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Cannabis Vaping and EVALI: What You Need To Know for Your Health and Safety

As the premier cannabis dispensary in the Coachella Valley, The Leaf El Paseois dedicated to educating consumers and taking the lead in addressing the myths and misconceptions surrounding the world of vaping.

According to recent reports released by the California Department of Public Health, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the exact cause of EVALI, “e-cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury” is still undetermined and further study and investigation is necessary prior to making any firm determinations or conclusions.

Current efforts by these agencies have focused their investigations on the additives used in street-market THC cartridges made by unknown manufacturers. Unfortunately, unlicensed or unscrupulous manufacturers often take shortcuts on quality, using inferior adulterants to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Off-market manufacturers also add cutting agents to enhance the intensity of the vapor cloud and overall mouthfeel of the vapors. Common ones that are adversely infused with cannabis oil and e-cigarette vape juice include:

  • Polyethylene glycol (PEG): A cutting agent used in vape liquids to keep the product evenly mixed
  • Propylene glycol (PG): A binding agent that is added to cannabis vape cartridges because of its ability to foster even vape draws
  • Vegetable glycerin (VG): Added to vape liquids to help generate large vape clouds for the user
  • Vitamin E acetate: Generally safe as an additive for food, it has been found in thickening agents in illicit THC cartridges in some of the reported illnesses. Vitamin E acetate is a different chemical than the vitamin E found naturally in foods and in supplements. Vitamin E is safe to consume as a food or supplement up to 1,000 milligrams daily.

Counterfeit vapes

The Leaf, located in Greater Palm Springs, strongly encourages visitors and locals to purchase authentic products at licensed cannabis retailers and avoid purchasing any counterfeits from the illicit market. It’s also important for consumers to purchase from reputable brands that disclose independent lab test results and screen for pesticides.

The more than 600 cannabis products offered at The Leaf are rigorously tested, legally compliant, and manufactured exclusively for the regulated market. The Leaf has not only set the bar high in implementing strict quality control standards for the products they sell, but they have gone a step further by helping customers learn how to spot and avoid counterfeit or unregistered products being sold by unlicensed vendors and individuals.

Some of their most recognizable brands such as dosist, Kurvana, Orchid Essentials, and Heavy Hitters have released statements stating that no vitamin E acetate or any other cutting agents are used in their cannabis vape products. Heavy Hitters also has an online form where customers can report counterfeits of their products. All products sold at The Leaf have certificates of analysis provided by trusted third-party lab testing partners and are available upon request.

To keep the community informed, The Leafis hosting educational Higher Learning Sessions throughout the upcoming season as part of their ongoing commitment to guide the public in consuming safe, compliance tested cannabis products purchased through licensed retail channels. The next sessions will take place:

  • Saturday, October 26th
  • Wednesday, December 4th

For more information, visit


Are heavy hitters legit? Heavy Hitters is a legal brand, but the company’s vape carts are consistently counterfeited and sold on the black market. Heavy Hitters vape cartridges are known for coming in rad-yet-stylishly macabre packaging.27 Sept 2019

Are heavy hitters carts fake? A Heavy Hitters cartridge is considered a fake when it contains oil that was not made by the actual company, Heavy Hitters. In China, companies make cartridges with Heavy Hitters branding, logos, and packaging.

Do heavy hitters get you high? Heavy Hitters’ Pineapple Express extract is a fan favorite that’s available in a PAX Era Pod or 510 cart. Both deliver an equally smooth and fruity vapor that leads to an uplifting head high. The body buzz is typically mellow and leaves little off limits.

Are heavy hitter disposables good? IN REVIEW: By comparing Heavy Hitters’ Pineapple Express cartridge and Malibu OG disposable vape, reviewer Lindsay found that while the disposable had obvious benefits like being easy to use and smooth to consume, the cartridge delivered a much more satisfying experience.

Are heavy hitters legit? – Related Questions

Can a fake cart still be good?

After a few months of testing, only around 1 in 200 cartridges fail. It is great that there is rigorous testing in place, but as you can guess, fake cartridges have no such hoops to jump through. If you end up with a fake cartridge, it could contain practically anything.

What is the meaning of heavy hitters?

noun. a baseball player who makes many extra-base hits. a very important or influential person: the secretary of state and other heavy hitters.

Does heavy hitters use vitamin E?

Heavy Hitters is committed to a pure product and its cartridges do not contain Vitamin E. They also are solvent-free. But, you have to make sure that you are using an authentic Heavy Hitters product. The only way to do that is to buy from a licensed California dispensary, like Canna Culture.

