Sell empty perfume bottles

Sell empty perfume bottles DEFAULT
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Packaging is often thrown away, but empty perfume bottles are too pretty to be chucked in the bin. Wash with soap and water or rinse with alcohol, and upcycle into gorgeous products you would be proud to sell at a craft stall.

Make your own perfume

Homemade perfume

Perfume is easier to make than many realise! In your fancy old bottles, your concoctions will look as good as they smell. Many recipes, tips and tricks can be found on the internet along with training courses and teach-yourself videos.

A perfume scent is made up of chords, and each chord has three parts:

  • The top or head note is what you notice when you go in for a sniff; it catches your attention, but evaporates much quicker than the rest due to its lighter composition. Common head notes might include orange, lemon, lavender, grapefruit or berry scents.
  • The middle or heart note combines with both the head and base notes, and is often floral, fruity or spicy with fragrances like geranium, rose, coriander, nutmeg or jasmine.
  • The base note is rich and full, lingering on the skin long after the head notes have faded; it might include vanilla, patchouli, musk, sandlewood or oakmoss.


  • Essential oils – choosing which scents to include is the creative part. You can add anything from cinnamon or lavender to frankincense or myrrh. Remember to keep a notepad handy to jot down the amount of drops you’re adding to your recipe.
  • Alternatively, you can use fragrance oils which are less natural (as they are often combined with synthetics) but are less likely to irritate the skin.
  • Carrier oil – this is important to dilute the essential oil, which can damage your skin in its pure form. The most popular types include jojoba, avocado kernel, coconut, avocado and almond oils.
  • Vodka or pure grain alcohol, to transform the perfume oil into eau de perfume.

So… what do you do?

You use this great guide from the Sweet Pea Apothecary, also known as Immortal Perfumes, to help you out. (It explains the whole process far better than we ever could.)

When making perfume yourself, you can customise it to exactly how you like it. For example, many find that the more affordable scents sold in perfumeries and pharmacies are too overpowering for their personal tastes. You can sell this at craft stalls, or maybe even set up your own perfumery!

Find out more about how to sell homemade perfume here. 

Sell antique or collectable perfume bottles

Vintage/Antique perfume bottle

Many people have started collections of the prettiest glass bottles, and some rare or vintage perfume bottles have been known to sell at quite handsome prices. Have a look at sites like:

Although this won’t make you rich, it will be nice pocket money. Common selling prices lie between £2 and £8, but the more extravagant pieces can sell for hundreds of pounds!

Create home décor pieces

Empty Perfume Bottles

Rather than selling them just as they are, try transforming empty perfume bottles into beautiful decorations and ornaments.


Fill the tiny bottles with broken jewellery, odd beads, coloured sand or shells.

Snow globes

Fill the large round bottles with flakes of paper or sprinkles of glitter.

Reed diffusers

These last longer than scented candles and are much less demanding to make. Take a look at this quick method here.


Easy, simple, and looks great, especially for buds or small fake flowers.

Oil lamps

Bring out your inner Aladdin following these genie-us tutorials, here or here. Just swap the mason jars or root beer bottles for your empty perfume bottles instead.

Candle holder

This Lovely Greens tutorial shows you how to make candles inside old wine bottles but, once again, this should work equally well with empty perfume bottles.


This link here contains one method of making a suncatcher, but you can also string bottles along a length of wood as has been done here. Suncatchers are definitely for the more creative among us – maybe you could use the glass-cutting skills you learnt when making candle-holders, and string smaller pieces of glass alongside shells, beads, or broken jewellery.

Find out more about upcycling here. You can even make money selling your old toilet rolls!


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How you can make money by selling rubbish like empty perfume bottles and corks

IF you're looking to make a few extra bucks, here's how you can cash in by selling rubbish from your garbage can and recycling bins.

You might want to think twice before throwing away empty perfume bottles or corks because they could be worth some money.

You might want to think twice before tossing away your empty perfume bottles


Here are nine types of trash items you can sell for cash:

1: Used packing material

In some cities, there's a big market for used packing material, driven by people who are moving out or selling products online and are in need of some packing goods.

By searching on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for packing material you'll see large loads of bubble wrap, packing peanuts and boxes selling for $15 to $25, some quick cash for something so simple.

Two hundred used corks recently sold for $ on Ebay


Here are nine ways to makes some quick cash off items in your recycling bin or trash cans


2: Empty perfume bottles

The next time you run out of your favorite perfume bottle, you might want to store it after reading this.

Used perfume bottles are used to hold floral centerpieces at weddings or are repurposed as scent diffusers.

Small bottles in unique colors are even incorporated into jewlery.

