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10+ Job Advertisement Poster Templates

Recruiting staff is a part of regular business activities, especially when you are planning to expand your business. To get the right candidates, you will need to reach out to them effectively. Job advertisement posters are one way of letting people know that you’re hiring. They will also get a fair idea about the nature and the eligibility criteria of the job.

5 Steps to Design a Job Advertisement Poster

Step 1: Create an Eye-Catching Title

Use a slightly bigger font for the title to make it stand out from the rest of the text as this is the first thing that will be noticed by people. Making deliberate use of different font styles for each part of the content is a great way of grabbing eyeballs and getting people interested.

Step 2: Select an Appropriate Layout

A poster layout can be customized as per your imagination and creativity, the only point to remember is to maintain symmetry in the alignment and strategically position your graphics and images. This is because you want your audience to take in maximum information in the least possible time.

Step 3: Use High-Quality Graphics

Using appropriate images and graphics that complement and relate to the textual matter will give your poster the desired effect. Add high-resolution graphics and images that maintain their quality after printing. This is especially important when designing huge posters where low-resolution images face the risk of breaking up and blurring.

Step 4: Choose the Correct Poster Size

The average poster sizes are usually predetermined by the printer. Choose the appropriate size for your poster depending on where it will be positioned to grab maximum attention by passers-by. Remember that the heading should be visible from a slight distance to get people interested in reading further.

Step 5: Use Colors In Your Poster

Using the right colors in your poster can add effect to the message that you wish to put across. However, the colors should blend with the textual matter and images that you use in the poster. Avoid the use of too many colors which can lead to deviation from the main point of your message.

10+ Job Advertisement Poster Templates

1. Professional Job Advertisement Poster Template

Size: Available in 24×36 inches + Bleed


Advertise for open positions in your company by using this professional job advertisement poster template. You can save loads of time and effort by editing this template using your phone or any android device. The preformatted content with eye-catching designs, graphics and images can be easily customized using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

2. Editable Job Advertisement Poster Template

This is a job advertisement poster template that is both simple and attractive, stating that the company is hiring staff to assist in managing and maintaining its store. It also mentions the date and time for the interview. It’s casual tone, use of creative graphics and appropriate headings make this job advert poster unique in itself.

3. Standard Job Advertisement Poster Template

This job advertisement poster invites interested people to join and be a part of their esteemed hotel and resort staff as room attendants. For those who wish to join, the company offers an attractive pay package, bonus on summer jobs, flexible working hours, discounts on facilities and a great work environment work.

4. Job Advertisement Poster Template Example

This poster sample is another good example of a job advertisement poster. A real estate services team has put up its requirement for part-time cleaning staff. What they have to offer is reasonable wages, appropriate training and equipment, a generous pension and almost a month of annual leave.

5. Simple Job Advertisement Poster

This job advertisement poster template is a great way for those engaged in the hospitality and entertainment business to advertise for job openings in their field. The title and layout is catchy and very attractive as it projects the job as a fun activity with great incentives, especially for teachers and college students.

6. Printable Job Advertisement Poster Template

Get talented people on board to join your sales force by using this attractively designed job advertisement basic poster template. The content explains the nature of the job and what the ideal candidate will be expected to deliver in return for a good remuneration and a safe work environment. The high-quality images and well-formatted text gives it a professional and organized look.

7. Job Advertisement Poster Template

Youth looking for summer jobs will find this job wanted poster a great chance to earn during their holidays. There are open positions for leaders who can plan and lead recreational activities at outdoor locations. The use of a casual font style and catchy slogan gives the template that fun and exciting feel.

8. Job Advertisement Poster Sample

This is a job advertisement simple poster template created to invite interested and capable teachers who would be interested to take part in the pre-college summer residential program for its students. The layout and design are quite innovative and thoughtful, while the watermark adds to the effect.

9. Corporate Job Advertisement Poster

This is a great job advertisement poster template format announcing several vacant positions for an assisted living community. Their advertisement is part of a job fair where interested people can turn up for an interview. The layout is simple but well drafted and the content is informative as well as engaging.

10. Elegant Job Advertisement Poster

This elegant and attractive basic job advertisement poster is designed to help those in the gardening profession recruit staff to fill up their vacant positions. The offer for the right candidate is an attractive salary package, bonus, and incentives, specialized training in horticulture and free uniform and safety gear.

11. Basic Job Advertisement Poster Template

This poster sample of holiday resort invites interested people for an interview to get hired for different departments including housekeeping, ground & maintenance, front desk, and aquatics. Along with an attractive and competitive pay package, flexible working hours and paid vacations, hired candidates can enjoy special offers, discounts, and benefits.

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How to create a poster

How to Create a Poster

  • Open Fotor and click “Create a Design” feature, and select “Poster” layout.
  • Choose a preset poster design template, and drag and drop your photos onto the template, or create your own template from scratch.
  • Manage overlays, backgrounds, and text to maximize your poster design.
  • Preview and save your work, selecting the format and size you desire. Then, download or share your own poster design on social media directly.
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Poster Design FAQs

What is the standard size of a poster?

Fotor’s poster maker is a professional graphic designer. It offers you a standard poster design size of 42cm × 59.4cm. Based on our surveys and real user needs, this poster size is perfect for poster design and ultimately printing it out.

What kinds of poster templates are popular?

A poster is a great way to catch people’s eyes and boost your store traffic, so we need to use popular poster templates. Fotor’s team performed market surveys for posters and got some popular kinds of poster templates. Food, pet, fashion, business, and holiday poster themes are attractive to many audiences. Go browse these themed poster templates in Fotor’s poster maker and become inspired to make your own poster design.

Can I make my own event poster with frames?

Fotor’s poster maker is made for everyone. No matter you are a graphic designer or ordinary people without design skills, you are free to make your own event poster. After finishing your poster design, you can use Fotor’s photo editor to add a frame to your poster and make it more outstanding. Capture people's attention at first sight.

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