How long does heavy hitter last?

To conclude, it would be safe to say that the heavy hitters cartridges can last up to a week or more for any user. If you are a frequent user, you can last up three days or more with these cartridges.

What voltage is a heavy hitter?

The battery is pre-optimized for the optimal hit at 3.7v, fitted with standard 510 thread for (almost) universal application. Fitted with an adaptive button for the ultimate dosing fluidity. Heavy Hitters’ battery kit supplies everything needed to take cannabis on the go for a discreet and stylish vaping experience.

How long does a heavy hitters cartridge last?

Since the carts are not refillable, this means they are only of single-use. But this does not mean that the quality and potency of the oil is low; they are of the best standard when it comes to every puff. How long does a heavy Hitter Cartridge last? The cartridge can last up to 3 days for a heavy user.

How do you unclog a heavy hitter cartridge?

The holes in the cartridge may be clogged with oil. Try warming your cartridge with a hair dryer (lowest heat setting) or by rubbing it between your hands to warm up the oil and change its viscosity. You can also poke a toothpick or safety pin gently in the hole to help de-clog it.

Is heavy hitters live resin?

Freshest, Full Spectrum Live Resin.

Bursting with complete flavor profiles and every unique terpene and cannabinoid that makes the originating flowers so extraordinary, LIVE by Heavy Hitters consists of the freshest full-spectrum concentrates available and are always exclusively cultivated from the season’s best crops.

How do you know if you hit a fake cart?

One way to spot the real item: Look for state-mandated packaging icons like California’s THC warning sign. If the labeling doesn’t match the required packaging standards, that’s an indication that the product might have come from an illicit manufacturer, and isn’t subject to the state’s purity and potency safeguards.

How do you tell if a cart is Boof?

The bubble test simply requires you to flip your pen upside down and note if the air bubble in the cartridge moves to the top of the cart too quickly. High-quality distillate is a rather thick consistency, meaning if there is no cut present in a pen it will barely move, if at all.

What does it mean to be off a hitter?

What Is The Definition Of Leadoff Hitter In Baseball? 1. The leadoff hitter tends to be the player who has the best on-base percentage and is the best baserunner on their team. A batter can also be referred to as the leadoff hitter when the batter is the first player to come to bat in an inning.

What happened to heavy hitters?

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — After 23 years as a team, and countless commercials touting their legal prowess in over-the-top and sometimes goofy ways, the law firm of Alexander & Catalano – known as the “Heavy Hitters” – has split.

How do you use a heavy hitter?

Examples of heavy hitter in a Sentence

She spoke to a room full of political heavy hitters. Their company is one of the industry’s heavy hitters.

How can you tell if a heavy hitter cartridge is real?

In other words, if you’re looking for tell-tale signs of a fake Heavy Hitters with knock-off CCELL batteries, wrong logos, or errors on the packaging, you’re likely not gonna find them. The only way to confirm if your Heavy Hitters vapes are real is by checking the company’s map of authorized retailers.

What does cold filtered cartridge mean?

Although ALL beer filtering is done cold, the expression “cold filtering” describes a specific filtering process where the beer is cooled enough so that the protein molecules can clump together and be easily removed from the final product. The definition of pasteurization is simply heating beer to destroy microbes.

Why does my vape feel blocked?

Clogged cartridges are caused by blocked airflow. Each concentrate or oil has its own viscosity level. When oils are exposed to changes in temperature, pressure, or sun exposure, it can change the thickness of the liquid and lead to clogging. This is often the case for open pod system vape.

Why does my cartridge keep getting clogged?

When the oil gets pulled through the narrow mouthpiece, it can end up clogging it. This is because the thickness can actually jam up the mouthpiece, or small amounts of residue over the course of many vaping sessions can eventually accumulate, causing a layer of gunk to develop within the mouthpiece.

How do you get oil stuck on top of a cartridge?

Just turn the cartridge upside down until all the liquid reaches the mouthpiece. If it won’t come down try applying heat to the outside of the cartridge like we mentioned above. Just run the lighter back and forth on the glass for a few seconds. That should be enough to get all the good stuff out.

What is the safest vape brand?

Organic 100% VG ECOvape VSAVI e-Liquid is another of the safest e-cig brands. The company uses fewer chemical ingredients than others and any research they undertake centres on the health of the consumer. The new Vype and vPure e-liquid range are now only PG/VG mix.