Buyers favor bottles with striking designs, exclusive brand names and stoppers or lids instead of spray-tops. A group of 10 to 15 bottles sell for $15 to $20 on Etsy.

3: Cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper rolls are used in all sort of ingenious craft projects, which puts out a demand for them.

A lot of paper towel tubes has sold for as much as $35 on Ebay, with shipping included.

So next time you those cardboard tubes in the trash, you might want to store them for some quick cash.

4: Parts of broken appliances

Just because your appliances may be broken doesn't mean they're totally worthless.

The parts of a broken rice steamer were selling for $10 on Ebay, and the lids were going for about $5.

So the next time one of your appliances breaks, harvest and resell the parts and accessories instead of tossing the whole thing out.

5: Old remotes, power cords and batteries

Used TV remotes can sell for $5 to $10 and, depending on the model, laptop power cords and batteries can go for as much as $15 to $

6: Wine bottle corks

Wine lovers rejoice, the next time you open a bottle of your favorite wine do so carefully without breaking the corks.

Creative crafters have found dozens of useful ways to reuse corks.

Keep in mind, buyers prefer natural corks and not the synthetic versions.

Two hundred corks recently sold for $ on Ebay.

7: Empty ink cartridges

Evolve Recycling buys empty cartridges, however, users must send a minimum of 20 inkjet cartridges or 20 pounds of material (roughly four or five toner cartridges).

When your accounts hits $25, the company sends you a check for your empty cartridges.

Recycling plastic and glass bottles is another way of earning money off your junk


8: Used up car batteries

Auto part stores, such as Autozone, offer car owners credit of $10 to $20 toward the prices of a new battery when you give them your old one.

So if you by any chance have a treasure trove of old lead-acid automotive batteries laying around in your home, bring those over to an auto parts store.

O’Reilly Auto Parts recycling program offers a $10 gift card for each.

9: Paper shopping bags

Fanatical collectors will pay a premium for used shopping bags from desiderable retailers.

On Ebay, four vintage shopping bags from Macy's recently sold for $ and eight Starbucks bags from the years sold for $

Bags from high-end retailers like Gucci and Kate Spade can bring you more cash.


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Bloggers are paying for EMPTY perfume bottles so they can get the perfect Instagram ‘shelfie’

EVERYONE knows how much beauty influencers love a good #shelfie.

But there's one thing you probably weren't aware of - that some have been buying empty bottles to keep up the pretence of owning expensive toiletries.

 There are hundreds of empty perfume and hand wash bottles for sale on eBay


Over on eBay, people are selling used perfume and soap containers from brands such as Chanel, Jo Malone and Aesop.

These can go for over £20, which adds up to a hefty chunk of the original price.

Some are even explicitly aiming their goods at bloggers, with one description of an empty Chanel Coco Mademoiselle bottle reading: "Perfect for decor and flat lays."

Others write that they'd look lovely as vases or wedding decorations.

 Popular brands on eBay include Aesop, Jo Malone and Chanel


Lee Pycroft - makeup artist and therapist - tells FEMAIL: "As the trend on Instagram and blogs for shelfie images and flatlays gathers momentum, it makes sense that some bloggers are looking to create what is a seemingly desirable aesthetic by using these empty premium containers.

"Premium products tap into the need each human has to feel that they have status and significance; this is how many high-end brands market and sell their products, and we will also buy into the story of a brand that resonates with us.

"It's not uncommon for bloggers and influencers to market themselves to show the edited highlights of their life, as they are essentially selling their skills and services, and to make themselves attractive to brands that will collaborate with them.

 #Shelfies have become increasingly popular (picture: @saturday_skin)


"This trend for buying empty bottles to showcase a premium lifestyle is indeed resourceful, but not necessarily authentic, and questions the necessity to create an unrelenting and unrealistic image of what society deems to be a 'perfect life'.

"Young girls are often influenced by peers more than their parents, especially as the teenage years progress, and the exposure to relentless images of perfection and these premium brands can amplify their expectations for how their own lives 'should' be."

 Some eBay sellers are flogging their bottles in batches


While there are perhaps some negatives to the trend, there is one definite positive.

A number of retailers now sell hand wash refills, meaning empty bottle-buying influencers could decant new soap into their posh bottles.

This would help to cut down on plastic waste.

Sellers are also doing a good deed.

They're effectively recycling plastic goods, instead of chucking them into the rubbish.

In more beauty news, Rihanna's hair stylist has revealed the bargain hair products she loves… including a shampoo for £

Millennials are getting filler in their THROATS to erase deep wrinkles caused by constantly looking down at their phones.

And Superdrug have launched a £ dupe of MAC’s £19 make-up setting spray.

Perfume guru Jo Malone reveals she 'smelt' her husband's cancer before he was diagnosed

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