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K-Deer Leggings Review: Trina Stripe + Jennifer Stripe + Tribeca Print

K-Deer is a small, yoga-focused company out of New Jersey famous for their bold stripes and patterns.  After all the buzz surrounding the Athleta/K-Deer copycat saga that some of you might recall, I was especially interested to try out a pair of K-Deer’s stripes.  So, when K-Deer reached out and offered to send me a couple pairs, I said heck yeah!  Since I know many of you have been curious about trying K-Deer, too, I hope my thoughts help you decide if they’re for you.

Disclosure: these leggings were gifted to me from K-Deer.  As usual, everything here is my own honest opinion and experience.

Life is too short to wear boring workout leggings.

Trina Stripe

I’ll be honest: I spent a long time really hesitant about K-Deer’s bold stripes.  So many people rave about them, but I was worried there was a little too much clown factor and that they weren’t for me.

But… I’m the same person who freaked out about cats in space on my leggings, so I’m not really sure who I was kidding there.  I am definitely not a “serious leggings only” kinda lady.

Sure enough, as soon as I put these Trina stripes on, I fell in love.  It’s hard not to feel a little happier when you’re wearing pants like this.  I love the teal and the punchy peach ombre.  I’ve already worn these several times–I even snuck them into a work under a dress. ;) I hate to play favorites, but…Trina stripe is pretty much already my favorite out of these 3.

K-Deer does run a bit small.  I wear a street size 00/0 and XXS/XS depending on the brand.  My K-Deers are a size XS and the fit is perfect.  They are tight when you put them on, so you can’t just pull straight up.  Instead, you have to work them up your legs a few inches at a time.  Once they are on, they do.not.move.  I would reiterate what K-Deer says on their website: if in doubt, definitely size up.

Stripes on stripes on stripes

The rise is very, very high, coming up just over my belly button.  They aren’t really made to roll down, but you can kind of make it happen if you need.  If you’re both particularly petite and short-waisted, the high waist might be a little overwhelming for you.  Also, as with many high waists, there is no waistband pocket.

Life is too short to wear boring workout leggings.

K-Deer’s fabric is a smooth-faced fabric with a lot of stretch.  The fabric is reminiscent of a pair of (extremely thick) pantyhose or a swimsuit.  It’s lightweight, which means it will work year round, but still provides a bit of compression.  The fit and fabric together make these an excellent choice for a wide variety of workouts.

As far as coverage is concerned, they weren’t quite 100% opaque in a bend/deep squat, but totally fine with suitable underthings.  I’ve heard others say there’s were totally solid, so your mileage may vary.  On that note, the fabric does seem prone to show seams, so be sure you wear something no-show underneath.

Trina stripe by K-Deer

Another unique thing about K-Deer is the construction of the front panel and the gusset.  You’ll notice that there’s no vertical front seam.  In addition, the gusset is very unique.  It actually extends horizontally all the way down to the knee.  The photo above is the easiest way to show that without a straight-up crotch shot (no thanks).  The end result of the flat front and long gusset is that these are pretty much the lease crotch-clingy pants you will ever put on.  I don’t know if you’ve ever tried leggings that have been a little “grabby”, whether in the leg crease or worse, but it’s really unpleasant both aesthetically and comfort-wise.  The construction of these pants means that will never be a worry with these pants.

I noticed that the gusset seam is flatlocked, but the lower leg and the rear vertical seam were not.  The more detail-oriented of you might note that in the above photo, you can see the transition around the knee from flatlocked to overlocked seams.  I believe this is a stylistic choice: a flatlock seam disrupts the stripe pattern a bit.  You’ll notice that the tribeca print (see below) is flatlocked at the bum, which reinforces my thinking that the non-flatlocking was done on purpose just for the stripes.

Jennifer stripe by K-Deer

Jennifer Stripe

Another one in the stripe lineup, the Jennifer stripe is named for Jennifer Bandier, the founder of the fitness fashion retailer by the same name.  The black and grey with pops of red is not as in your face as other stripes, but still makes a statement.

Stripes on stripes on stripes

Like the Trina stripes, I suggested going with dark or neutral colored underthings, especially if you plan on doing some squatting or bending.

I pretty much covered the fit and fabric notes above, but one thing I didn’t mention yet is that K-Deer leggings run loooooong.  Their website states that they have a 30″ inseam that stretches up to 34″.  Since I’m only 5’3″, I have quite a lot of extra ankle scrunch.  This extent of the scrunch is demonstrated by the asymmetrical ankle situation in these pics–oops. :) Even if you’re a pretty tall lady, you’ll get full length out of the deal.  Us shorties can leave them scrunched (I’m used to it), hem them, or try their capri length instead.

Jennifer stripe by K-Deer

As far as workouts are concerned, these were awesome.  As I mentioned above, the lightweight fabric is nicely breathable.  I’ve heard that people like these for hot yoga–I could definitely see that.  The high stretch also makes these ideal for workouts where you’re bending a lot, like weightlifting or yoga.  You’ll never feel pinched or constricted, but you’ll still feel supported.

