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Demon Slayer: 9 Hilarious Tanjiro Memes That Will Have You Cry Laughing

The overall story of Demon Slayer isn't for the faint of heart. Filled with grief, violence, and heartache, this shounen anime does a fantastic job of having many layers of depth to its world, characters, and storytelling. However, for those brief moments protagonist, Tanjiro, isn't faced with near-death, his adventures with his friends can be quite entertaining.

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While the story may be heavy, Demon Slayer makes sure to add in lots of comedic relief to give their cast character and personality. While Tanjiro may be a demon hunter in intense training, the hilarious faces he pulls when goofing around are too hard not to make memes out of.

9 Rest In Peace, Doge-Ito & Pup-Komo

Apparently, Tanjiro is so likable that he's even able to make friends with comrades that contact him from beyond the grave. Before Tanjiro's official demon hunter days, he needed all the help he could get; and former students Sabito and Makomo couldn't help themselves from stepping in to ensure Tanjiro's success.

Perhaps this meme is a bit sad, but it's no doubt that the look on Doge Tanjiro's face definitely does a great job of softening the harsh memories that accompany this particular arc. Doge Sabito and Makomo will live on forever in fans' hearts!

8 The Backbone Of The Family

Having to travel all across the land with a family member on your back already seems like a difficult journey on its own. However, this meme reimagines the Demon Slayer universe and poses a question; what if Tanjiro's entire family all changed into demons?

Would Tanjiro's encounter with Giyu be different? Tanjiro was barely able to fight off Nezuko; so the thought of poor Tanjiro fighting off his entire family of demons would be an awful image. However, this hilarious reimagining also shows what Tanjiro's (already exhausting) journey would have looked like had his entire family survived.

That then leaves fans with another question: Would Tanjiro put his entire family into one singular box or carry each one of them individually in a box of their own?

7 Stuck in The Middle

The series' main trio may not have gotten along right from the beginning of their journey, but over time, it's clear that Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke all grew to truly care about one another as a team. However, just like any friend group, the three are still subject to their quarrels every once in a while.

This take on the "woman yelling at cat meme" is a great portrayal of how poor Tanjiro always finds himself caught in the middle of the constant bickering between Zenitsu scolding Inosuke for his outlandish behavior. Although the two are always butting heads, leave it to the kind-hearted Tanjiro to try his best to keep the peace.

6 The Demon Hunter With A Heart Of Gold

A common joke across the Demon Slayer fandom is how unbelievably kind and compassionate Tanjiro is throughout the series. In a world where demons are generally dismissed as horrible monsters that do nothing but kill, Tanjiro still finds himself able to sympathize with them.

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Tanjiro's kind heart is what allows him to connect with each demon he kills, often offering them some kind of closure before their end. It's wild to imagine how soft-hearted such a strong demon hunter can be!

5 A Monstrously Long Story

This hilarious meme perfectly captures the same helpless feeling a child has when desperately trying to explain a concept that is clearly beyond them and their vocabulary. Tanjiro trying to explain to everyone around him Nezuko's unique case of transformation is a difficult sell even with the adorable Nezuko by his side to prove her own innocence.

It seems as if no matter what the siblings do, they find themselves backed into a corner when it comes to convincing others that Nezuko is different from other demons and wouldn't dare harm human beings.

4 An Eye For An Eye Makes A Boar Go Blind

Tanjiro may be a soft-hearted protagonist, but that doesn't stop him from toughening up when it comes to defending his loved ones. Fans couldn't help but point out Tanjiro's quick display of hypocrisy during one of the first encounters he has with fellow demon hunter, Inosuke.

This meme definitely sums up Inosuke's (and everyone else's) response to Tanjiro passionately exclaiming that demon hunters shouldn't turn against one another while punching his opponent just moments later.

Who could blame Tanjiro for wanting to defend a helpless Zenitsu when all he wanted to do was help protect Nezuko!

3 Anything For Family

Tanjiro may still be a young boy but when his beloved sister finds herself in danger, Tanjiro summons an inner demon himself (no pun intended). All the intense training and numerous wounds Tanjiro must deal with on his journey is no match for the bond between family.

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It seems as if Tanjiro is capable of overcoming any obstacle and ignore any fatal wound to his body whenever Nezuko is in trouble and the only explanation has to be their sibling bond.

Let this meme be a lesson to any demons that ever try to mess with the adorable Nezuko!

