously showing one

    Version 2016.07 Notes

    • Fixed Shield of the Prism which was not allowing Bards to equip in Melee Offhand
    • Added back the ability to Special slot the +2 Rod of Persuasion
    • Added a Notes section to the bottom of all classes.  Note: If you want to insert a line break, you can perform Alt+Enter

    Version 2016.06 Notes

    • Added 2015 completion tokens

    Version 2016.05 Notes

    • Fixed name of Shirt of Baneful Prowess (was in as Presence)
    • Fixed Elemental Eldritch 3-Piece set bonus

    Version 2016.04 Notes

    • Fixed Redoubt Shield so it is properly considered a shield for all computation purposes (was allowing doubling of AC)
    • Established logic to prevent two identical saving throw adjusting offhand slot items from duplicating their saving throw effect.

    Version 2016.03 Notes

    • Added 2 Teeth of Cavadar
    • Corrected +2 Baton of Focus to type Mainhand instead of Melee
    • Fixed drop downs to the correct defaults
    • Fixed Shirt of Baneful Presence
    • Removed duplicate +2 Rod of Persuasion and fixed hand count on the remaining one
    • Corrected spelling of Kvothe’s Bloodless and eliminated ability to choose in more than one Special slot.

    Version 2016.02 Notes

    • Fixed error messages for the newly named Necklace Charm and Bracelet Charm slots to be consistent with the slots name.
    • Fixed that the error message appeared when a valid token was slotted in a Bracelet Charm slot and the Charm Bracelet was equipped.
    • Fixed slot type on Pantaloons of the Deeperdark (was entered as Legs)

    Version 2016.01 Notes

    • Added Pants slot
    • Renamed Charm slot 4 through 6 to Necklace Charm 1 through 3
    • Added Bracelet Charm 1 and Bracelet Charm 2
    • Added the 2016 tokens currently announced and referenced
    • Note: To decrease file size, I have eliminated all reissued tokens (the year shows only the first year the token appeared), one use tokens unless the effect is for the entire adventure (such as ammo, scrolls and potions) and tokens that have no in game effect (such as currency and collectibles).  Since these did not appear in drop down selections anyway, they served no purpose.

    True Dungeon Character Generator 2015.35

    True Dungeon Character Generator Unlocked 2015.35 (Note: This version will not work in OpenOffice, but should work in mobile Microsoft Office versions such as on the iPad.  There are no cell protections, so be careful not to break any formulas.)

    Version 2015.35 Notes

    • Added the 6 die varieties of the Amulet of Wonder Dungeon-side

    Version 2015.34 Notes

    • Added “Eldritch Runestone (2015 Dungeon)” to account for this year’s ability

    Version 2015.33 Notes

    • Verified and fixed any erroneous 5th level Hit Point values
    • Fixed Bracers of Frost which were not showing the check mark for Cold
    • Fixed a bug that was causing some tokens to show more than once on the drop downs
    • Added Gearon’s +2 Blessed Mace

    Version 2015.32 Notes

    • Removed the bonus treasure effect from Amulet of Wonder.  The replacement effect has not yet been announced.

    Version 2015.31 Notes

    • Fixed an issue caused by the new Special slots whereby Charms in slot 5 or 6 would not properly count toward synergistic abilities.
    • Added bonus treasure ability to the unique token Lazlo’s Bag of Looting
    • Added a match to whatever Amulet of Wonder effect is in play to the unique token Golden Apple of Eris.  For other party members in that travelling group, the same token should be equipped in Special to effect the Amulet of Wonder.
    • Added immunity to Surprise to the unique token Gertz’s Radiant Backpack
    • Removed a few items from the Special drop down based on the new criteria for these slots:  Must either affect the party card directly, enhance a class skill or add a new skill to the character to qualify.  Protective gear (alchemist pouches, scroll cases, etc.) or healing lamps (for example) are no longer in the list.

    Version 2015.30 Notes

    • Added this year’s Amulet of Wonder benefit: 5 additional treasure tokens
    • Updated Party Card look to match official for 2015 event
    • Adjusted the Heal / Damage bonus fields on both the class sheets and the party card to reflect the combination of the Cabal bonus and any additional token bonuses.
    • Added damage type to Retribution Damage on the Party Card.  Note: Many retribution tokens do not have one of the tracked damage types.  The spreadsheet will not check mark a damage type if the damage type is not specified on the token or it is an untracked type such as piercing.

    Version 2015.24 Notes

    • Tweaked Set Completion determination which was incorrectly counting both shields in melee and ranged resulting in 4 piece when only 3 pieces were valid, denying set bonus.