K-Deer tribeca print leggings review 1

Tribeca Print

Last but not least: Tribeca print.  As I mentioned above, one difference to note on the print is that the back seam is flatlocked.  If you really like all your seams flatlocked, you might be happier in prints over stripes, though honestly I didn’t notice a difference in feel when wearing them.  Overall, K-Deer pants are some of the most comfortable leggings I own.

K-Deer tribeca print leggings review 2

Again, the same fit notes apply to these as the other leggings.  Although the fabric didn’t feel substantially different, unlike the stripes, I found Tribeca to be 100% opaque even in a squat/bend.  The simple geometric print will work casually as well as for workouts, and of course matches anything.

Another thing I really like about K-Deer is that all their production is done in the US, specifically within 15 miles of their New Jersey studio.  I love the idea of supporting small, locally-oriented operations.  That factor, combined with the fit, feel, and look of the pants, means that I think their $98 price tag is worth it.

Overall, my feelings are definitely positive toward K-Deer and my first set of their leggings–these won’t be my last!

K-Deer tribeca print leggings review 3

P.S. K-Deer also sent me this adorable printed “nama’stay in my leggings all day” printed tank, which pretty much sums up my feelings every day.  It’s a simple, fitted cotton tank with lots of stretch and lots of softness.  Their cotton tanks are only $25, making them an economical and cheeky option to pair with their bold pants.

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Trina stripe

Jennifer stripe

Tribeca print

Nama’stay in my leggings tank

All K-Deer leggings

Limited K-Deer styles are also available via Bandier and Carbon38

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Happy Friday everyone!  I didn't go to a store this week for new Lulu items since their upload was so disappointing.  Today we have K-Deer Sophia stripe leggings.  I don't think I've ever fully did a proper review on K-Deer leggings with photos.  Normally I stay away from stripe anything, but I find these tights to actually lengthen my legs.  They're seriously amazing!

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms.

Sophia Stripe Leggings Size Large in Kids

Let me start by saying I've never tried the women's version of these leggings.  I've read reviews that they are very high waisted and I knew right off that bat I wouldn't like wearing them.  Since I'm on the petite side, I opted to try their kids sizes instead.

I debated between the large and x-large but ultimately went with the large based on the size chart.  The large fits a 26-28 inch waist.  My waist is around 26 inches.  The only thing I worried about is if my 33 inch hips would fit.  And they do!

I will say you do have to spend some time pulling these up your legs like pantyhose.  They do not slide on.  But once I got them up, they're super comfortable to wear.  The waist hits exactly at my bellybutton which is perfect.  No muffin top at all.  The waist band is very stretchy so it would also be fine if your waist is bigger than mine.  But, if you have bigger hips it may be a problem.  I don't think they would fit anything bigger than a 34 inch hip.  The XL would be better but then the waist may be too loose.  

The back of the tights has a K-Deer logo stitched on.  These are made in the USA.  The stripes almost line up perfectly.  They're just slightly off, but I don't mind.  One major plus about fitting into children's sizes is the price.  These only cost $48!!!!  The women's version of these cost $98 and the capri length is $88.  K-deer just launched an ankle length version of their leggings for women but since I fit into the children size, I'm sticking with these.  One other reason why I didn't opt for the capri length is because I feel like it doesn't give you the full range of colors as the leggings.

As you can see the length is absolutely perfect on me.  The inseam measures 24.5 inches long.  I also have these in the Jennifer stripeand Alexis stripe.  I would totally get these in more colors.  For $48 sign me up!  K-Deer does charge a shipping fee of $5.  If you don't see your size available, K-Deer does restock every so often.  I waited a couple of months before I saw my size back in stock for the Sophia Leggings.

Wearing Jennifer Stripe Leggings

Compression wise I find these are on the low end.  If you're looking for compression tights you may prefer Werkshop leggings.  I do running, yoga, circuit training in these and they are holding up fine.  I also wear these out casually if I'm feeling extra happy.  I'm so glad that these are petite friendly.

That's all for today!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Shop for K-Deer Kids Bottoms

Kids Sophia Stripe

Sours: http://www.petiteimpact.com/2016/10/fit-review-friday-k-deer-sophia-stripes.html
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K-DEER Size Guide








Liquido Active Size Guide






  • They are made from Triathlon// Compression Fabric ... think of them as "shapewear" 
  • They will never be as tight as the first time you try them on ... over time, they will ease + morph to fit YOUR BODY perfectly.
  • They are meant to fit like a "second skin"
  • Prefer less compression? No Problem! Just size up. xo
  • Please refer to our Sizing Guides below and feel free to let us know if you have any questions/concerns. 
Sours: https://www.fitmestyle.com/size-guide

K-DEER Women's Activewear Izzy Signature Stripe Leggings

FROM THE MANUFACTURER: K-DEER is perfect for fitness, yoga, running, barre, paddle boarding and any type of sweaty activity.