Are live resin carts liquidy?

Live resin is typically a dark yellow color. In its initial, natural state, it is extremely sticky but, depending on the producer, some live resins may have a runny consistency and some may be more solid or waxy.

Can you put live resin in a cartridge?

The short answer to the question “Can I put live resin in a vape cartridge?” is “Yes.” A live resin cartridge works great. It’s definitely worth trying if you want something a little special from your cannabis experience.”

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Heavy Hitters Vapes, Ranked

Check out our ratings and reviews for every Heavy Hitters pod, cart and hit-it-and-quit-it disposable.

No matter your vaping system, Heavy Hitters has the premium distillate you're looking for. Every extract used has undergone their cold filtration process and utilizes a ceramic heating element to produce a remarkably clean vapor. Taking extra care during every step of their operation means you can expect the same purity and potency pull after pull. 

Each product is free of solvents and diluting agents, and their proprietary blend of terpenes and cannabinoids make every strain a star. Add all of this up and it’s easy to see why Heavy Hitters’ products sit atop the vape market. It truly is an art to create something that offers such a superior, consistent and reliable experience, so the honors have been well earned, and these well-reviewed products shouldn’t be missed. 

Highest Ranked

98 Pineapple Express PAX Era Pod + 90 Pineapple Express 510 Cartridge

Heavy Hitters' Pineapple Express extract is a fan favorite that’s available in a PAX Era Pod or 510 cart. Both deliver an equally smooth and fruity vapor that leads to an uplifting head high. The body buzz is typically mellow and leaves little off limits. So whether you planned to binge Netflix or start a new art project, you’re good to go. Keep this around to kill a creative block, or rely on it to take you down a few notches when you start to feel overwhelmed.

97 Cherry Lime 510 Cartridge

Cherry Lime’s sour and fruity flavors are pretty intense, and they might make you feel like you’re sucking out of a straw instead of a vape pen. The high is potent, but it will leave you light on your feet with bursts of energetic euphoria—so tackle that to-do list, jump into a light workout or hit the park with friends. As with all concentrates, start with two decent pulls and see how you feel before going full bore.

94 Malibu OG 510 Cartridge + 83 Malibu OG Disposable

Heavy Hitters' Malibu OG comes in both a full-gram 510 threaded cartridge and a proprietary disposable pen preloaded with 300mg of distillate. The extract remains the same between the two, and provides a sweet and smooth experience with indica undertones. The resulting high is usually balanced and focused with a soothing body buzz, making it a nice addition to any social situation. Take this vape to a party, use it for a discreet session on a night out or muster up some motivation and dive into some work. 

90 Jack Herer Pax Era Pod + 85 Jack Herer 510 Cartridge

Jack Herer is one of those old school strains that'll never go out of style, and making it discreet and portable by adding it to a 510 cart or PAX Era Pod means the best of both old and new. While this iteration doesn't deliver the tastiest hit, the high is head heavy, clear and extremely motivating. The body buzz is faint and leaves you fully functional and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Grab this for social gatherings as it tends to ease anxiety and inspire conversation, but don’t overlook it for a motivating ride when you're flying solo. This is an ideal strain to start the day. 

Highly Rated

89 AC/DC 1:1 Disposable

Heavy Hitters' AC/DC 1:1 Disposable is an all-in-one vape pen with a flavor so perfume heavy you’ll think you just walked into the scent section at Macy’s. The high is balanced and relaxing, so consider taking a few hits on the couch to wind down at the end of your day. Shift gears, put your feet up and let go of any lingering bad mood when the high hits. This pen comes preloaded with 300mg of premium extract and a mild, near 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, making it a perfect beginner pen for someone new to the vaping scene.

86 Northern Lights 510 Cartridge + 82 Northern Lights Pax Era Pod

Northern Lights is another strain so popular they decided to give it to you multiple ways, so whether you’re a Pax or a 510 threaded user, Heavy Hitters has you covered. This distillate delivers a musky vapor with notes of citrus that help balance out a heavy head high. It should be noted this indica heavy strain ultimately delivers sleepy, couch-locked effects for most users, so it might be best to go at it without an agenda...or at least one filled with the overconsumption of Cheetos and TV.

80 Strawberry Cough Cartridge

This Strawberry Cough Cartridge has a sweet flavor and tendency to brighten your day with reliable uplifting effects. The high is balanced and physically energizing, so use this to boost you into the afternoon when you're hitting that midmorning slump. The flavor is bearable, but nothing tasty, which isn’t typical for this strain and Heavy Hitters carts in general. Though this can be easily overlooked as the high is ideal for almost any situation, so fire this up on a Friday night and get your weekend started the right way.