    Version 2015.23 Notes

    • Added Ranged Offhand back into consideration for Set Completion determination

    Version 2015.22 Notes

    • Added strength bonus to the Skull of Doom

    Version 2015.21 Notes

    • Established stacking blocks between Charm of Avarice and Ring of Riches, Horn of Plenty, Amulet of Treasure Finding and Charm of Good Fortune
    • Fixed so that Charm of Avarice counts toward treasure in Charm slots 4+.
    • Established new effect to block treasure value of Lenses of Fortune if any other treasure enhancing token is equipped
    • Added reference “1/game” to all remaining Figurines

    Version 2015.20 Notes

    • Added 5 additional “Special” slots
    • Added new Treasure Count to the top of each class tab
    • Combined the Treasure columns on the Party Card into a single “Bonus Treasure”
    • Corrected functionality of Psychic and added it to the Party Card in place of the Wind set column
    • Revised the wording of Widseth’s Mystical Lute to be in better keeping with current functionality, and removed the duplicate entry
    • Updated Horn of Plenty description
    • Added new effect to track “Bonus Treasure” and updated all relevant tokens
    • Removed Medallion of Nobility from “Neck” slot as it has no in game function
    • Added “6th Player Level Bonus” to the “Special” drop down to account for the additional treasure pull
    • Added the new Ioun stones from WYC
    • Removed the label and drop down options for the “Reusable Projectiles” slot, but kept the functionality to allow for future use
    • Fixed Girdle of Wealful Health so that it can now be selected
    • Fixed Druid’s Sacred Vestment which was erroneously adding the +2 in the Heal Bonus field
    • Changed name of “1st Tooth of Cavadar” to “1 Tooth of Cavadar (# equipped)”.  Future functionality for this will be that you will choose the number of teeth you have rather than each specific tooth
    • Removed all limited use, non “whole adventure” items from the Special dropdown
    • Added description to Masterwork Thieves Tools and fixed some miscellaneous database entries
    • Fixed Orb of Might in keeping with current melee / ranged rules

    Version 2015.11 Notes

    • Fixed the damage type indicators on the party card.

    Version 2015.10 Notes

    • On each character sheet, the Treasure: total in the group summary did not combine the totals for Charm of Avarice and Charm of Good Fortune.  This is now fixed.

    Version 2015.09 Notes

    • Adjusted the party card to show “Immune to NM Missiles” for non-Monk characters that equip the Gloves of Deflection
    • Added the missing Silver Long Sword
    • Fixed the database entries on a few one time use tokens which were either missing or had the wrong year listed.

    Version 2015.08 Notes

    • Added Venom Runestone to list of runestones usable in the Runestone Fitting Base slots

    Version 2015.07 Notes

    • Fixed Alchemist Purse for real this time
    • Added Amulet of Treasure Finding
    • Fixed Max Psychic Tier to test for the number of Ioun Stone Amethyst Ovoids

    Version 2015.06 Notes

    • Fixed Bracer of the Asp so that the Wrists slot is in use
    • Shortened row 2 of the Barbarian tab to match other class tabs
    • Added Alchemist Purse to Special drop downs for consistency with other protective tokens
    • Added 1st Tooth of Cavadar to Special selection.
    • Added “Max Psychic Tier” to Party Card tab and a cross party counter for each 1st Tooth of Cavadar.  Note: The location on the Party Card may move based on the final design of the 2015 Party Card which I am not yet privy to.

    Version 2015.05 Notes

    • Fixed name of Shoes of Spiderfoot (from Shirt).  Slot was already correct.
    • Added Wizard as a wielder of the common Drow Lt Crossbow
    • Fixed functionality of the Shirt of Simplicity (caused by new Ioun slots)
    • Fixed display of Wizard saving throws to drop the plus signs

    Version 2015.04 Notes

    • Fixed +2 Deathcleaver to reflect a 2-hand requirement instead of 1-hand
    • Fixed the Equipment Card Sheet to reflect the 2 new Ioun slots
    • Removed healing bonus that was previously reflected for the Greater Alchemist Pouch

    Version 2015.03 Notes

    • Fixed name and function of Charm of Avarice so that it counts toward the total Charms of Good Fortune.  Added the display of CoA on the Party Card in the CoGF column.
    • Fixed +1 Creeper Blade which was erroneously showing as a Ranged Offhand instead of a Offhand option for the Ranger
    • Fixed Cestus and +1 Cestus.  One was missing Ranger and the other was missing Monk as valid wielders in offhand
    • Fixed Ranged Damage to only count the max ranged bonus from mainhand / offhand rather than cumulative (affected Shurikens)