Our Signature Stripes are named after inspiring women and support causes that are close to their hearts. 5% of e-commerce sales are donated to these causes to help make a difference.
This bold Izzy Stripe is dedicated to Izzy, a member of the K-DEER family, who symbolizes compassion, dedication, friendship and nature. She has spent the last few years traveling across the U.S to visit the National Parks. With each purchase, 5% of e-commerce sales are donated to the National Park Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service, who enriches America's national parks and programs, safeguarding our heritage and inspiring generations of national park enthusiasts.

K-DEER Women's Activewear Izzy Signature Stripe Leggings

  • High-waisted for a flattering, no muffin top fit
  • Luxuriously soft and comfortable compression that smoothes and elongates
  • Original flat front seam is a superior, engineered design that avoids uncomfortable fit issues
  • Single layer, unlined for a 'second skin’ feel
  • Meant to fit snug, size up if you are between sizes
  • Can be worn before, during, and after pregnancy!
  • Capri Length: 20" inseam can stretch to 22" or scrunch to suit your height
  • Sneaker Length: 25" inseam can stretch to 28" or scrunch to suit your height
  • Legging Length: 30" inseam can stretch to 34" or scrunch to suit your height
Fabric Quality
  • Innovative 4-way spandex/nylon stretch fabric always maintains shape
  • UPF 50+ protection, H20 friendly
  • Rapid moisture wicking technology for cool & dry, all day wear
  • High performance construction for maximum durability
  • Extreme vibrant colors never fade with unlimited wear
  • Print placement on all leggings will slightly vary.
K-DEER | women | activewear | botttoms | leggings
Sours: https://www.amazon.com/K-DEER-Womens-Activewear-Signature-Leggings/dp/B086P88LBX

Size chart deer k

K-Deer Legging Review

The first time I saw the signature stripe leggings of K-Deer, I knew it was love at first sight. I don’t remember where I saw them, but you know I bought myself a pair. I didn’t buy them immediately, I’m always one to see if there’s a way to get a discount, because these puppies aren’t cheap.

Each Signature Stripe legging benefits a charity, with 5% of e-commerce proceeds being donated. Each Signature Stripe benefits a different charity, which is really easy to find on the product page for each Signature Stripe legging.

All of their leggings are the same material. Their website says it is an “Innovative 4-way spanex/nylon stretch fabric that always maintains shape.” I have to say that in the three plus years I have had mine, I’ve never felt like they stretched out or lost their shape. They also state that the fabric has UPF 50+ protection, so that’s kind of cool if you’re wearing them out in the sun. I don’t particularly do that, but it’s a fun fact.

They come in three lengths:

  • full length (they are very long and could wrap under your heels
  • sneaker length (my personal favorite and comes to the ankle)
  • crop
So how does the fabric feel?

It’s very thin, not in a bad way, but not everyone will like how thin this fabric is. It’s a very sleek and smooth feeling fabric, and it’s very comfortable. You will NOT get that Lululemon Align buttery soft brushed fabric (it’s definitely not a brushed fabric) feel from these, so if that’s what you’re looking for, too bad. I find it somewhat compressive, but if you really want a pair of leggings to suck you in, these are probably not for you.

I currently have three pair of K-Deer leggings. My first purchase was the “Trina Stripe.” I love these leggings so much, that I don’t wear them all that often. Maybe I’m weird, but sometimes when I really like something I don’t want to wear it, so that nothing happens to it. I also own two patterned leggings in “Dream” and “Escape” and I wear those all the time. These patterns are no longer available on their website, but they have so many amazing other ones!

The patterned leggings really hide sweat, so if that’s something that you worry about, there’s no need! Plus being a thinner material, they dry rather quickly.

How do they fit?

Maybe it’s just me, but there is nothing worse (ok there are a lot of worse things) than a sizing chart that makes ZERO sense. We all know women’s sizing is not consistent so don’t make me look at a chart that says 0-2 = small 4-6 – medium…this is NOT helpful. Give me some measurements. Well K-Deer does just that, and I would say the leggings are pretty true to their sizing chart. I have told people, and I stand by this, go with your largest size. For example last I checked, which was probably a couple years ago, I had a 25″ waist, but my hips are more like 36″, so instead of going with an XS for my waist size, I went with a small for my hip size.

They don’t have a front seam, so there there aren’t any issues there. They do have a gusset, but it’s the rectangular panel that goes down the inner thigh.

They don’t have a physical tag, it’s printed on the inside of the leggings. No more irritating tag scratching your skin!

I love wearing these leggings to spin classes. Honestly, that’s probably when I wear them the most. I have worn them running with no issues, but they aren’t my favorite for leg day. If you order the correct size they are squat proof, but I simply prefer not to squat in leggings that are that thin. It’s just personal preference. The three pair that I own have held up really well considering I bought them 3 years ago. I honestly can’t think of any issues I’ve had with them, and I think the quality is great.

Overall, I really like them. They are pricey, so I wouldn’t recommend them to everyone. However, if you’re looking to invest in a pair, I think they have great style, function, and fit! Plus they are made in the USA, so if that is important to you, these will be great!

Sours: https://www.swagsfitstyle.com/2020/04/21/k-deer-legging-review/
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