2 Lost In Translation

Often time when it comes to anime, certain things get lost in translation; whether it be the meaning of a character's name, a fighting technique, or even the main title of the series. The original Japanese title for Demon Slayer is "Kimetsu No Yaiba," which roughly translates into "blade of demon destruction". However, in the localization process, the title was simplified to "Demon Slayer".

Unfortunately, technology used for translations isn't quite where it needs to be in , and so even the best of programs, like Google Translate, are guilty of bad translations in anime.

Perhaps the poorly translated "devil's blade" isn't the most eloquent or edgy sounding take, but still did a fair job in simplifying the original Japanese title.

1 *Judges You With A Kind Heart*

Deku and Tanjiro have a ton in common; not only are they both green protagonists of shounen anime, but they're also both incredibly passionate about protecting their loved ones and have a big heart. However, every now and then, even the best boys like Tanjiro and Deku can't help but judge the bizarre behavior of those around them.

Although Deku's meme was an actual screencap from My Hero Academia, Tanjiro (of course) had his phone edited in. Apparently, fans couldn't help but put these two iconic protagonists side by side for this meme; perfect for when words just aren't enough to express a comedic sense of disappointment for those embarrassing moments.

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Demon Slayer: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is one of the standout anime of this and last season. The simple tale of a young man's family being killed by demons, his sister turning into a demon, and then proceeding to join the Demon Slaying Corps after learning special breathing techniques from a reclusive master, all in an effort to defeat the Twelve Demon Moons and their leader, has captivated the minds of many. Okay, maybe it's not so simple, but it's one of the best recent anime regardless.

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Though, like any good thing in the internet age, we must mercilessly make memes out of it. So here are some of the best memes from fans of the franchise.

10 One Talented Boar

Unlike many of the other members of the Demon Slayer Corps, Inosuke learned a special breathing technique all by himself. Beast Breathing is a technique he developed and refined while growing up all alone in the mountains. A skill that already enhances his amazing sense of touch, it has helped him survive encounters with demons up to this point. It's just a shame that's about all he managed to develop.

A recluse by nature, Inosuke has trouble interacting with other people and only thinks of himself. This often prompts him to think he's the strongest and smartest guy in the room despite typically not being either of those things. At the very least, he has to be admired for his tenacity and his talent in developing a breathing technique all on his own.

9 Good Boy vs Yandere

Just like how beauty is in the eye of the beholder, words tend to change their meaning when it comes to who says them. When someone of good and upstanding nature like Tanjiro says that he will be together with you from now on, it gives a sense of devotion and protection. On the other hand, when someone likes Yuno Gasai says it it only manages to give someone the heebie-jeebies.

Yuno Gasai is the main heroine and an antagonist of Future Diary. She can be most aptly described as the picture that should be shown next to the definition of Yandere. When someone like her proclaims that you'll be together from then on, it means that there's no possible way to escape her. She would probably even go so far as to kill everyone you know and render you handicapped to keep you with her.

8 Precious Nezuko

The darling demon of the series, it is not a stretch to say that Nezuko is one of the most popular girls of this anime season and the previous one. She is an adorable ball of loveliness despite being a demon with the potential to suck your blood dry.

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Her mannerisms and the way she squeaks out her emotions through her bamboo muzzle are a prime reason why she is so darn cute. Those who watch the show want to treat her just as precious as her own brother Tanjiro does.

7 Netflix Adaptation

Transferring anime to another medium is a hard thing to do. It more often leads to failure than any measure of success for the series that tried to make the jump to live-action. It results in a wake of disappointed fans and a more general distaste for the series.

Netflix's Death Note is one example of an adaptation gone wrong. Among the laundry list of reasons why the adaptation failed, one that stands out is the questionable choice of actors that they used to fill the roles of the characters. This meme an example of how that could go wrong for Demon Slayer.

6 Michael Jackson Isekai

Let's get this out of the way — the main antagonist of Demon Slayer straight up looks like Michael Jackson. This is not only based on how he looks but also on how he dresses. His outfit is almost an inverted version of one of the pop idol's most iconic numbers.

That isn't to say that Muzan Kibutsuji is not a threat in the series; being the first demon gives him many powerful abilities that would make him a hassle for anyone to deal with, including one that lets him turn humans into demons. Though despite all his fearsome abilities, it's still easy to confuse the leader of the Twelve Demon Moons for the King of Pop.