    Version 2015.02 Notes

    • Fixed drop down lists that were duping two of the tokens due to the addition of the Ioun slots
    • Fixed spelling on Barbarian in the user list for Gauntlets of Linked Fury
    • Added Vipron Shield to Ranged Offhand (erroneously missed last year)

    Version 2014.01 Notes

    • Added 2014 reward and trophy tokens
    • Added 2015 tokens
    • Added 2 conditional Ioun Stone slots

    Previous Version:

    True Dungeon Character Generator 2014.63

    True Dungeon Character Generator Unlocked 2014.63 (Note: This version will not work in OpenOffice, but should work in mobile Microsoft Office versions such as on the iPad.  There are no cell protections, so be careful no to break any formulas.)

    System Requirements:

    • Windows PC or tablet (with Office 365), Mac PC
    • Microsoft Excel 2000 or above, OpenOffice, NeoOffice
    • Note: Unfortunately, none of the known Excel readers for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhones or iPads support required features and are thus not currently supported.  Unlocked version available for testing on iPad or other devices running Office 365

    Version 2014.63 Notes

    • Fixed a bug created in 2014.62 whereby the drunken master +3 to initiative was applying whether the Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher Monk) was equipped or not

    Version 2014.62 Notes

    • Fixed Darkthorn Shield to Offhand / Ranged Offhand from Armor (Torso)
    • Fixed Print Area of Equipment Chart
    • Fixed text of Orb of Might to include Monk benefiting from using it as a weapon
    • Added Golden Ticket as a Special slot item that raises level to 5th
    • Added Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher) which raises level to 5th
    • Added Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher Monk) which both raises the monk to 5th level and applies a +3 to Party Initiative
    • Added an increase of 2 to a Dwarf Fighter’s Melee and Ranged AC when Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher) and a shield are equipped in the appropriate Offhand or Rgd Offhand
    • Add designators on both the party card and the individual character sheets that indicates the sub class when Rod of Seven Parts (Voucher) is equipped

    Version 2014.61 Notes

    • Fixed +1 Cestus to allow offhand for Monk

    Version 2014.6 Notes

    • Updated party card tab to match actual card for the event, including the addition of bonus damage types (cold, fire, darkrift, etc.)

    Version 2014.55 Notes

    • Added Sharpshooter bonus to +2 Keen Longbow

    Version 2014.5 Notes

    • Adding in additional infrastructure to support the Elemental Eldritch Set Bonus and the Rod of Seven Parts (Complete) caused a problem with the Viper Strike Set Bonus whereby relic or legendary level where not individually counted when 2 of the same where slotted in the melee slots.  This has now been resolved.

    Version 2014.4 Notes

    • Corrected the name of the Bulette Chitin Armor (from “Chittin”)
    • Ring of Reflexes was showing up twice as a selection, now only once
    • Added Minotaur Horn of Alert to the Special slot dropdown
    • Fixed an issue where the AC vs. Ranged bonus would double if you selected Shield of Deflection for both Melee Offhand and Ranged Offhand

    Version 2014.35 Notes

    • Corrected the name of the Coronet of the Arch-Druid from “Circlet”
    • Corrected the name of “Figurine of Power: Owl”  (the colon had been omitted)
    • Although only for database completeness since you cannot slot the token, corrected the name of “1 Day’s Hard Ration” which had been made plural (Rations) in error.
    • Carried the display of Avg. Damage down so that any slot can show an average damage should it have a damage wheel (example: “Coronet of the Arch-Druid”)

    Version 2014.34 Notes

    • Fixed +2 Keen Longbow (was giving Melee to Hit +2 instead of Ranged to Hit +2)

    Version 2014.33 Notes

    • Added +10 Healing Bonus for Elemental Eldritch Set bonus

    Version 2014.32 Notes

    • Fixed 5th level Dwarf Fighter stats
    • Widened the Stat Bonus field to accommodate values greater than +9

    Version 2014.31 Notes

    • Added the missing Shirt of Health

    Version 2014.30 Notes

    • Updated Rod of Seven Parts (Complete) to correctly apply the bonuses from each individual segment and blocked stacking the complete rod with any of its segments
    • Updated all torso slots for the Wizard / Elf Wizard to prevent Scroll Mage Armor from stacking with any torso armor enhancer or the Cloak of the Mage

    Version 2014.22 Notes

    • Fixed 4th level Monk AC from 15 to 16

    Version 2014.21 Notes

    • Fixed Scorpion Chitin Armor which was erroneously providing 4 points of retribution damage instead of 1

    Version 2014.2 Notes

    • Removed Orb of Venom from selection as a Reusable Projectile since it is a one-time use item
    • Revised logic used to determine if a weapon was “magical” using the definitions in the 2014 Quick Token Reference

    Version 2014.12 Notes

    • Fixed name of Ioun Stone Iridescent Sphere (had been incorrectly listed as Spindle)
    • Added Rod of Seven Parts (Complete) as placeholder with only known benefit of level increase

    Version 2014.11 Notes

    • Fixed +2 modifier on Gearon’s +2 Heavy Mace

    Version 2013.5 Notes

    • Fixed +2 Long Spear of Dragon Slaying to be available as a thrown ranged weapon.