Well Regarded

76 GSC Disposable

Girl Scout Cookies is a killer strain that's been hybridized into many fan favorites—and luckily, unlike the actual cookies, it’s sold more than once a year. This disposable option is packed with 300mg of citrus-flavored distillate and a respectable 88.6% THC, so definitely tread lightly when you first pick this up. The resulting high is heavy in the head, but it shouldn’t break your focus. So take a hit and use this time to curl up with a blanket and a book (or knitting needles, sketchpad...really whatever you want to zone in on). Our reviewers also gave this one bonus points for easing light body aches.


Heavy Hitters vape cartridges are known for coming in rad-yet-stylishly macabre packaging. And they’re especially known for providing potent puffs of weed oils that don’t contain fillers like vegetable oils or vitamin E acetate. Of course, these factors combined make Heavy Hitters’ carts ideal candidates for black marketeers to sell their own, fake versions of these award-winning products.

Why should you avoid fake Heavy Hitters’ carts? For one, you have no idea what’s actually in them. Licensed and legit Heavy Hitters’ products must undergo regular lab testing to ensure they’re not loaded with contaminants.

Second, there’s a lung illness epidemic sweeping the nation, and health authorities suspect that vaping black market weed cartridges is causing the crisis. Although officials still aren’t sure what’s causing the illness, it’s probably best to stick with licensed, tested products if you’re going to insist on continuing vaping. 

Gallery — Here's What Fake Vapes Actually Look Like:

Unlike our other guides on spotting fake TKO, Kingpen, and Stiiizy products, this one for Heavy Hitters won’t provide any smoking-gun clues to look for. That’s because whoever is making fake Heavy Hitters cartridges in China has almost perfectly duplicated the real ones, according to Burt Blaze at Dab Connection. In other words, if you’re looking for tell-tale signs of a fake Heavy Hitters with knock-off CCELL batteries, wrong logos, or errors on the packaging, you’re likely not gonna find them. 

The only way to confirm if your Heavy Hitters vapes are real is by checking the company’s map of authorized retailers. These are the only stores that Heavy Hitters says are allowed to carry its products. And if you find them elsewhere, Mammoth Distribution, the company that distributes Heavy Hitters, has a section on its website where consumers can report bootleg versions. According to the Los Angeles Times, the company also hired a former federal prosecutor to help combat the knock-offs. 


After seeing the map, you’ll notice that Heavy Hitters is only sold in California, too. So, if you bought your Heavy Hitters vape pen in any other state besides California, there’s a good chance you’ve got a fake. The same goes for if you bought your Heavy Hitters product from some street dealer operating out of their car, basement, or back alley.

Additionally, there are, allegedly, at least four companies in China manufacturing fake Heavy Hitters carts. Those companies are Nuwelltek Technology Limited, Shenzhen Vayea Technology Co., Shenzhen Ugo Technology Co., and Boerxin Technology Co. If your Heavy Hitters products are in any way related to these four companies, either as sellers or distributors, they’re almost certainly fake AF. Avoid ‘em at all costs.


Hitters are safe heavy

A Heavy Hitters cartridge is considered a fake when it contains oil that was not made by the actual company, Heavy Hitters. In China, companies make cartridges with Heavy Hitters branding, logos, and packaging.

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Also to know is, is heavy hitters a good brand?

They are strong but worth the cost. Heavy hitters offer a more economical vape pen hash oil cartridge. These two companies definitely offer some of the best vape cartridges on the market. Heavy Hitters has introduced an innovation that others are sure to mimic.

Additionally, is heavy hitters clean? The problem with Heavy Hitters is even real ones have had pesticide issues. Supposedly now it is clean, but see our vape pen pesticides, strength, and residual solvents test page.

One may also ask, are heavy hitters safe?

Although it has a good amount of THC on it Heavy Hitters should make it safe as well. You may check the results below. Below is the disappointing result of the most recent pesticides and solvents test. Heavy Hitters fails again.

Are heavy hitters good carts?

Heavy Hitters is the Original SoCal vape that gives smokers the best-tasting and most enjoyable high. With our proprietary blend of terpenes and our proprietary cannabinoid profile, our carts boast True Ceramic heating elements with Cold-Filtered distillate for clean taste and potency.

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