5 No One Messes With Onii-chan

It has already been covered that Nezuko is as cute as a button, but this demon cutie can throw up some hands. It's pretty amazing how well she can fight other demons despite having no formal training or much time to get used to her demonic powers. She only becomes all the more proficient in the demon butt-kicking department when she learns to use her blood flames.

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As the image insinuates, Nezuko often demonstrates her fighting ability when her brother is in trouble. She has shown time and again how far she is willing to go to protect Tanjiro. The young man is as precious to her as she is to him. They often make quite the team in most of the early episodes of the anime, and a few recent ones too. The girl is more than just a damsel in distress.

4 Who Wants To Be A Demon Slayer?

It's a running joke in the series, but it is a favorite. Inosuke can't quite get Tanjiro Kamado's name down. Despite having worked together on several missions and spent most of their waking moments together since meeting each other, he seems to confuse his name with other several others that end in "ro."

These include names like Kamaboko Gonpachiro, Itadaki Tontaro, and Shakakiri Gengoro. All of which only manage to get the last syllable right. Though we hear that it's a Taisho secret that he can get it right once out of every seven times — so there is still hope for him yet.

3 Giyu's Friends

As another demon-slaying Pillar, Shinobu Kocho, so blatantly pointed out, Giyu isn't well-liked by many people. This is a fact that even surprises Giyu to the point of denial when she tells him so. The young man is seemingly standoffish and quite distant to others even if he really is a good guy underneath it all.

Still, this meme pokes fun of the fact that Giyu doesn't have many friends. Using the imagery of the Eleventh Style of the Water Breathing Technique Dead Calm as a metaphor for how many friends Tomioka has. That list is just as empty as his skill.

2 Episode 19

If there is one stand-out episode of Demon Slayer, it has to be Episode Not only was it the best-animated episode of the series with some of the best water and flame effect this side of Disney's World of Color show, but the way that Tanjiro seemingly finishes the battle with Rui should be considered a high form of art. Just spectacular all the way around.

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This is exactly what makes this episode so beloved among the fandom. It's still talked about several weeks later as not only a stellar episode of Demon Slayer, but a stellar episode of anime in general.

1 Tanjiro's Bizarre Adventure

If someone looks hard enough, anything can be a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference, but that doesn't stop Demon Slayer's Total Concentration Breathing from being very similar to the Ripple (Hamon) Technique. Both rely on breathing that increases a person's skills and strength. They are also key factors in defeating supernatural entities like demons in Demon Slayer and vampires in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.

That isn't the only similarity to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or more precisely its first arc, Phantom Blood. Both have swords that are able to harness the power of sunlight, have a main character's sibling turn into an undead monster, and star a righteous and kind young man who still shows sympathy to the monsters he fights to name a few.

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Demon Slayer: 10 Hilarious Nezuko Memes That Will Have You Cry Laughing

While the story and world of Demon Slayer may be dark and filled with grief and violence, its loveable characters remind viewers of the kindness and humanity leftover that's worth fighting for. Nezuko is a clear fan favorite and even made her way to becoming the face/mascot of the series over time.

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Her hilarious demeanor, simple form of communication, and raw cuteness have become a great means of comedic relief throughout the heavier parts of the story. It seems fans can't get enough of Nezuko's hilariously cute antics and took it upon themselves to make endless relatable memes of her. Here are a few of the funniest Nezuko memes that prove why she's one of the best characters in the series.

10 The Duality Of A Demon

Sometimes what comes up as a thought isn't what ends up coming out in an actual conversation and apparently, even Nezuko can relate to this feeling. This meme is a great use of Demon Slayer's hilarious contrasting art styles it constantly switches between, depending on mood. In one frame, characters will be drawn beautifully, then the next, they'll all have dot eyes and exaggerated mouths.

Although thoughts can be complex and intricate concepts, sometimes they end up coming out just like the bottom rendition of Nezuko; silly, dazed, and a little too simple.

9 Finally Finding The Elusive 10th Doctor

Almost everyone during their lifetime has heard the notorious, "recommended by 9 out of 10 doctors/dentists" phrase advertised in various toothpaste commercials. Much like how Nezuko successfully evaded Shinobu when being hunted down, these toothpastes just can't seem to pin down that elusive "10th doctor" to reach the coveted % approval rate.