    Version 2013.4 Notes

    • Fixed token text for Boots of Free Action
    • Corrected token type for Darkthorn Helmet and Darkthorn Sheld

    Version 2013.3 Notes:

    • Fixed the Thrown Weapon ranged to hit and damage bonuses which were not functioning correctly.

    Version 2013.25 Notes:

    • Added Amulet of the Wind and Ioun Stone Emerald Cube to the tokens / sets that reflect in the Free Action on the party card.  The Ioun Stone Emerald Cube indicates “Free Action Outdoors”

    Version 2013.20 Notes:

    • Added Hardcore, Free Action and Cannot Be Surprised to the Party Card
    • Fixed description on Widseth’s Mystical Lute

    Version 2013.10 Notes:

    • Fixed various crossbows missing their Sharpshooter bonus
    • Fixed Daggers that were adding to Melee to Hit instead of Ranged to Hit when equipped to throw as ranged
    • Updated Party Card to reflect this year’s appearance and tracked Special Abilities, including Cabal bonuses
    • Added Retribution Damage to individual sheets and to party card
    • Added Bonus AC vs. ranged to individual sheets and to party card
    • Updated Amulet of Wonder to remove 2012 saving throw bonuses and extra hit points

    Version 2013.09 Notes:
    – Fixed Boots of the North Wind

    Version 2013.08 Notes:
    – Fixed Pharacus’ Greater Cloak of Destiny
    – Fixed +1 Dwarven Stout Staff for Wizards

    Version 2013.07 Notes:
    – Added the volunteer tokens Onyx Sphere and Onyx Cube

    Version 2013.06 Notes:
    – Fixed +1 Gnomish Throwing Hammer (not showing as ranged option)

    Version 2013.05 Notes:
    – Updated description of Gloves of the Cabal

    Version 2013.04 Notes:
    – Added Rod of Seven Parts (Segment 6)

    Version 2013.03 Notes:
    – Removed Orb of Might as a Ranged Offhand selection in keeping with the new rules.

    Version 2013.02 Notes:
    – Fixed Shield of the Tinkerer (it was showing as Armor instead of an offhand option)

    Version 2013.01 Notes:
    – Added the TrueCraft Earcuffs
    – Added Shirt of Shielding

    Version 2013.0 Notes:
    – Pulled out the AOW line items and triggers at least until we know what AOW will do in 2013
    – Added all of the identified tokens for 2013

    Here is the latest version for 2012:

    TrueDungeon Character Designer 2012

    Version 2012.95 08/10/2012 Notes:
    – Re-added +2 Dread Sword.  Apparently it was accidentally wiped out in the non-AOW drop down when adding the Dagger of Venom’s ranged version.

    Version 2012.94 08/10/2012 Notes:
    – Fixed Ear slots.  Oddly, only Barbarian tab was showing descriptions.

    Version 2012.93 08/09/2012 Notes:
    – Fixed number of hands required by Scythe of Reaping
    – Fixed Ear slot items not showing their descriptions nor their names on the Equipment chart
    – Changed Skull of Doom and Pilum of Lightning to valid Ranged choices
    – Updated thrown weapon entries to make sure all are choices and reflect the Strength bonus appropriate

    Version 2012.92 08/08/2012 Notes:
    – Fixed errors with Cold Climate

    Version 2012.91 08/08/2012 Notes:
    – Fixed Amulet of Wonder mainhand, offhand, ranged and ranged offhand lists that omitted some shields
    – Fixed Bardsong values to reflect new ruling
    – Updated Party Card to reflect new layout and features (and created appropriate back end tracking to fill correctly.

    Version 2012.9 07/28/2012 Notes:
    – Fixed No Shield checking for Plate Armor of Attack
    – Added 2012 Amulet of Wonder effect. Tables will update appropriately to include Dwarven weapons as appropriate.
    – Fixed that Fighters and Dwarven Fighters were not getting their +2 To Hit in Melee for Weapon Focus


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