No matter how well trained Shinobu is, little Nezuko is too difficult to catch. It seems as if both the elusive doctor and Nezuko won this battle for the time being.

8 Too Cute To Be Turned Away

While the original version of this particular meme was about a pet, it surprisingly fits Nezuko's situation perfectly. The parallel between a shy tenant asking their landlord permission for their beloved pet to stay and Tanjiro's desperate plea for Nezuko's life being spared by the Hashira is eerily similar.

No one could really blame Giyu for so easily giving into Tanjiro's simple response. Just about anyone would have a difficult time trying to antagonize the adorable Nezuko.

7 More Than Meets The Eye

Nezuko, despite her inability to speak after her demon transformation, surprisingly has a lot of depth to her character. She's an obvious fan favorite even without her getting any real spoken parts throughout the series. Words aren't needed when it comes to Nezuko's ability to express herself. Her actions and overall demeanor speak volumes about her character and fans love her for it.

This version of this meme is a perfect display of Nezuko's incredible range; aggressive and bloodthirsty, yet frail and delicate.

6 To Hold Off Until Season 2

It's always sad to see the end of a season; the breaks between can be grueling for diehard fans! While the end of Demon Slayer's first season was sad to see, the lament was quickly remedied by the news of the Demon Slayer movie release!

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Once again, Nezuko's amazing duality and versatility, despite her lack of speech, proves to be fantastic meme material. After all, who better to help fans express their excitement for the Demon Slayer movie than the adorable Nezuko herself.

5 When The Company Is Stale

Everyone has at least one awkward memory of a dinner party or family gathering where there wasn't another familiar face in sight. Being the only kid at a gathering is excruciatingly boring and can make the night feel like it lasts an eternity.

It seems as if Nezuko can truly relate to this sentiment; being the only demon along Tanjiro's travels that doesn't feed on or kill humans. It's only natural that she feels a bit out of place most of the time. She may not find herself able to hold a normal conversation anymore, but she still has Tanjiro by her side to comfort her and keep her company.

4 Pet Or Be Petted

A much more wholesome take on the original meme, this version centers around Nezuko's charming habit of always wanting headpats or being the one giving the headpats herself. Nezuko, despite being turned into a dangerous demon, is as loving and affectionate as ever. Since her ability to speak has been taken away from her, Nezuko has now resorted to showing her affection to those around her by asking for headpats or patting those around her.

It's a difficult decision for just about anyone, but either way, interacting with the adorable Nezuko would be a win either way.

3 An Accidental Time Skip

Fans seem to love taking Nezuko's hilarious expressions and using them to paint a picture of their own experiences with the series. To finish an entire season of an anime may seem like a daunting task for some people, but for those hardcore anime fans, it's a different story.

Demon Slayer's story is just so incredibly captivating that right from the beginning, it has audiences hooked right from the first episode. Tanjiro and Nezuko's journey is a riveting one that keeps viewers wondering "what's next?" and suddenly, they realize that they've watched almost the entire 26 episodes in a single day!

2 Grunts In Disapproval

Fans will know that in regards to speaking roles, Nezuko isn't exactly taking front and center stage. Nezuko, after her transformation, has been reduced to only grunting in approval or disapproval. Her bamboo muzzle is worn for both her own and everyone else's protection and of course, also impedes her use of speech.

Although Nezuko doesn't spit out full sentences anymore, she still makes the occasional noise every once in a while like a grunt, murmur, or the occasional angry growl.

However, even these small noises add to her overall character and likeability, and it's all thanks to her talented voice actress, Akari Kito (and Abby Trott for the English dub fans!).

1 Nezuko Doesn't Approve Of Spilling The Tea

This cute little callback to when Tanjiro faced off against Kanao during the "medicinal tea" game is a great meme that shows Nezuko's glimmer of kindness and humanity once again. Although Nezuko wasn't present during the game, when Tanjiro opted to rest the cup of medicinal tea on Kanao's head rather than splash her in the face with it, fans can only guess that Nezuko would have been happy that Tanjiro to opt for the nicer alternative instead.

Although splashing the opponent in the face was actually part of the exercise, leave it to the kind-hearted Tanjiro to refuse to get Kanao's clothes dirty! Nezuko miraculously kept her kind heart through her demon transformation, so who knows how angry she would have been had Tanjiro splashed Kanao instead!

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